Obsidian is a locally stored note-taking application with millions of PKM fans.

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This tool stands in the top 5% of tools on Tool Finder. Our ratings for tools factor in design, features, performance, practicality and value to help determine the tool's overall score.

Things we like

Great for local storage and hosting

One of the more reliable PKM apps

Comes with a wide set of themes & plugins

No need for subscription to use

Graph and canvas modes

Things we don't like

Can take a lot of upfront learning to really embrace and use all the features of Obsidian

There's no real collaboration abilities which is something some other open-source PKM tools are doing right now

What we think about the Design of Obsidian?

Obsidian is nice to look at for an open-source markdown editor. It won't win any awards, but when it comes to the options for markdown editing, Obsidian feels and looks nice.

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Obsidian is nice to look at for an...More


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Anne B

5th May 2024

Chief Efficiency Overlord

Use: 1Y 10 / 10

Great for Writers

I used to use Scrivener - but you have to manually make incremental backups, which is crazy. I can sync this securely and adapt it to my needs and the project I'm working on. It's beautiful and simple to use if you keep the setup simple. I love changing the theme whenever I need a change or feel a little stuck. There's a great community on......

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Obsidian Canvas & Notes, Home

What is Obsidian?

Obsidian is a PKM note-taking app for connecting notes, ideas, and thoughts. Obsidian can be used for notes, writing, and capturing important ideas. Free personal knowledge management tool for creating links between notes. Obsidian is one of the most popular new note-taking applications for expanding your thinking.

A studio for your mind | A place to make sense of the world and create amazing things.

How does Obsidian work?

Obsidian isn't for everyone.

Obsidian is an easy-on-the-eyes application that takes time to learn but offers a world of opportunity for your notes. Despite the learning curve, users can create a flexible tool to connect thoughts and ideas in a single space, stored locally with extra privacy protection.

Note-taking inside of Obsidian presents an advanced layer to your notes, allowing you to connect notes up using "backlinks", this helps create a connected graph of your thoughts, so when you search or look back on notes you will see everything else likewise or related.

Typically, people who use Obsidian are very interested in personal knowledge management and want to consolidate all their different notes into one location. It has become quite a phenomenon in the note-taking space.

How much does Obsidian cost?

Obsidian is free with a $4 per month sync option for syncing across devices and a $8 per month publish option popular with digital gardening.

Obsidian Pricing, How Much it Costs

Is the Obsidian app free?

Obsidian is free but offers premium options.ms or goals to achieve.

PKM stands for "personal knowledge management" and attracts more hardcore note-takers and those who like to bring their notes together in one location, making Obsidian Notes a great choice. We'd recommend this for those who want to get into more advanced note-taking without too much hassle.

One of the many reasons we named Obsidian as one of the best Evernote alternatives.

A studio for your mind | A place to make sense of the world and create amazing things.

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