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Akiflow is one of the rising stars of the task management space and allows you to plan and plot your daily schedule for the week ahead, an app that combines tasks and calendar in one.

Managing your Tasks and Calendar with Akiflow

What is Akiflow?

Akiflow is a daily planner app - a combination of task management and calendar app - allowing you to plan your schedule, time-block & bring tasks from other apps.

What does Akiflow do?

Akiflow works with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar to connect your calendar and import events and meetings, it then allows you to layer tasks on top and collect tasks from other popular tools like Notion, Slack, ClickUp & more.

This makes Akiflow a very unique application as it helps to better bring your tasks into a dashboard so you can stop context-switching across your workday and better focus on one app at hand.

Akiflow Dark Mode, Managing Tasks

What makes Akiflow special?

Akiflow is special thanks to the nature of consolidating to-dos from other apps.

If you use a project management software at work, one of the issues is you're sort of forced to use it, your team might use it and you feel a little pained to login everyday. Maybe a software like ClickUp or Notion might be two examples you use at work, well Akiflow wants to be special by allowing you to bring in those tasks from ClickUp and Notion into Akiflow so you don't have to look at the interfaces and keep updated with the team alongside your own tasks. A dashboard if you like.

Sunsama is another application that does this importing of tasks from other apps very well allowing you to house tasks in one place. There are other features that make Akiflow different like the ability to manage your tasks and calendar in one location that many task management application don't do well, rituals is another feature that people like for closing down their workdays and focusing on what is important instead of the millions of tasks.

Finally, time slots also make Akiflow special - they help users to create a time blocked period on their calendar as a list of tasks or sub-tasks that better helps to use that time more effectively - a much more efficient way for time blocking in your calendar.

Akiflow Integrations, Task Consolidation

Akiflow Pros: The Best Features Inside

There's good bits and bad bits in Akiflow, let's begin to unpack whether the good bits appeal to you and make you want to check them out, or whether they aren't that impressive:

1. Great Calendar Mode

Managing Calendar Events and Time Blocking in Akiflow, macOS app

Time blocking is the bread and butter of Akiflow. You can create an event, a task and a time slot in Akiflow and they can all be used in the calendar to block out periods of time. An event is great for meetings or time-based scenarios, tasks being blocked are better for checking them off and completing them in real-time, whilst time slots by Akiflow are a new feature that is a bundle of tasks that you can do in that window of time. So a time block but a handful of tasks versus just one.

Every you add in Akiflow can be added to with description, due dates, deadlines, priorities, objectives, labels and tags for better allocation and this reflects well in the calendar view making it a great visual experience for just seeing what the next task is and what's next. The calendar view extends as a full-screen, specific day view and even blocks out weekends making it more suitable for focused work views. You can also change the size of the calendar to small, medium and large - making the calendar settings in Akiflow really customisable for enhancing that more visual view of planning tasks.

You can now connect Akiflow with Outlook Calendar.

2. Nice Week Kanban View

Upcoming View in Akiflow, Akiflow Review

For week planners, you'll like Akiflow's upcoming view. It captures a combination between Kanban style view and seeing your days ahead to work on. Upcoming works nicely to help you window into what's next whilst still being able to see your inbox and calendar in the sidebar which is a neat way to visualise and even drag in important tasks and items.

This way to plan ahead is popular in apps like Todoist and Sunsama bringing a better window into a day by day progression.

3. Time Slots Solve Time Blocking

Akiflow Time Slots Feature

Time slots is a new feature in Akiflow that helps people better manage the time blocking concept that is so popular for people using calendar applications. Time blocking has become an everyday habit for many people as they drag a slot on their calendar and focus on a set task or series of tasks. Akiflow wants to try and solve this with this newly produced feature as they look to enhance the calendar experience.

By creating a time slot inside of Akiflow, you can creating not just a task, but a series of tasks. This is created in the form of a task with sub-tasks and makes it perfect for adding multiple tasks to the set period of time to work in. Many people hate the mess of creating a series of tasks and then housing them without a date or time just because it will look messy in the overall system, so the time slots helps to organize those tasks to be done in that time blocked period of time - a more efficient way to do this for sure.

4. More Mindful with Rituals

Rituals in Akiflow

Planning the day ahead is one of the most effective productivity habits to embrace and to be honest something we all don't do enough. Akiflow want to use Rituals to help you shutdown your day, be more mindful and then lay up the tasks you have for the next week ahead. This is something that Sunsama does too, but Akiflow have delivered an experience that allows you to do a similar mindful practice at the end of each of your work days to better tune out and tune in ahead of time.

Healthier habits should be weaved into productivity apps and Akiflow have got this feature right as they want people to better manage the next day ahead and not be overwhelmed with what is happening with their productivity software with the endless overdue tasks that can appear as part of a busy workday.

5. Awesome Task Consolidation

Managing Tasks from Other Apps, Akiflow

Bringing tasks into Akiflow is a neat feature for housing them in one. In this example (above) you can see this task was starred from Slack and now lives in Akiflow as a task, this means you can move it about the Akiflow calendar, task list and more to better organize it for your needs and the message still lives inside of Slack un-affected.

With some of the ClickUp and Notion setups, even Todoist, you can create it so that the completion of a task updates the application outside of the Akiflow system which means for better collaboration with others and not doing two jobs. These integrations are designed to save you time by not moving between apps and just having everything in one place.

The secondary benefit of that is around Getting Things Done (a concept by David Allen) that focuses on capturing your tasks in one place as so you can manage them in one place (and reduce noise). Akiflow is sort of like this GTD concept, so you can handle your productivity without the need for too many buckets.

If you're looking at this compared to Sunsama, we have a Akiflow vs Sunsama breakdown if that's of interest.

