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Akiflow Review

A task consolidation platform that brings all your tasks in one place, designed for professionals and those who want their own dashboard of tasks for the day ahead.

Managing your Tasks and Calendar with Akiflow

What is Akiflow and who's it for?

Akiflow is an outlier in the task management space as it spans beyond what a traditional task management app can do. Akiflow is what we call a daily planner application and has a unique approach to how it handle tasks incoming and outgoing.

Let's explain it in simple terms, Akiflow can import tasks from other apps in real-time via the Akiflow integration - this means you can get your Gmail emails, Notion to-do's, ClickUp tasks, Todoist tasks and much more all into Akiflow in one base.

Akiflow Integrations, Task Consolidation

So alongside the daily planner abilities for calendar and tasks, you can bring tasks in through those routes. You can plan tasks with upcoming in a kanban week planner, create routines and time-block using the very well-designed calendar experience.

Akiflow Pros: Daily Planning Masterclass

Here's some of the best bits to note inside of Akiflow

  • Daily Planning — thinking of Akiflow as a daily planner app is the best way to go forward. It has a perfect combination between tasks and calendar with features like upcoming for better week planning, rituals for making sure you sign in and off, goals and objectives for focusing on what's important and loads of detail with tasks.
  • Consolidation — essentially Akiflow connects to popular task management applications, many of them reviewed here on ToolFinder — allowing you to bring all your tasks into one handy location. People like task consolidation as it helps them see all tasks from their team to personal in one hub, much like multiple Google Calendar does with calendar events— as a similar example.
Akiflow Upcoming Daily Planning
  • Calendar — Unlike Todoist, Akiflow is more of a daily planner allowing for the ability to plot tasks and event directly together in your calendar. You can connect you common calendar apps like Google Calendar, Outlook and more — and bring them into your upcoming or calendar view so you can live and breathe tasks and calendar events.
  • Command Bar — A lot of people like the speed of capturing in Akiflow - the command bar allows for capturing tasks and events fast. This is something macOS users like.

Akiflow Cons: Does it Live Up to Hype?

Akiflow is everywhere. Why's everyone talking out it and what are missed opportunities?

  • Higher Price — the options for pricing are much higher likely due to the cost of importing in from other applications and hosting not only that but a task and calendar experience.
  • Labels & Tags — managing your tasks in label and tag view is much harder than a traditional list, they feel more disjointed and can get a bit messier than they would in a project/list view. There's not too much difference in both.
  • Integration Setup — whilst helpful when you do, integration setup can take some time and naturally need some double checking that you've imported things correctly in settings. There's almost too much functionality here.

How much is Akiflow and is it worth that price?

Akiflow Pricing, Options

Akiflow has a $500 lifetime pricing for 5 years. But more traditional options are much steeper in pricing. $24.99 a month, monthly plan option and/or $14.99 yearly, making it shy of a total of $180. Is it worth it? For a combo of tasks and calendar and the ability to bring in other applications, if you compare the yearly pricing to Motion, yes.

The key is making sure you're invested in the methodology and approach of housing all tasks in one base and using time-blocking, that's the key.

Akiflow Verdict

Akiflow is a decent option for those looking to bring together their tasks in one base. This is a rare site in productivity - trying to the base for all other productivity apps.

Using Akiflow Command Bar to Organize Tasks from Todoist, Asana, Gmail

You can bring all those project apps in one and manage your day using help - this is tempting many professionals who want control of their own days, but don't want to use the required tools for managing them.

Akiflow Alternatives

When looking at alternatives to Akiflow - there aren't too much that do "consolidation of tasks" amazingly. Sunsama is the closest like for like, but Motion offers a good option too.

  • Motion - good for AI-based task management with meeting booking links too. Probably more suitable if you have more meetings in your workday.
  • Sunsama - good for consolidation of tasks but lacks of the more advanced features for ordering, planning and setting up tasks in comparison to Akiflow.

Task Consolidation

Managing projects from multiple places like ClickUp, Todoist and Notion? Akiflow allows you to bring it all into one place to sync.


The calendar alongside your tasks is a great way to see a window into your day and utilise systems like calendar and time blocking.


A more recent addition allows you to be handheld through planning your day ahead, the prioritise and the focus elements.

Beginner's Guide to Akiflow

Here's a full beginner's guide to Akiflow we've made. This is a great getting started guide to Akiflow, but so is this video from us too that might find helpful when exploring Akiflow.

Understanding Akiflow

How does Akiflow works?

Does Akiflow require lots of learning?

Yes and no. It functions very similar to an app like Todoist, with a little bit more complexity around learning how to best use it with calendar and time-blocking systems. Not as much learning as say Notion, but enough to watching a few videos.

What is task consolidation app?

Very simply, a place to host all your tasks. These types of tools like Akiflow and Sunsama are becoming more popular for bringing in tasks from project management apps you might use at work and your regular tasks and having them in one place.

This helps for many managers to see their own tasks, their team tasks and be able to organize them using methods like time-blocking and planning techniques.

Sunsama vs Akiflow?

Both of these tools are daily planner, more advanced to-do list apps. These both help you to plan your week ahead with some assistance and direction. Sunsama is much more focused on a work/life balance, whereas, Akiflow allows for a more formalised structure with calendar, objectives and better task consolidation as the key elements of this app.

Is Akiflow fast to use?

Yes, it presents speedy features like Command Bar, faster sync with others apps - also more recent improvements in speed with the macOS. Akiflow is fast for task management and built to manage incoming tasks too.

Is Akiflow good for time-blocking tasks?

Probably one of the better application. Daily planner tools tend to be good for time-blocking and Akiflow is decent at this because it has a calendar and task list co-existing, the import from other services also helps to extend that.

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