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Akiflow Review (2024)

Features, Pros, Cons & Verdict

Akiflow is a daily planning application that combines tasks, calendar & task consolidation in one house. Popular with busy professionals, it allows for more advanced task management.

Managing your Tasks and Calendar with Akiflow, Homepage experience

What is Akiflow?

Akiflow is a premium daily planner application that combines calendar tasks and task consolidation.

How does Akiflow work?

Akiflow is a relatively new productivity tool in the task management space.

It combines the likes of calendar management (for adding events, managing all your calendars in one spot), task management (with planning and time-blocking), and something fairly new in the productivity realm called task consolidation.

This is one of Akiflow's strongest features that allows users to bring in tasks from other popular apps like Todoist, ClickUp, Gmail & Jira (as some of the most used examples).

Akiflow Integrations, Task Consolidation

Akiflow works by centralizing everything task-related into one location. This itself is very popular with those who want to manage all things in one space, but want the structure that apps like Notion don't bring for task management.

Akiflow: Features

Let's take a peek at the abilities that Akiflow has for managing your tasks in one location:


Good for?

Task Management

Handling tasks inside of Akiflow is easy thanks to the different types of tasks. You can add calendar events, tasks, or a series of tasks to do in a block called time slots.

Task Consolidation

Housing all of your tasks in one location is something many people would love to do. It reduces the pressure on you to switch between apps that you use for work and bring everything into one base.

Calendar Management

Handle your Outlook & Google Calendar in one location allowing you to see your most important meetings for work or personal and events next to your most important tasks.

Meeting Scheduling

Send a booking link and meet with others externally allowing for smoother and more synchronised meeting times.

Guided Planning

A lighter approach to Akiflow allows you to review your day and plan using a guided planning technique popularised by apps like Sunsama. Helpful if you're trying to be more holistic in your approach.

Akiflow - Inbox

Akiflow Pros & Cons

Let's unpack some of the Akiflow advantages and disadvantages of using the service for your task management, this should give you our perspective from using it




Zooming out from your work each day helps you to stop, reflect, and take in what happened. Something a lot of people don't do. Inside of Akiflow, these features come in the form of "rituals" that allow you to see what you did, plan, and take a minute to decompress.


One of the leading features inside of Akiflow has to be the ability to integrate apps and bring in tasks. Tasks can come in from project management apps, but allow you to customize how they come in making for better and smoother connections. This is a fan of those who want to make Akiflow their task dashboard.

Time Slots

Akiflow is used a lot because of the ability to drag a task into the calendar view. Akiflow has gone a step further by allowing for time-blocking in an organized way called "Time Slots" - a nice feature that allows you to bring together a bunch of tasks and do them in the same time slot, commonly done in time-blocking.

Meeting Schedule in Akiflow



Akiflow's iOS App

The iOS and Android apps aren't as well built when you know what the desktop version looks and acts like. A lot of people use these types of apps as reader apps, but something to note if you've used brilliant iOS task apps in the past.

Steep Pricing

The pricing in Akiflow is on par with Motion which is priced high. So this is something to note if you want to consolidate.

No AI Features

Right now, there are no AI abilities within Akiflow which makes it not as attractive when it comes to the higher pricing and the more premium feel. A lot of people are beginning to rely on these AI abilities.

Lacks Projects

Viewing tasks comes only in the form of labels that act as light projects for you to plan. No more structured project management layout allows you to plan and zoom out for tasks.

How much does Akiflow cost?

Akiflow costs $19 per month if billed annually, with a free seven-day trial.

How much does Akiflow cost, Akiflow Pricing, Akiflow Free trial, Updated April 2024

Is Akiflow free?

Akiflow comes with a 7-day free trial and no free pricing plan.

Is Akiflow Worth It?

Akfilow offers a pretty nice set of features packaged in a concept that a lot of people will like if they're bored of switching between apps like ClickUp, Todoist, or Jira for their team every single day. Akiflow almost gives you back more control for managing tasks where you want and without the need to force use the interface that a team places on you at work.

As a whole, Akiflow will be loved by those busy professionals who want to bring all their tasks into one but are spending too much time with other apps. Busy professionals and those who want to time-block will love Akiflow, especially those who use desktops a lot.

We'd recommend using Akiflow to take you that step further that apps like Todoist or Things 3 can't give you at the moment and that want to better bring tasks together. In comparison with Motion, it does lack AI abilities but benefits from the task consolidation that makes it a compelling offer for many.

Task Consolidation

Managing projects from multiple places like ClickUp, Todoist and Notion? Akiflow allows you to bring it all into one place to sync.


The calendar alongside your tasks is a great way to see a window into your day and utilise systems like calendar and time blocking.

Guided Planning

A more recent addition allows you to be handheld through planning your day ahead, the prioritise and the focus elements.

Akiflow: More Questions

Unpacking Akiflow Further

Is Akiflow Free?

Akiflow is not free, it has a 7-day trial. Akiflow charges a premium subscription with no free subscription or offering.

Does Akiflow work with Outlook?

Akiflow connects with Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar for importing calendars into Akiflow, without the need for Zapier, but you can use Zapier within the settings to enhance your powers of bringing tasks and calendars into Akiflow.

What are time slots in Akiflow?

Time slots in Akiflow allow you to block a set time period on your calendar and add tasks accordingly, this feature allows for better time-blocking and time-boxing.

Does Akiflow come on iOS and Android?

Yes, Akiflow is available on both iOS and Android as apps for managing tasks.

Does Akiflow work with Apple calendar?

No Akiflow only works with with Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar right now.

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