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Collecting your list and getting things done can all be achieved with a good to-do list app. Explore from a range of to-do list apps using Tool Finder and unlock the best one for conquering your task list in no time. Remember, take your time exploring these tools and finding the right task app for you.

Amazing Marvin featured image

Amazing Marvin offers features to support organisation and reaching goals.

Clear featured image

A basic to-do list perfect for all your daily lists, checklists & priorities.

Taskade featured image

A collaborative task management application for organising and managing tasks.

OmniFocus 3 featured image

A place for busy professionals to manage tasks and increase productivity.

Superlist  featured image

A multiplayer way to manage team tasks, lists and increase productivity for teams.

Routine featured image

A daily planner tool for creating tasks and managing schedules, events and more.

Sorted 3  featured image

Manage your tasks and time efficiently using this easy to use application.

Llama Life featured image

Popular as an ADHD to-do list, this is a lightweight to-do list app for simple tasks.

Nirvana featured image

GTD masterclass Nirvana helps to manager tasks, follow the system & plan items ahead.

Structured featured image

A digital planner to manage tasks, track time and increase productivity.

2Do featured image

A tool for getting things done with more classic design for tasks and light projects.

Google Tasks featured image

A place to quickly capture tasks, make lists & do tasks inside the Google ecosystem.

Zenkit To-Do featured image

Better organise tasks, to-do lists, events and notes with Zenkit To-Do.

Ellie Planner featured image

An easy to use calendar that uses time boxing to organise and plan your day.

Actions by Moleskine featured image

An easy to use, Moleskine Suite built task management app, with lists and search.

MeisterTask featured image

For easy, team-grade task management with a friendly feel for project planning.

Microsoft To-Do featured image

Handle tasks, collaborative lists and checklists with a lightweight task manager.

Things 3 featured image

Manage tasks and projects with a beautiful, minimal to-do app that works with GTD.

Sunsama featured image

A daily planner application with a healthy work/life balance front of mind.

Motion featured image

A task management application with AI assist and one of the hottest tools right now.

Capacities featured image

Manage pages, objects, notes and ideas all-in-one, new object based note-taking app.

Timestripe featured image

Manage your life mission with day tasks, week goals and even 5-year objectives.

TickTick featured image

All-round budget friendly task management app experience with kanban, habits & more.

Akiflow featured image

Task manager designed to bring all tasks into one place, with a calendar alongside.

Todoist featured image

Manage all your tasks, build kanban boards and projects with this all-round task app.

Evernote featured image

A general all-around note-taking app, including light tasks and calendar abilities.

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