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Whether you're collecting notes or ideas, these note-taking apps are designed to help you on that journey. From Evernote to Napkin Notes, all of these note-taking apps are designed to capture, collect, organize and present information to you in various ways. Explore our notes app collection below.

Google Keep featured image

Google Keep is the digital version of Post-it Notes created by the folks at Google.

Bloks featured image

Use AI assist to manage notes, tasks, projects, meetings and more.

Slite featured image

A knowledge base for teams to share notes, documents and more.

Anytype featured image

Anytype is a place for organising notes, managing tasks and more similar to Notion.

Napkin Notes featured image

A creative, simple visual note taking application to plan your thoughts and ideas.

Zinnia featured image

A place to practice creativity, bullet journal and express ideas at the same time.

NotePlan 3 featured image

An all-in-one type note-taking tool with notes, calendar & tasks in one base.

Noteshelf featured image

A note-taking application with range of features and customisation abilities.

Tana featured image

A note taking tool for more than just notes, create a personal knowledge system too.

Twos featured image

A light to-do list, calendar and note app ideal for remembering everything on mind.

Apple Freeform featured image

Freeform is a collaborative whiteboard app for your team/friends with FaceTime.

Mem featured image

Easily capture notes using templates, no folders and AI-crafted note-taking.

Notability featured image

A popular with students, visual notes app with tons of iPad pencil abilities.

Apple Notes featured image

Express your thoughts, notes and ideas in a simple application designed by Apple.

Thunk Notes featured image

Write, organise and connect notes together for networked thought in a great design.

UpNote featured image

A simple way to handle notes, build notebooks and categorise ideas.

MyMind featured image

If Pinterest and Google Keep had a baby, it would be MyMind for notes and ideas.

Amplenote featured image

A GTD users dream for managing notes, ranking your tasks and co-ordinating calendar.

Agenda Notes featured image

A notes app with calendar functions for connecting dates with your daily notes.

Microsoft OneNote featured image

Note-taking and organising app perfect for students, academics and general notes.

Bear Notes featured image

A great minimal, markdown note-taking application perfect for iOS and Mac.

Zoho Notebook featured image

A notebook app for creating all kinds of notes and organise them accordingly.

Supernotes featured image

A beautifully-designed note-taking tool that was originally developed for students.

Nimbus Notes featured image

Nimbus notes is great for an all round note-taking experience similar to Evernote.

RemNote featured image

A note-taking application perfect for students and creating flashcards for studying.

Reflect Notes featured image

Easy-to-use, well-designed networked thought tool growing in popularity.

Capacities featured image

Manage pages, objects, notes and ideas all-in-one, new object based note-taking app.

GoodNotes featured image

A fantastic, pencil based note-taking application with handwriting abilities.

Standard Notes featured image

A enhanced security-focused note-taking application with themes, tools & more.

Microsoft Loop featured image

Create interactive pages to organize your team on a common goal with Microsoft 365.

Logseq featured image

Logseq is a networked thought notes app with graph, backlinks & more.

Roam Research featured image

Built for networked thought for connecting ideas, taking notes and thoughts.

Obsidian featured image

Locally stored tool for managing notes, ideas and thoughts - a fan favourite.

Craft featured image

A stunning document creator with a twist, including pages and multiplayer mode.

Evernote featured image

A general all-around note-taking app, including light tasks and calendar abilities.

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