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Superhuman: Email Review

Premium email experience offering faster email management. This is regarded as one of the fastest email experiences on the web loading Microsoft 365 and Gmail emails.

What is Superhuman and who's it for?

Think of Superhuman as the Prada for email. They're aiming to be the premium experience for handing emails as an individual. Essentially Superhuman is rapid fast email with a real focus on keyboard "command bar" management touted to be faster and snappier way to interact and send emails on desktop and on the go too.

People credit Superhuman with saving them time. Superhuman has spent a lot of time configuring its aesthetically pleasing interface, and people love it.

Pros of Superhuman: Loved Features

There's lots to like about Superhuman and here's a list of the best bits:

  • Clean Design - One of the best looking email management apps from top to tail on the market - from wallpapers to the command bar - the experience oozes premium.
  • Fast Interface - The speed of Superhuman is 2x any other email app, snappy and fast makes the handling of emails with the command bar breezy.
  • Outlook & Gmail - The two major providers you can hook up with and get started importing emails from day one, with unlimited accounts.
  • Command Bar - Whilst it takes some time to get used to it, the command bar is a wizard trick to handling lots of emails incoming and outgoing in your email inbox.
  • Snippets - Create templates of your most commonly sent emails. Perfect for saving time re-writing those sections and snippets daily.

With Superhuman you can undo send, create snippets, schedule emails, create calendar events and so much more. Superhuman uses AI to automatically triage your emails, like spam detectors, but the opposite.

Cons of Superhuman: Missed Opportunities

There's some things that Superhuman misses the mark on, here they are:

  • No Multi-Account - You can add as many accounts as you like, but they live separately inside of Superhuman meaning jumping across each one versus one "tunneled" view.
  • No IMAP/iCloud Yet - Only support for Gmail and Outlook right now, but they do have a Windows and Android Superhuman application too.
  • Too Much Money - At $30 per month, people don't like the price barrier to entry for email management apps. This is a no go for many budgets.

How much does Superhuman cost?

Superhuman is priced at the steeper end of the market. At $30 per user for the solo email account, you're looking at a top tier email management application. For teams, there is an option to pay for the Growth plans - but this is yet to be fully explored.

Our Verdict on Superhuman

The experience of Superhuman is second to none for email management. We rate Superhuman highly too thanks to the attention to design and command bar functionality that gives it a layer, once learnt, of speed and form that no other email app we've seen offers right now. Making it one of our best rated email apps on the market.

⭐️ Superhuman scores an 8.2

If you're in the market for an email and spent more than 3-4 hours a day on it, Superhuman is a must-have tool or at least one to heavily consider as an option.

Superhuman Alternatives

Superhuman is very unique as a email proposition but here are some email apps that are similar in nature to Superhuman.

  • Hey Email - The perfect productivity based email developed by 37Signals
  • Spike Mail - Great for real-time collaboration on email & documents
  • Spark Mail - Developed by Readdle, this is a great all-round email application

Command Bar

Getting used to the command prompt takes time, but it'll double the speed of how you handle each email in your inbox

Fast Email

Superhuman is the fastest email client. The pace of how Superhuman processes emails and loads is one of the best in the business even with Outlook and Gmail


A common feature of email but once combined with the command prompt, you'll be hitting remind me and processing email fast.

Is Superhuman right for me?

Superhuman is definitely for those looking to streamline their already very busy mailbox. It's also beneficial to those wanting to upgrade to the fastest email client experience.

Due to its price, this application probably isn't often used for personal use and is more for business/team use.

However, if you are an individual, with a lot of emails and personal business, Superhuman could work for you. To summarise, it depends if you want to spend the money, need all the features, and if you want to make your life easier, and faster, and reduce email stress.

Superhuman: Premium Email App

Understanding Superhuman further

Is Superhuman cheaper with more team members?

Yes, for the growth plan - you can save 33% for the monthly rate. Making it $30 per month, instead of $45 per month, this is a minimum of 5 team members.

How much time do you save per week with Superhuman Email?

Superhuman is the fastest email client, claiming to save users up to three hours per week. With AI capabilities, you could save even more time.

What other fast email clients are there?

Fastmail is another email client that promotes its time-saving features. There's also Mailbird and Missive, both expressing their fast email experiences.

Can I use Superhuman with multiple email accounts?

Yes, you can use Superhuman with other email accounts. It allows users to connect and manage multiple email accounts within the application, including Gmail and other supported email service providers.

What are Superhuman's privacy and security features?

Superhuman does take privacy and security seriously. It uses industry-standard encryption and follows best practices to protect user data.

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