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Superhuman Review

Is this luxury email app worth it in 2024?

Superhuman is the premium email experience offering faster email management and wants to be your base for handling emails with Outlook and Gmail accounts. How does it work, who uses it and does it really boost your productivity?

Superhuman macOS desktop and mobile

What is Superhuman?

Superhuman is a premium email app with power features for Gmail & Outlook accounts.

A clean, distraction-free inbox, in under 5 minutes

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What do people use Superhuman for?

People use Superhuman for managing their inbox in a faster manner.

Superhuman is one of the most talked-about email applications, and that's because it's rated as one of the more expensive premium options on the market, but also gets a lot of raving fans who use it as their go-to way to manage personal email and handle email in a much smoother way.

There are lots of elements to Superhuman that people like, but primarily, Superhuman is used for managing your inbox more effectively with a combination of quality of life abilities, command bar, speed, and general snappiness for handling your inbox.

One of the reasons we rated it as one of our best email apps.

Best Features inside Superhuman

Let's talk a little bit about the best features within Superhuman and how you can take advantage of it for your inbox, and whether the decision is right for you.

Superhuman - Calendar and Email in One

Superhuman Pros: The Best Bits

What core experiences made us impressed with this email app:

  • Faster email management - Superhuman is regarded as one of the faster email applications, and from our tests and using it for many years, this actually was the case. There wasn't an email app that we found that actually was faster than Superhuman when it comes to loading emails, managing emails, and being able to search for emails, and be able to populate the search. Apps like Spark Mail were considerably good at all-round management, but the general speed of loading both Gmail and Outlook emails was really rapid on the likes of iOS and Android too.
  • Learned email system - Superhuman can be a bit overwhelming when you get started because you have to learn how to utilize your keyboard and some of the more productive features, like filter tabs. Both of these abilities can take your inbox to the next level, primarily because what filter tabs do is allow you to split your inbox into various different types that go much further and beyond the Gmail tab that you get inside of the basic Gmail experience. This is something that can be set up in a "set and forget" type style, allowing you to just focus on the core important emails that land, and you can change the rules and how these apply ongoing.
  • Keyboard shortcuts - Another aspect that we really liked in this review was the keyboard shortcuts and being able to use these to save time. While it did take a bit of time to actually learn what all of the Control + K functions did, or probably slightly different on Windows, it allowed us to move through the inbox about 20 to 30% faster than what we could inside of Gmail. This is probably a combination of the loading speed of emails being faster and the fact that we were using the keyboard shortcuts on a Mac device, on the Mac application.
  • Time management savers - Inside of Superhuman, there are lots of different time management and quality of life improvements throughout this review. These are small to micro features and experiences that, added up, make the overall management of your inbox much better. These start with things like the pop-up email, as you're reading an email, definitely a nice little thing when you're trying to reply to somebody. There are also abilities like snippets that allow you to capture, create, and manage templates for anything that you send on a routine basis, which is perfect for everything from sales all the way to marketing that you just commonly repeat in an email. Then, a bunch of other abilities like managing your calendar that is connected to either your Gmail or Outlook, allowing you to create a meeting and send people an invite really using the keyboard shortcut as well. A combination of management features spread out the Superhuman experience and with that combination of speediness and pace of the app in terms of its low speed for email and search, then you get a really nice experience overall.
Superhuman Calendar - Create Event

A clean, distraction-free inbox, in under 5 minutes

SaneBox clears the clutter, so you can focus on your highest priorities and get more done.

