Sunsama is a daily planner app that wants you to be more mindful about your work.

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This tool stands in the top 5% of tools on Tool Finder. Our ratings for tools factor in design, features, performance, practicality and value to help determine the tool's overall score.

Things we like

Clean and easy design

Comes with a weekly objectives feature

Perfect for guided planning

Better for holistic planning

Great for more mindful planning

Things we don't like

There's no full access on the iOS and Android apps meaning you get more a viewer/reader mode on mobile

Can be expensive if you pay for the month-by-month pricing for Sunsama

What we think about the Design of Sunsama?

Sunsama brings a mindful, focused design with less going on. This means getting access to things is easy and feels light. You get a sense of relaxation when using certain features that in other apps you might find daunting, even closing up a day, the screen cuts to a blank mode that allows you to see a "finished for the day" layout.

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Sunsama Tasks, Daily Planner App

What is Sunsama?

Sunsama is a daily planner app that lets you organize your week ahead with tasks from other apps and calendar events from popular tools like Google Calendar. It is available on desktop (macOS, Windows), iOS, and Android. It is very popular with busy professionals for managing their time with work-life balance as a focus.

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What does Sunsama do?

Sunsama works by helping you plan your week with tasks and a calendar.

Adding tasks can be done on each day of the week, allowing you to build up a picture of your focus for the week. Connecting up with Google Calendar or Outlook will allow you to add important meetings and events easily.

You can also add tasks from apps like Trello, Gmail, GitHub, Todoist, and many more—much like another app called Akiflow is a competitor to Sunsama. In essence, it wants to help you plan your week with the focus, being more mindful about your tasks by not overloading how many you have and cluttering your focus.

What is Sunsama used for?

Sunsama is used to better plan your day with tasks and calendar events in one. People who use Sunsama want a better work-life balance, or busy professionals who need a better task management approach.

Sunsama Top Features

Time to look at what features Sunsama has and whether they can be helpful:


Good For?

Task Management

Adding tasks and sub-tasks and organizing them into project labels can be done within Sunsama. You can see how many tasks you have, the amount per day, and whether doing them all will be possible on the typical working hours you have suggested to the app. This is a favorite feature amongst those who want a better work-life balance.

Task Consolidation

Task consolidation means all your tasks in one place. You can add tasks from Notion, Trello, and around 15 other tools into Sunsama. This makes it the perfect place to manage all tasks in one. You can find the context needed to complete the task with a click, but the aim is to reduce the need to switch between apps.

Guided Planning

One of Sunsama's brilliant features is guided planning, which allows you to plan your day and reflect on the one that has just been. This experience is great for those who want to be more mindful of tasks. It is one of the best planning experiences on the market, and it will allow you to think better about a plan for your week or even the day ahead.

Week Objectives

Week planning is even more advanced. It allows you to set hierarchy goals for the week and feed amounts of time into your task list, making week goals more approachable.

Focus Mode

Focus mode allows you to set a timer, zoom into your task, and add notes as you go to the task. This is perfect for keeping better and more accurate focus. The timer on the desktop shows outside of the app, which means you can see it anytime.

Sunsama just calendar view

Sunsama Pros

The good bits about Sunsama and how it impacts your productivity.



Task Dashboard

Bringing tasks into one base is brilliant in Sunsama and has been available for many years. It allows you to get a sense of all the tasks you need to focus on for the day with the link back to the task. This is perfect for those who want to build a view from multiple projects and places without jumping apps into their week. Seeing Notion tasks alongside Jira tasks can be incredibly helpful.

Mindful Thinking

In this app, everything screams better tasks, not more tasks, meaning you can better focus on what matters. You will be hit by warning limits each day, so each day has a "total time" limit, meaning there will be warnings if you add too many tasks. This is great for showcasing that you won't be able to get them done and nudging you to think smarter.

Plan Modes

Planning is a feature that you can use every day in the app. This means you can coordinate tasks you want to do for the day, reduce overload by moving them to the next day, and ensure your tasks are better for planning. This is such a nice feature as it lets you quickly refresh your day, especially with productive ruts.

Doses of AI

They recently invested more into AI with auto-scheduling and the ability to get recommendations for what task channels a new task should belong to and completion time, which saves time by adding this metadata to each task each time. Smart use of AI that allows you more time to get things done.

Week Objectives in Sunsama App

Sunsama Cons

Let's take a peek at the things we didn't like about Sunsama



Can Be Laggy

Sometimes, we've found that Sunsama on the desktop can be laggy when moving between the calendar and Kanban task view (week views) for planning. We noticed this over 3-6 months of using the application. Other than this laggy transition, the apps had no other issues. We saw this when examining a few other reviews compared to apps in the daily planning space.

Reduced Mobile App

For many who use mobile avidly, Sunsama might not be suitable as it is more of a reader experience for your tasks. This means you can't do all the wonderful things you can do in the desktop editions, not even 50% of what you do on the desktop. Something to note if you're very mobile-centric.

Calendar View within Sunsama App

How much does Sunsama cost?

Sunsama costs $20 per month or $16 per month billed annually.

Sunsama Pricing, How Much Does Sunsama Cost per User? Sunsama Review, February 2024

Is Sunsama Free?

Sunsama does not have a free plan outside of the 14-day trial.

What are the differences between Sunsama free & premium?

Sunsama has no free option, so you must subscribe to Sunsama to gain access.

Is Sunsama good for ADHD?

Many people find Sunsama helpful for ADHD as it helps them focus on the task and better prioritize using limitations that Sunsama put in place for better task management, such as limits to how long you can work daily.

Sunsama Availability

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