A daily planner experience for managing task with a calendar. A task consolidation platform that brings all your tasks in one place, designed for professionals.

What's good about Akiflow

What's good

  • Consolidation
  • Calendar
  • Rituals
What's not good about Akiflow

What's not good

  • Learning Curve

Akiflow Key Features

Akiflow Key feature #1


Managing projects from multiple places like ClickUp, Todoist and Notion? Akiflow allows you to bring it all into one place to sync.

Akiflow Key feature #2


The calendar alongside your tasks is a great way to see a window into your day and utilise systems like calendar and time blocking.

Akiflow Key feature #3


A more recent addition allows you to be handheld through planning your day ahead, the prioritise and the focus elements.

Understanding Akiflow: What is it?

Akiflow is regarded as a task consolidation/daily planner app.

Imagine a tool that brings in your tasks from all types of apps, Notion databases and even Gmail starred emails - into one app, then allows you to plot them into a calendar.

The value with Akiflow is that it comes with more features like time-blocking, inboxes, (recently announced) and focus mode for better workload management.

Much like Sunsama, the pricing comes at a higher level $15 per month tier, with a recently added free plan. However, many people are starting to use Akiflow as their own choice and dashboard for work and tasks that live elsewhere like ClickUp, Notion and more.

The Best Experiences in Akiflow for Tasks

Here are all the notable features of the task app Akiflow:

  • Consolidation — essentially Akiflow connects to popular task management applications, many of them reviewed here on ToolFinder — allowing you to bring all your tasks into one handy location. People like task consolidation as it helps them see all tasks from their team to personal in one hub, much like multiple Google Calendar does with calendar events— as a similar example.
  • Calendar — Unlike Todoist, Akiflow is more of a daily planner allowing for the ability to plot tasks and event directly together in your calendar. You can connect you common calendar apps like Google Calendar, Outlook and more — and bring them into your upcoming or calendar view so you can live and breathe tasks and calendar events.
  • Command Bar — A lot of people like the speed of capturing in Akiflow - the command bar allows for capturing tasks and events fast. This is something macOS users like.

This is how it is like planning a full day in Akiflow:

Who Should Get Akiflow?

Akiflow is a decent option for those looking to bring together their tasks in one base.

You can bring all those project apps in one and manage your day using help - this is tempting many professionals who want control of their own days, but don't want to use the required tools for managing them.

Like Sunsama, Akiflow is a new type of task management app - a consolidation daily planner - but presents a great option for those who want their own centralisation. Alternatives to Akiflow include the likes of Sunsama, Timestripe, Motion & Todoist.

They continue to release features and updates, many can be found on their Twitter.

Understanding Akiflow

How does Akiflow works?

Yes and no. It functions very similar to an app like Todoist, with a little bit more complexity around learning how to best use it with calendar and time-blocking systems. Not as much learning as say Notion, but enough to watching a few videos.

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