Akiflow Cons

So that's all the good stuff, what about the bits of Akiflow we didn't like? Well let's unpack that so you can make the best decision for you and your next productivity app.

1. Much Higher Price

Akiflow Billing Pricing

Pricing is something to note about Akiflow when looking into it. It isn't the cheapest product on the market and compared to to-do list application you'll be forking out probably between 4-5x the amount that they charge annually.

For many Akiflow is designed much more suitability for their needs, but the options for pricing are much higher likely due to the cost of importing in from other applications and hosting not only that but a task and calendar experience. This is something to note before jumping in feet first.

Akiflow Labels and Tags

2. Labels & Tags

Managing your tasks in label and tag view is much harder than a traditional list, they feel more disjointed and can get a bit messier than they would in a project/list view. There's not too much difference in both. Projects or lists would probably feel more organic here, but this something we're seeing Todoist move to.

Gmail and Akiflow Connection, Importing Emails as Tasks

3. Onboarding Time

whilst helpful when you do, integration setup can take some time and naturally need some double checking that you've imported things correctly in settings. There's almost too much functionality here. This is just something to note when getting started with Akiflow - you will need to be safe for that data to be hosted and shared with Akiflow in the process of use. So explore the security settings for this.

Akiflow Pricing

Okay, moving onto Akiflow pricing - how much is it and how does it work?

How much does Akiflow cost, Akiflow Pricing, Akiflow Free trial

How much does Akiflow cost?

Akiflow offers two main pricing options: Monthly Premium: $34.99 with a 7-day trial. Yearly Premium: $19 per month, billed annually.

This is a recent price change as of December 2023 and aligns more to the pricing of Motion.

Akiflow Discount

We've managed to secure a 30% discount to Akiflow. Using the code KEEPPRODUCTIVE30 will give you 3 months of 30% off the rate. This makes it perfect for getting started to Akiflow and seeing if it is right for your task and calendar needs.

Akiflow Verdict: Is it worth it?

Let's keep this simple. Akiflow works really well for handling tasks & calendar. The special features like task consolidation and rituals helps for better dashboard management of your tasks meaning you'll be able to reduce switching between multiple apps if you're forced to use them with team members.

This app is an investment at 3-4x the cost of your average to-do list application, so it needs to be judged with whether the additional consolidation, rituals, time slots and specific features are worth that extra bit of money. We rate Akiflow well thanks to the different take on managing task and approach to it.

Managing Tasks and Calendar in Akiflow

We called Akiflow a daily planner application because it combines the likes of tasks with calendar management making it an ideal combination for someone who likes to see where they spend their time alongside what they need to get done, organized into lists. Akiflow is popular with busy professionals, not just because of the more expensive pricing but the structure of the application, it houses a lot of features that not the average joe would consider using inside of a task management application.

Coming back to the concept they've developed with "task consolidation" this works very well for those who might want to capture tasks that land in their Gmail inbox, maybe their Slack threads and on project management software that they use at work like ClickUp or Notion. Akiflow is a rising star in the productivity space for handling tasks and using them to time-block in calendar.

The application works well and we've had no issues contacting customer support etc.

Best Akiflow Alternatives

When looking at alternatives to Akiflow - there aren't too much that do "consolidation of tasks" amazingly. Sunsama is the closest like for like, but Motion offers a good option too.

Using Akiflow Command Bar to Organize Tasks from Todoist, Asana, Gmail
  • Motion - good for AI-based task management with meeting booking links too. Probably more suitable if you have more meetings in your workday.
  • Sunsama - good for consolidation of tasks but lacks of the more advanced features for ordering, planning and setting up tasks in comparison to Akiflow.
  • Ellie Planner - if you're looking for something lighter than all these application but helps you plan in a similar style, we'd recommend looking into Ellie Planner.

If you're in the hunt for a more in-depth Akiflow alternative deep dive.

Related Reading

Task Consolidation

Managing projects from multiple places like ClickUp, Todoist and Notion? Akiflow allows you to bring it all into one place to sync.


The calendar alongside your tasks is a great way to see a window into your day and utilise systems like calendar and time blocking.

Guided Planning

A more recent addition allows you to be handheld through planning your day ahead, the prioritise and the focus elements.

Beginner's Guide to Akiflow

Here's a full beginner's guide to Akiflow we've made. This is a great getting started guide to Akiflow, but so is this video from us too that might find helpful when exploring Akiflow.

Who is Akiflow for?

This makes Akiflow really attractive for those busy professionals who use all these project management and task apps within their team but want their own base to see all their tasks in one hub. This allows them to be time-blocking and manage meetings and events in one.

So, we'd say Akiflow is probably better for busy professionals who are in information teams that want a better dashboard to their day ahead. Probably something to note here, Akiflow is probably more suitable for those with a big more budget to spend.

It is around 4-5x the price of the to-do list application you might be looking at.

Is Akiflow worth it?

Akiflow presents a healthy option for those who want to plan with tasks. Time-blocking lovers will adore Akiflow, those who hate their project management apps might enjoy bypassing them with Akiflow and those who need more structure to their work too.

People Ask These: Akiflow

Questions about Akiflow

Does Akiflow have a free version?

Akiflow does not have a free version, only paid subscriptions.

Does Akiflow work with Outlook?

Akiflow connects with Outlook Calendar for importing calendar, without the need for Zapier.

What are time slots in Akiflow?

Time slots in Akiflow allow you to block a set time period on your calendar and add tasks accordingly, this feature allows for better time-blocking and time-boxing.

Does Akiflow have an app?

Akiflow is available on Android and iOS as an app.

Does Akiflow work with Apple calendar?

Akiflow works with Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar right now.

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