Co-ordinate all your tasks, objectives, type of tasks, and other popular apps like Todoist, ClickUp, Gmail, Notion inside one base. This is the mindful daily planner.

What's good about Sunsama

What's good

  • Design
  • Hand-Holding
  • Objectives
What's not good about Sunsama

What's not good

  • Pricey
  • No Full Mobile App

Sunsama Key Features

Sunsama Key feature #1


Sunsama has one of the best designs in the daily planner space, clean and clear - for a more mindful experience managing tasks.

Sunsama Key feature #2


Great holistic features for those looking to plan weekly goals and allocate them into your task lists.

Sunsama Key feature #3


From limiting your focus time or stopping use after your work time, Sunsama has some great work/life balance functions.

What is Sunsama?

Sunsama is a daily planner application, much like a to-do list application like but with a twist.

Daily planner applications focus on helping you plan your day, handing holding you to selection of tasks, your time and workload amount. Sunsama is well-designed and easy to use, with a guided feel for those suffering from structure issues with task management.

Sunsama comes at an expensive fee in the current market at a lower rate of $16 per month, if annual is chosen, but offers the ability to connect other apps like Trello, ClickUp & more.

Key Features of Sunsama

Here's some of the key features of Sunsama:

  • Task Organization: Manage and prioritize daily tasks
  • Calendar Sync: Integrate with Google, Outlook, and more
  • Teamwork: Collaborate, assign tasks, and share progress
  • Project Breakdown: Create actionable steps for projects
  • Scheduled Focus: Plan dedicated work sessions
  • Cross-Platform Access: Use on web, desktop, and mobile
  • App Connections: Integrate with Slack, Trello, Asana, etc.
  • Performance Insights: Analyze productivity and task completion

Here's how Tool Finder's Francesco uses Sunsama:

Best Suited for?

Sunsama is super for those who want a bit more help and structure balancing work and life.

The features of this daily planner are unique and do allow you to make better weekly plans and even craft better decisions around how you spend your time, something many of us get into or struggle with.

Sunsama is a pricey tool, but presents a good option for those who need hand-holding with setting up goals, tasks and your week.

Your questions on Sunsama

Understanding Sunsama further

Sunsama focuses more on holistic planning, more than say Todoist, allowing a said user to collectively plan a week, align objectives and be "hand-held" through the planning process. For many time-poor people who suffer from directional issues when it comes to workload, Sunsama is a really good match.

Others reference high price being the consolidation of this application, like Akiflow, you can bring in tasks from other applications like ClickUp and Todoist.

Comparable tools to Sunsama

Alternatives to Sunsama

Akiflow featured image

Task manager designed to bring all tasks into one place, with a calendar alongside.

Timestripe featured image

Manage your life mission with day tasks, week goals and even 5-year objectives.

Motion featured image

A task management application with AI assist and one of the hottest tools right now.

Todoist featured image

Manage all your tasks, build kanban boards and projects with this all-round task app.

TickTick featured image

All-round budget friendly task management app experience with kanban, habits & more.

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