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Co-ordinate all your tasks, objectives, type of tasks, and other popular apps like Todoist, ClickUp, Gmail, Notion inside one base. This is the mindful daily planner.

A planner view of the week ahead, Sunsama Calendar & Backlog

What is Sunsama & who's it best for?

Think of Sunsama as your to-do app and calendar management in one experience. We call these types of productivity apps - daily planner apps - they help you organize the week but in a bit more a structured fashion and Sunsama lives up to this offering.

Sunsama offers a way for you to tally what you want to do for the week, see your events coming up, import tasks from other popular project management apps and even get some indirect help planning where and how many tasks go into your to-do list for the day.

Focus Mode Sunsama

Sunsama really works well for people in the hunt for a more mindful to-do app but with the ability to calendar block and with a healthier nature to it. Sunsama also doesn't cater to a low budget with one of the more expensive options on the market.

Sunsama Pros

Here's the bits of Sunsama we think shine (sorry for the pun):

  • Task Consolidation - Like Akiflow, Sunsama offers integrations that allow you to import tasks in from other project management apps and task apps. Perfect for building your own hub and view of tasks for the day ahead.
  • Guided Planning - This is a perfect feature for making sure you get support planning your day and not overloading yourself. This is why we reference "mindful planner" thanks to the hand-holding nature of Sunsama.
  • Focus Mode - Fantastic modes to start timers and really drill into one task, including notes for meetings in calendar mode too. A hidden gem of Sunsama.
  • Objective Based - This is a neat feature if you're in the hunt to associate tasks to goals. Goals can be assigned weekly and perfect for zooming out on your time spent.
Managing Upcoming in Sunsama

Sunsama Cons

Here's a few elements that could be better:

  • Laggy Speeds - sometimes Sunsama has a moment when switching between to-do app and calendar app. This is more common on the desktop version.
  • Condensed Mobile - we like this, but some don't. Sunsama has a condensed, more read-only app on the go. Ideal for overlooking your to-do's than managing them.
  • Pricey Option - the pricing is on the higher end of the spectrum as listed below.

Sunsama Pricing

Sunsama is priced at $20 per month or annually $4 cheaper per month at $16 which equates to $192 per year. This is definitely on the higher scale of to-do apps, so if you're in the hunt for lower cost ones - we'd recommend looking at to-do list applications.

Sunsama Verdict

Sunsama is super for those who want a bit more help and structure balancing work and life.

Connect Todoist and Sunsama

The features of this daily planner are unique and do allow you to make better weekly plans and even craft better decisions around how you spend your time, something many of us get into or struggle with. This is going to be perfect if you're in the hunt for a good-looking, easy to use, mindful and practical app and budget isn't in mind when hunting.

With this too, Sunsama has task consolidation that will save you time managing tasks in multiple locations much like Akiflow.

Sunsama Alternatives

There's lots of newer daily planner applications floating around the market and here's some of them to consider as Sunsama alternatives:

  • Motion - an AI focused to-do list experience for managing tasks and calendar.
  • Akiflow - the most similar alternative to Sunsama with similar task consolidation.


Sunsama has one of the best designs in the daily planner space, clean and clear - for a more mindful experience managing tasks.


Great holistic features for those looking to plan weekly goals and allocate them into your task lists.


From limiting your focus time or stopping use after your work time, Sunsama has some great work/life balance functions.

Your questions on Sunsama

Understanding Sunsama further

Is Sunsama worth the high pricing?

Sunsama focuses more on holistic planning, more than say Todoist, allowing a said user to collectively plan a week, align objectives and be "hand-held" through the planning process. For many time-poor people who suffer from directional issues when it comes to workload, Sunsama is a really good match.

Others reference high price being the consolidation of this application, like Akiflow, you can bring in tasks from other applications like ClickUp and Todoist.

Sunsama or Akiflow?

Sunsama presents some good features, much more hand-holding for your productivity than Akiflow, however, Akiflow brings solid calendar management, better consolidation and more helpful planning functions.

Sunsama is more of a mindful weekly planner, whilst Akiflow is more of a hardcore experience for managing tasks, with medium-high level planning functions.

Why is Sunsama so expensive?

Sunsama offers a unique approach to task management, with a focus on work/life balance. For some people a more hand-holding system is worth this benefit to their work intensity and offers a good way to respect their time in and out of work.

The tool also uses consolidation to bring tasks in, sometimes these integrations can be expensive to implement and manage.

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