Superhuman Cons: The Best Bits

What things could be better, or things that you need to know before trying:

  • Lacking Unified Inbox: Superhuman allows you to add any email accounts you want that are Gmail and Outlook correlated. There's no way to manage a unified inbox. Now, arguably, for some people, this might actually be a benefit because it actually stops you from having this constant whirlwind of all of your emails in one spot. For many people, this ability is a must-have, so Superhuman doesn't have this, but they do have an easy way on both mobile and desktop to switch between the accounts that you have using keyboard shortcuts. I actually found using this on the go and switching between accounts quite fast, and something I didn't really think about even previously when using the unified inbox in my last application.
  • No Meeting Scheduling: Superhuman has some abilities to create calendar invites directly from an email panel that you're writing in, which makes it easier to suggest a meeting time and even book a Zoom call or conferencing right from there, as well as be able to see other events on your calendar to make things easier. However, one of the things that is somewhat painful is you can't actually schedule meetings inside of your email. This would be a really nice addition to the experience, and to be honest, with a considerable amount of to-do list applications introducing this feature, I was expecting Superhuman to have something like this within their roadmap, but sadly they don't. It's something that I think they should definitely add in the next few years.
  • No IMAP or iCloud: When it comes to adding your accounts, you can add Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, and this applies to Google Workspaces as well. I have four Google Workspace accounts attached to my inbox and an additional Gmail one, and all of them run pretty smoothly. However, there are no ways to add IMAP or iCloud support, which does limit you. However, they have more recently added a Windows edition, allowing you to access it on a Windows desktop, which makes things a lot easier for those using Microsoft Outlook.
  • Pricier & education-heavy: One of the biggest pain points with Superhuman is the pricing. This is something that is just constantly brought up whenever I do a review or even look at tools around the space. Superhuman is definitely a step more expensive. It's also quite education-heavy because I think you can only maximize it if you learn the keyboard shortcuts, which don't take a considerable amount of time, but at the same time, might be something to consider when you're starting out with Superhuman. Now, I would say the Superhuman pricing is on the steep side, but if you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or somebody that correlates their workload on email to the output that they spend or generate based on income, I think the quality of life that you get with Superhuman as an email experience—something that a lot of people spend 3 to 4 hours a day on—is actually pretty decent. So again, I think email is one of these experiences that people are willing to pay for because it does save them time, and weight aside from using the likes of Gmail, which is free, but this is a consideration to have when it comes to your budget.

How much does Superhuman cost?

Superhuman costs $30 per month, per user, paid monthly.

Superhuman Pricing: Explained

Superhuman is priced at the steeper end of the market. Let's unpack.

How much does Superhuman cost? Superhuman Email Pricing, February 2024

For teams, there are plans for up to 5 users. For those looking to save money with Superhuman Email, you can get the annual plan and pricing for $25 per month (a $300 per year payment) which shaves off a bit of the cost of Superhuman.

A clean, distraction-free inbox, in under 5 minutes

SaneBox clears the clutter, so you can focus on your highest priorities and get more done.

Is Superhuman worth it?

One of the biggest questions that I get when doing reviews is about email applications, and one of the biggest arguments is whether I can use the free email experiences like Gmail to manage my inbox and coordinate it.

A lot of the time, it's the whole conversation about whether you would buy a regular Toyota Prius or Ferrari. Some people do want the ability to have a smarter, more uniform, and more experiential email application, and that is definitely where you are in the market for something like Superhuman.

Typically, I've been using Superhuman for about four years now, and the experience is something that I don't feel like I could go back to a regular email application. The speed of the application is and has always been one of the fastest in the market. It has a bunch of really speedy functions that just save me a bunch of time, like snippets for communicating with particular sponsorships or external parties, and it saved me a bunch of time having to go and find those bits each time—it's a keyboard shortcut away.

And a bunch of other smaller things like calendar management for booking meetings via an email panel, and also the general functionality of the application on mobile devices, which I find to be outright the best email experience on the go thanks to the gestures and use. So, I would say Superhuman is worth it if you're looking for an experience that is premium and you spend more than 2 to 3 hours on email every single day.

Superhuman AI features

That is where you should be considering something like Superhuman. If you don't weigh a great deal of importance on email, then Superhuman might not be suitable for you, in which case, I would look at some of the other alternatives below.

