Meet the Team

Tool Finder is one of the leading sites to find software for both work & life.

We have over 500+ tools listed on Tool Finder ranging from CRM tools to project management software. Our mission is to help people find the best software that matches to your needs. Over 250,000+ people visit Tool Finder and our successful YouTube channel to find the perfect tools for the job at hand.

Tool Finder is currently run by Francesco D'Alessio, the founder of the popular productivity software YouTube channel, Keep Productive, and Karl Hadwen, the development brains behind Tool Finder. The pair also co-founded Bento, an iOS app designed to help people better manage their time named as Apple's 2023 best to-do list apps and an upcoming project helping people optimize the scrum planning sessions and meetings.

Built on a vision to help people optimize the tools they use daily, Tool Finder is one of the most innovative tool discovery sites out there and aiming to become the number on place for you to select and pick tools.

The faces behind Tool Finder

  • Francesco D'Alessio

    Francesco D'Alessio

    Host of Keep Productive and avid productivity tools expert, Francesco has been exploring this for over 10 years now, reviewing over 600+ productivity tools.

  • Karl Hadwen

    Karl Hadwen

    As the lead developer at Tool Finder, Karl is responsible for bringing Tool Finder to life through his deep knowledge of programming.