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MeisterTask is a light project management app and to-do list app for small teams to better manage their workload and capture tasks across their day.

MeisterTask App, Dashboard View

What is MeisterTask?

MeisterTask is a blend between projects and tasks. It offers a fully fledged task management experience which you can use individually or with teams whilst offering project manager abilities too for handling bigger workloads.

This application is well designed and presents some well built features that can help you get work done - maybe not up the full capabilities of tools more well-known in project management, but 100% to be considered and looked at.

MeisterLabs also pride themselves on secure project management - with several pages on their main website outlining how they do this to keep information protected.

Best Features of MeisterTask

Here's a list of the major features within MeisterTask and how they help:

  • Intuitive Interface: MeisterTask's user-friendly design makes task management easy and seamless.
  • Visual Task Boards: Customize Kanban-style project boards for the perfect team collaboration and workflow organization.
  • Smart Automation: Boost efficiency with automations, including recurring tasks, and flexible triggers/actions.
  • Seamless Integrations: Connect MeisterTask with popular tools (e.g., Slack, Trello, GitHub) for smooth workflows.
  • Time Tracking: Keep track of productivity and optimize time allocation with the built-in time tracking feature.
  • Adaptable Project Templates: Get started quickly with customizable templates designed for various industries and teams.
  • Real-time Communication: Stay connected with team chats, comments, and notifications for instant collaboration.
  • Insightful Reports: Discover valuable insights with comprehensive reports, visual project overviews, and customizable data exports.
  • Cross-platform Access: Use MeisterTask from any device (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows) for productivity on-the-go.
  • Top-notch Security: Rely on MeisterTask's strong security, GDPR compliance, and commitment to data privacy.

Who is MeisterTask Best Suited for?

MeisterTask is one of these great task experiences that also comes with project management software.

Whilst the project management software isn't say as advanced in set-up as monday or ClickUp, it still presents a good selection - of features and offerings to make any team consider it for managing everything in one location.

MeisterLabs has been around since 2005 - making them a very reputable company based out of Germany providing productivity software like MindMeister as well. If you are looking for a task manager with light > medium sized project abilities - consider MeisterTask.


Managing a home is quite nice in MeisterTask - being able to see upcoming tasks, what's on and even an additional agenda view is a good bonus.


The team focuses a lot of secure task and project management to help all customers keep their data secure and safe, seemingly more so than the average tool.


Tasks can be track individually and there are add-ons like pomodoro apps that can help to track projects and items externally too.

How MeisterTask Works

Understanding MeisterTask further

How much security does MeisterTask have?

Secure task management is one of MeisterTask's leading values. They have the following security included (subject to change) - ISO 27001:2013 certified, GDPR and CCPA compliant and are hosted inside the EU.

Who owns MeisterTask?

MindMeister and MeisterTask are both owned by MeisterLabs. A company developing productivity tools, with MeisterTask for managing team tasks and MindMeister for mind mapping ideas.

Is MeisterTask good for managing tasks together?

This is probably one of the top features in MeisterTask, you can't see everyone in real-time, but it allows for synced task to make it easy to manage lists, projects and your task details all together, assigning to others - a popular one with teams managing tasks together.

MeisterTask Alternatives?

There are a few other tools out there. Todoist is one of the great tools for managing tasks with your team and is well regarded, so is MeisterTask with over 4.5 star ratings across App Stores. Other tools you could manage tasks as a team are Taskade and Motion.

Can I manage projects in MeisterTask?

Yes, alongside your tasks. You can organize tasks with your team in kanban boards and manage lists too. You can also see what you're working on and others are working on using the various dashboard views too.

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