Things 3

Things 3

A minimal to-do list application with projects, lists, tasks and more for managing your workload. Things is used by productivity expert Tiago Forte, Second Brain founder.

What's good about Things 3

What's good

  • Minimal
  • Projects
  • Evening
What's not good about Things 3

What's not good

  • Pricey Upfront

Things 3 Key Features

Things 3 Key feature #1


Clean and simple design makes Things 3 one of the best all-round task management designs out there.

Things 3 Key feature #2


One of the pieces that shines in Things is the ability to create projects, even adding deadlines, descriptions and more - but with a simple nature.

Things 3 Key feature #3


A small, but loved featured in Things is "this evening" - where you can add tasks to a separate area in "today" called this evening

What is Things 3?

Things 3 is an app designed to help users manage their tasks and calendar in one place. It provides intuitive features such as reminders and notifications to help users stay on top of their tasks. It also allows users to share tasks with others and collaborate on projects.

Additionally, Things 3 helps users to easily track and measure their progress on tasks and projects. With a user-friendly interface and powerful features, Things 3 is the perfect tool for managing tasks and calendar events.

This the best minimal task manager on the market. One of our favourite use cases is productivity guru and Things 3 fanboy, Tiago Forte.

Key Features of Things

Here are some of the features of Things 3:

  • Task Management: Things 3 allows users to organize and manage tasks, including setting reminders and deadlines.
  • Projects: One of the benefits of projects is they are lightweight and perfect to organize simple and basic projects, with deadlines and due dates - even with headings too.
  • Calendar Integration: Things 3 integrates with user calendars, enabling users to see tasks in the context of their daily schedule.
  • Tags: Users can tag tasks with specific labels to make them easier to find.
  • Notes: Users can attach notes to tasks, making it easier to keep track of additional information. This isn't a large feature inside of Things 3.
  • This Evening: This is a tab within the task management area called "today" and is perfect for being able to create tasks in a different area to your today area.
  • Customizable Interface: Things 3 allows users to customize the app with different color themes and icons.

A great guide into how GTD can be used with Things 3:

Who Does Things Best Suit?

Things 3 is best explained as the most simple, yet complex of the to-do list applications.

It offers a unique, clean design but a function that goes almost as far as TickTick and Todoist - but in a special more GTD like fashion. Things 3 is so well crafted too, every smaller features is built to a great standard.

This is the best minimal to-do list app out there, and the gold standard for this space.

How Things 3 Works

Understanding Things 3 further

We're not sure. If history repeats, Things traditionally upgrade their tool every 3-4 years, allowing for a better system, design and overall experience. Things 3 is already very well-built, modern and offers the basics.

So a "Things 4" update would need to offer something considerably better for the team to consider another one-off cost update.

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