Meet the Team

Keep Productive launched in 2012 with the mission to help people find the perfect productivity tool and apps.

Zoom forward to 2024, and Keep Productive has now wildly morphed into an exciting way to find, choose, and research productivity tools. In 2023, Karl Hadwen joined Francesco D'Alessio as co-founder of a new, exciting project Tool Finder, after their success with the launch of Bento, one of Apple's 2023 picks for best-to-do list apps, which they now both run together as a studio for developing and reviewing software.

We have reviewed over 750+ productivity apps and constantly keep Tool Finder up-to-date.

Built on an independent philosophy around reviews and matching people with the perfect tool, Tool Finder is a growing directory, network, and source of knowledge on the ideal productivity software to pick and adopt for your work, family life, or personal time management.

Our over 120,000 readers a month will gain insight into what apps are best for them, and what features matter and gain real insight into whether the tool is right for them.

The faces behind Tool Finder

  • Francesco D'Alessio

    Francesco D'Alessio

    Host of Keep Productive and avid productivity tools expert, Francesco has been exploring this for over 10 years now, reviewing over 600+ productivity tools.

  • Karl Hadwen

    Karl Hadwen

    As the lead developer at Tool Finder, Karl is responsible for bringing Tool Finder to life through his deep knowledge of programming.

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