Best Superhuman Alternatives

Hey Email, Spike and Spark Email are all good Superhuman alternatives.

  • Hey Email - The perfect productivity based email developed by 37Signals
  • Spike Mail - Great for real-time collaboration on email & documents
  • Spark Mail - Developed by Readdle, this is a great all-round email application

For those who are looking for more team collaborative inbox functions, try Missive.

Command Bar

Getting used to the command prompt takes time, but it'll double the speed of how you handle each email in your inbox

Fast Email

Superhuman is the fastest email client. The pace of how Superhuman processes emails and loads is one of the best in the business even with Outlook and Gmail


A common feature of email but once combined with the command prompt, you'll be hitting remind me and processing email fast.

What does Superhuman do different to other email clients?

Superhuman is different from other applications because it provides a faster loading speed for emails and allows you to have a very rich experience when it comes to managing your inbox. This is largely done with the brilliant keyboard shortcuts which help me to browse the inbox very fast and clear all of those emails as well. Superhuman does this by trying to get all of the emails to load in less than 100 ms.

How does Superhuman boost productivity?

Launching Superhuman allows it to better manage the inbox because what it does quite well is allows you to split your inbox into relevant tabs and brings the most important emails to a tab called "Important" and then helps to separate emails to come into different areas. This could be organized by team communication like you can have all Slack related emails to do at work land in a split inbox for you, and you could have any VIP emails that are from important investors, for example, land in one place. So, whilst it isn't as good as some like email for managing your productivity, which is largely better, it does have some considerably good ways to break down your email which will save you time in the long run.

Who is Superhuman best for?

Superhuman is probably best suited for busy professionals who spend about 2 to 3 hours or more on email and largely correlate a lot of their monetary income to their email because I think whilst the $30 pricing for a regular personal user might be expensive, for maybe a freelancer, investor, or entrepreneur, or somebody that is fractional that correlates their work to email will probably find that a huge saving on the time making an experience a lot smoother. So I will probably say it's probably better suited for those type of people.

What are the best Superhuman features & why?

Base features are probably the speed, even though that's not a specific feature. The loading speed is something that is considered of the most other applications I've tested in the email management space, and the secondary killer feature is probably the ability to use your keyboard to manage and go through most of your inbox without even needing to type unless you're replying to an email.

They're probably the two features that I think stand out the most, but the mobile application on iOS, in particular, the one that I've been using during this review, has been so fast I've been very impressed with that.

How does AI work in Superhuman?

Superhuman has been adding AI features to assist your email management, and initially, it came in the form of generative AI allowing you to help reformat an email based on the type of communication you want to relay, but more recently, they've added more structural abilities, like for example, summarization of your email thread without you having to go backdated in short bullet points, which is a massive time saver before going into a proper thread and trying to set the relevant thing that you're trying to find, and also a quick reply function, which summarizes your communication and helps respond in your tone, which is definitely beneficial. The Superhuman AI is a switch-on feature that you can access inside of the application, so it's not available as default.

Does Superhuman have integrations?

Superhuman doesn't integrate with other productivity apps, but it does obviously have a connection with the likes of Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, which allow you to coordinate emails from those experiences.

What customization options are available in Superhuman?

There aren't as many customizations to Superhuman as you'd get inside of Missive because it's more of an out-of-the-box productive email application, but there are abilities that allow you to customize like managing your profile, notifications, your AI preferences, as well as what conferencing links auto-advance, auto BCC, and other stuff like blockers and things like that, and setting up those elements. They can be accessed through settings, but in comparison to Missive, it's definitely less customizable in terms of the general gestures and interface, but that's because it's more out-of-the-box.

How does Superhuman handle privacy and data?

According to their website, they do have something called SOC 2 compliance, which is a standard that is developed by AICPA, and the company does not store emails or other data on its servers, and apparently, it's directly downloaded from the email provider to your machine, and everything in terms of data is encrypted in transit.

What is the learning curve for new Superhuman users?

