Premium email experience offering faster email management. This is regarded as one of the fastest email experiences on the web loading Microsoft 365 and Gmail emails.

What's good about Superhuman

What's good

  • Command Bar
  • Speed
  • Snooze
What's not good about Superhuman

What's not good

  • Price

Superhuman Key Features

Superhuman Key feature #1

Command Bar

Getting used to the command prompt takes time, but it'll double the speed of how you handle each email in your inbox

Superhuman Key feature #2

Fast Email

Superhuman is the fastest email client. The pace of how Superhuman processes emails and loads is one of the best in the business even with Outlook and Gmail

Superhuman Key feature #3


A common feature of email but once combined with the command prompt, you'll be hitting remind me and processing email fast.

What is Superhuman?

Superhuman is an email application that elevates the whole entire email experience, claiming to not only make you feel superhuman but also reduce email stress and anxiety. It's also the fastest email client you can possibly use, saving you hours of time every week.

Superhuman has spent a lot of time configuring its aesthetically pleasing interface, and people love it.

With Superhuman you can undo send, schedule emails, enable read receipts and so much more. Superhuman uses AI to automatically triage your emails, like spam detectors, but the opposite. It saves all really important emails, so you never miss a thing.

Lots of people enjoy the experience you get with Superhuman, compared to your Gmail or Outlook. Recently landing on Windows, Superhuman for Windows just launched.

What Features does Superhuman Offer?

Here are the best of the Superhuman email features for managing your inbox:

  • Designed for professionals who prioritize speed and efficiency in email management.
  • Keyboard shortcuts, snooze options, and message templates to streamline email communication.
  • Built-in calendar function that integrates with Google Calendar and automatically creates calendar events from emails.
  • Prioritizes privacy and security by using end-to-end encryption, limiting data access, and providing two-factor authentication.
  • Customizable user interface.
  • Robust search function to help users quickly find specific emails.
  • A monthly subscription fee of $30 and requires an invitation to use.
  • New: Smart AI writing feature and tone-improvement for better outgoing emails.

A chat with their founder, we had a few years back

Is Superhuman Really The Fastest Email Client?

Superhuman is known for marketing itself as the "fastest email client," offering features and optimizations that prioritize speed and efficiency.

While email clients can vary in terms of performance, Superhuman has gained popularity for its emphasis on speed and streamlined user experience. It aims to minimize loading times, provide quick navigation, and optimize various features to enhance productivity.

However, the perception of speed can also depend on factors such as internet connection, email volume, and personal preferences.

Fast Email Superhuman Features:

  • Instant loading of emails thanks to fast retrieval and display.
  • Keyboard shortcuts as its primary way of navigating through the app.
  • Apply batch commands to multiple emails to save time in organising.
  • A streamlined interface enhances efficiency.
  • Fast email composition with templates and saved snippets.

Who is Superhuman Best Suited For?

Superhuman is definitely for those looking to streamline their already very busy mailbox. It's also beneficial to those wanting to upgrade to the fastest email client experience.

Due to its price, this application probably isn't often used for personal use and is more for business/team use.

However, if you are an individual, with a lot of emails and personal business, Superhuman could work for you. To summarise, it depends if you want to spend the money, need all the features, and if you want to make your life easier, and faster, and reduce email stress.

Alternatives to Superhuman include the likes of Hey Email, Spike Mail and Spark Mail.

Understanding Superhuman

Your email questions, answered!

Yes, for the growth plan - you can save 33% for the monthly rate. Making it $30 per month, instead of $45 per month, this is a minimum of 5 team members.

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