Akiflow is a to-do and calendar app that brings together a daily schedule for you.

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Things we like

The ability to bring tasks into one place

Lightweight guided planning rituals

Brings the task and calendar in one

Powerful scheduling abilities

Comes with meeting booking link abilities

Things we don't like

The iOS and Android apps for Akiflow tend not to get great ratings as they aren't as user-friendly than the desktop version

This is one of the more higher priced daily planner apps on the market and not as budget-friendly as others

What we think about the Design of Akiflow?

Akiflow is easy to use and nice on the eyes, the desktop version is clean and minimal but not as minimal as other to-do apps like Things 3. Largely, it does what it says on the tin with a nice-sized calendar for you to drag tasks into the week and user friendly Kanban style views for managing tasks for the week in more of a task management format.

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Mr Tasker

28th Feb 2024

Task Tamer

Use: 1Y 8.8 / 10

Akiflow is my productivity command station

I have used and seen Akiflow grow from a small app to the powerhouse app it is today and I have to say the reason it is successful now, are their willingness to adapt and grow in this "productivity" space. I am not joking when I say it's my command station, Akiflow consolidates everything I need to focus on, and it does it so seamlessly.......

Reba McEntire profile picture

Reba McEntire

1st Apr 2024

Email Exorcist

Use: 1Y 7.8 / 10

Customer Service takes way too long.

Great product, but customer service response time is not fast. If your system goes out, or if there is a technical glitch they will respond the next day or day after, and you will be stuck for hours without immediate help. I just paid for their "teams" product but had no formal training and nothing working. I wasted hours of not being able to......

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Managing your Tasks and Calendar with Akiflow, Homepage experience

What is Akiflow?

Akiflow is task management software combining tasks, calendars, and task consolidation by bringing tasks from apps like ClickUp, Notion, and Gmail. It is available on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Akiflow is also known as a daily planner application.

How does Akiflow work?

Akiflow collects tasks, imports tasks from other task and project management apps, and uses your calendar to see events, schedule meetings, and manage workload incoming from other apps. It also functions as a task dashboard for managing workloads that come from other apps. Akiflow also has features like guided planning & meeting booking abilities.

Managing your tasks in today view

Akiflow Top Features

Let's take a peek at the abilities that Akiflow has for managing your tasks in one location:


Good for?

Task Management

Thanks to the different types of tasks, handling tasks inside Akiflow is easy. You can add calendar events or tasks in a time slots block.

Task Consolidation

Many people would love to have all of their tasks in one location. This would reduce the pressure to switch between work apps and bring everything into one base.

Calendar Management

Manage your Outlook and Google Calendar in one location. You can see your most important meetings for work or personal and events next to your most important tasks.

Meeting Scheduling

Send a booking link and meet with others externally, allowing for smoother and more synchronized meeting times.

Guided Planning

A lighter approach to Akiflow allows you to review your day and plan using a guided planning technique popularised by apps like Sunsama. This is helpful if you're trying to be more holistic.

How much does Akiflow cost?

Akiflow costs $19 monthly, with a free seven-day trial if billed annually.

How much does Akiflow cost, Akiflow Pricing, Akiflow Free trial

Is Akiflow free?

Akiflow comes with a 7-day free trial and no free pricing plan.

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