For new Superhuman users, one of the biggest things is learning the keyboard shortcuts because if you were to use it without the keyboard shortcut, it becomes considerably difficult because the command bar and the shortcuts are almost 2 to 3X in the speed of use. So there is a learning curve, and it's mainly around utilizing how you manual, and from experience, from somebody that hated using keyboard management, I found Superhuman quite difficult to start, but once you learned it, it became almost second nature.

How does Superhuman speed compare with others?

In comparison with another email client, Spark Mail, I would say that Superhuman was roughly 1.5 to 2 times faster than the likes of Spark Mail. While Spark Mail was good and it worked really well in terms of loading, finding emails, and all of the regular email management, Superhuman was just much faster both on mobile. Largely those were rough eye tests, but it gives you a better idea of how much it is.

Are there unique shortcuts in Superhuman?

The feature is where you can really take advantage of accessing the ability to create a calendar, insert snippets, reply instantly, and scroll through emails at speed. Once you learn the shortcuts, they actually become quite fast and easy to use.

How does Superhuman mobile compare with desktop?

When using the mobile experience, I wasn't expecting much from my original test, but actually, the ability to switch between accounts and be able to create emails on the go was actually a lot faster and better. One of the things that I like in particular on mobile is if you create a draft on desktop, the draft will be saved on mobile for you to continue that same email thread or email message that you're trying to send. The application was the best I've used in the space since doing email app reviews, and I normally hated email that was on the go because they try and cram in one.

Is Superhuman worth the price tag?

Considering things in the productivity space, $30 for a regular personal user is quite expensive, even Missive's $18 per month is quite expensive for their premium account. So, I would probably recommend the price worth it for those who spend more than three hours on email per day.

What are the subscription plans, and what do they offer?

Superhuman has an individual subscription plan and a team one, and they're soon to be releasing a sales experience as well for small sales teams to manage the whole communication process with clients or leads.

How does the cost of Superhuman compare to the value it provides?

If you compare Superhuman with other email apps on the market, it's probably about 30% more expensive than the most expensive alternative, and that's largely where the premium stance comes in because it is definitely a step ahead in terms of pricing. However, a lot of email apps are actually trending towards this type of pricing in the future, I think.

What kind of customer support does Superhuman offer?

Customer support used to be an onboarding experience for setting up your Superhuman. It's unknown whether this is still available.

What are the main criticisms or drawbacks of using Superhuman?

The biggest drawback to Superhuman is probably learning the keyboard shortcuts, and it's something that if you're not attuned to learning it, you won't get the maximum from the tool. So, if you're very averse to keyboard management, then I think you're not going to get the maximum from Superhuman. Along with that, the pricing is also criticized on a routine basis.

Are there any notable features missing in Superhuman that are available in other email apps?

Superhuman doesn't have as many gatekeeping abilities that the likes of Spark have. For example, being able to vet your email before it lands. You can manage them into filter times which are called split inbox and email into, but largely, this isn't as effective as some of the gatekeeping functions that you see in Spark Mail and email management that you see in SaneBox.

Superhuman: Premium Email App

Understanding Superhuman further

Is Superhuman cheaper with more team members?

Yes, for the growth plan - you can save 33% for the monthly rate. Making it $30 per month, instead of $45 per month, this is a minimum of 5 team members.

How much time do you save per week with Superhuman Email?

Superhuman is the fastest email client, claiming to save users up to three hours per week. With AI capabilities, you could save even more time.

What other fast email clients are there?

Fastmail is another email client that promotes its time-saving features. There's also Mailbird and Missive, both expressing their fast email experiences.

Can I use Superhuman with multiple email accounts?

Yes, you can use Superhuman with other email accounts. It allows users to connect and manage multiple email accounts within the application, including Gmail and other supported email service providers.

What are Superhuman's privacy and security features?

Superhuman does take privacy and security seriously. It uses industry-standard encryption and follows best practices to protect user data.

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