Superhuman is a fast, premium email app used by busy individuals and teams.

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This tool stands in the top 5% of tools on Tool Finder. Our ratings for tools factor in design, features, performance, practicality and value to help determine the tool's overall score.

Things we like

Command-bar focused productivity can help speed

Fast and easy to use for email management

Adding AI features for smarter daily use

Great ways to break down inbox weight

Comes with Outlook & Gmail

Things we don't like

Lacks the ability to unify your inbox views from multiple accounts which is a shame for viewing email in one

One of the more expensive email options on the market for personal email management

What we think about the Design of Superhuman?

Outstanding design. Everything in Superhuman is decluttered and easy to access allowing for the focus to be on emails and clearing the lists you have. The ability to go to dark mode makes viewing the emails easy and sleek. Out of all the email apps we've tested, aside from Tempo 2, which is now discontinued, Superhuman is the most attractive by a country mile. Obviously design is subjective.

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J Doss profile picture

J Doss

6th Mar 2024

Meeting Minimizer Maven

Use: 1Y 9.6 / 10

Superhuman: A Powerful Email Tool, But At A Cost

I've been using Superhuman for the past month and have been impressed with its performance. It's fast, has efficient keyboard shortcuts, and well-designed features. However, the high subscription price makes it inaccessible for many. I was initially skeptical about Superhuman due to the price, especially since most of my inbox is updates and......

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Superhuman Email

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Superhuman macOS desktop and mobile

What is Superhuman Email?

Superhuman is an email client designed for busy professionals and teams. It manages important emails using Gmail, Google Workspace, and Outlook accounts. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows, web, and macOS. It has features like fast email management, an AI email search assistant & a meeting calendar tool.

What does Superhuman do?

Superhuman Email is used by busy professionals and business individuals who rely on email management as part of their jobs. It is a fast email alternative to Gmail and has premium features designed to help process emails quickly.

Does Superhuman work with Outlook?

Superhuman works with Gmail (personal & Google Workspace) and Outlook.

What are Superhuman Email Features?

Here are some of the features of Superhuman and how they work for email:




Opening emails and browsing the inbox is faster and easier to do with shortcuts

Inbox Management

Filtering your inbox and unsubscribe helps to process emails faster

AI Email Search

Asking questions to the AI to find questions helps to find things faster

Calendar Management

Creating events within your inbox with Zoom and Google Meet conferencing


Save time by using Superhuman's templates to populate a reply

How much does Superhuman Email cost?

Superhuman costs $30 per month (billed monthly) or $25 monthly.

How much does Superhuman cost? Superhuman Email Pricing

Is Superhuman Email free?

Superhuman is not free. There is a 2-month free trial.

Who does Superhuman's feature best work for?

Superhuman works best for freelancers, business owners, or people who spend a lot of time on email. It is wasted if you only check or handle emails once per day.

The power features we've listed above lend themselves to those who are highly active on email and see themselves sending around 50-100 emails daily. This isn't an exact prescription but just a recommendation.

Is Superhuman better than Gmail?

Superhuman uses Gmail and enhances its basic features by speeding up load times, providing email management features, and hiding ads. Gmail is free, while Superhuman is a paid software for handling emails.

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