Meet the Team

Tool Finder is a creation by the team at Keep Productive and is on a mission to be the best way in the world to help you match to the perfect productivity tools for work and life. Keep Productive has been a productivity tools review site for more than 10 years now, with over 300,000+ subscribers on YouTube and a growing base of expertise.

Our mission is clear: The easier and longer you stay with a productivity tool, the better.

The faces behind Tool Finder

  • Francesco D'Alessio

    Francesco D'Alessio

    Host of Keep Productive and avid productivity tools expert, Francesco has been exploring this for over 10 years now, reviewing over 600+ productivity tools.

  • Karl Hadwen

    Karl Hadwen

    As the lead developer at Tool Finder, Karl is responsible for bringing Tool Finder to life through his deep knowledge of programming.

  • Charlotte Dawson

    Charlotte Dawson

    Our chief writer at Keep Productive and one of the hosts of Keep Productive's mindful productivity tools category, Charlotte is eager to explore the perfect mindfulness tools and writing to help bring Tool Finder up to date with the best and brightest tools in productivity.

  • Stephen Price

    Stephen Price

    Bringing our videos to life, Steve is our first hire at Keep Productive and long-time friend of Francesco - knowing each over for 20 years now - Steve is behind all the videos you see and love on both Tool Finder and Keep Productive.