Best ADHD Planner Apps

Best ADHD Apps for ADHD

ADHD planner apps are on the rise thanks to the research and knowledge put into place to create tools to support neurodivergent brains. Sometimes it can be hard to stay on track, remember what to do next, and organise ideas. The apps in this list help with creating routines and calming the mind.

What Are ADHD Planner Apps?

ADHD planner apps can help users create a better base for their daily life, especially if they often forget, or find it hard to motivate themselves to complete tasks. Or maybe they just need a place to help create new habits, routines and support their daily life.

Some of the apps in this list are great for supporting some of these needs, others are created more specifically towards neurodivergent brains. Of course, it's all trial and error when choosing an app that works best for you.

Studies by Lancet and NICE have found that around 2.6 million people in the UK have ADHD, including children, with a continuing percentage of the population that are undiagnosed or unaware they have ADHD.

ADHD can and does affect those within the workplace too, a lot of people can go on to have very successful careers with things that suit them, but sometimes ADHD can lead to feeling distracted, impulsive, procrastination and having difficulty managing solo tasks and larger projects, as stated by CHADD in their article about ADHD in the workplace.

Overall, ADHD planner apps can help reduce overwhelm, create structure and influence healthier daily habits, in the hopes of helping people do well in their daily lives.

Best ADHD Planner Apps

Here's our list of the best ADHD planner applications to support routines and organisation.

  • 1. Llama Life - Great colourful app with workflows and presets, also has a timer tool.
  • 2. Milanote - A good visual workspace for the flexible organisation of ideas and notes.
  • 3. Sunsama - Allows users to create Rituals for morning and night for better routines.
  • 4. Structured - A good on-the-go app for a simplified step-by-step routine.
  • 5. Amazing Marvin - A place for users to build their own layout to suit them.

There are also more specified applications to support ADHD brains, routines, time management and organisation, but we will get into that at the end of the article.

1. Llama Life

A great productive Chrome extension

The Basics of Llama Life

Llama Life helps to calm your mind and create a daily plan based on the tasks and duration times you set. The aim of Llama Life is to support you through focus and attention in order to get things done, avoid procrastination and achieve your goals.

When creating a task or habit inside Llama life, you have to choose how long it will take you. Once you have added in all your daily tasks you see a full-time duration at the bottom of the screen, this gives you an idea of how long it will all take and what time of the day you will be finished.

This is super helpful for anyone with ADHD who finds it hard with sticking to their daily plan, and those who get distracted easily and end up not doing the tasks they need to do.

Llama Life Chrome Extension

Key Features of Llama Life

Llama Life is a really simple and easy app to use with a fun interface.

  • Customise tasks with Emojis to create a fun workspace to use, also can help categorise your tasks or give a visual representation of the task.
  • Set durations for every task to create a focus timer, set the timer and have all attention on the task at hand.
  • Use soundscapes to block out background noise and to help with keeping your attention and focus.
  • See the suggested end time of the day to get a better overview and idea of how much free time you have after tasks, or time to add in more tasks.
  • Use preset lists to create routines and follow preset duration times. Can be helpful to quickly create a generic focus session for the day.
  • Integrate Llama Life with other tools like Todoist and Notion to optimise your workflow.

2. Milanote

Fantastic for visual thinking

The Basics of Milanote

Milanote is great for visualising ideas and making sense of them in a free open space. For someone who needs to visualise their plans in order to make sense of them, Milanote is perfect. You can create boards with images, text, checklists and much more.

Create a step-by-step plan to help carry out any kind of event, task or project, no matter how big or small. Sometimes it's just easier t have all your ideas on one page, and organise them afterwards.

Overall, Milanote is a good tool to have for someone who needs a way to plan their events and tasks, even as small as their holiday trip, to tidying their home. You can create a planned system you keep coming back to.

Milanote - Collaborating with Task List, Boards, Checklists

Key Features of Milanote

Here are some key features of Milanote and some ideas on how to use the app.

  • Collect inspiration from the web inside a page, this could be for outfits, home decoration, or products you like and want to remember.
  • Plan projects step by step by using images and text, drag and drop contents into columns to make more sense of ideas.
  • Use sub-boards inside boards to extend ideas, or elaborate on plans. You could also create a backup plan or extra information regarding the event.
  • Invite others to collaborate on boards, this could be useful for planning a group trip or managing a group task.

3. Sunsama

Mindful productivity to-do app

The Basics of Sunsama

Sunsama is a daily planner application that allows you to combine your tasks and calendar in one place. You can also integrate Sunsama with other productivity tools to reduce overwhelm or waste time switching between applications.

Sunsama allows you to plan your day and week and view it in a calendar format. You can choose what tasks you want to complete that day and how many hours you would like to work, this helps with creating a healthy work-life balance, and more structure to your day.

Set timers for each task to focus and stay on track, you can also use tags to organise tasks, create subtasks and create recurring tasks so you don't forget important habits.

Overall, Sunsama is a good ADHD app for making sure you have a work-life balance to not overwork, or underwork. It also helps create healthy routines and has a very calming atmosphere.

Sunsama, Consolidation Tool for Notion, Google Calendar, ClickUp, Asana, Todoist and More Tools

Key Features of Sunsama

Here are some key features of Sunsama and how the app can help with ADHD planning.

  • Set tasks for today, tomorrow and the week. Add in tasks and drag them to where you want them to be and when you can complete them.
  • Set the number of hours you want to work per day and create a plan around that. This helps reduce stress and keeps you in a healthy balance of work and life.
  • You can use Sunsama to create a plan for routines and use the timer to focus and complete each part of your routine.
  • Integrate with other productivity tools to consolidate all tasks, this helps with switching between tasks or potentially forgetting tasks in other apps.
  • Set weekly objectives of things you want to get done, then drag them into your daily plans.
  • Receive warnings for when you procrastinate, or warnings to take a break. This helps reduce the risk of burnout or feeling overwhelmed.

4. Structured App

Timeline Based Task Management

The Basics of Structured

Structured is a really handy application for neurodivergent brains. It helps with creating a complete structured daily plan that syncs with all devices and gives you reminders on when to perform the next task and how long for.

It has a super clean and simple interface, you can also choose a different coloured theme, it doesn't have to be pink. You then set each task and the amount of time it will take to complete it. Get notified when it's time to perform the next task and tick it off when you are done.

You can also combine your calendar and tasks inside Structured, enabling you to add any events or important appointments or key dates to your daily plan.

Structured App on Mobile

Key Features of Structured

Here are some key features of Structured, a daily planner app for all your devices.

  • Split larger tasks and to-dos into smaller achievable steps with time frames, and tick them off as you go for a sense of achievement.
  • Combine your tasks and calendar in one place to make sure you don't forget any important events or dates.
  • Get notifications for when you need to perform the next task, great if you use an Apple Watch too.
  • Plan recurring tasks so you don't forget any important daily routines or habits you are wanting to build and keep up with.
  • Customise tasks with a range of icons to help categorise and visualise tasks when they pop up and also choose different theme colours.

5. Amazing Marvin

Flexible Modular Task Management

The Basics of Amazing Marvin

Amazing Marvin is a really interesting application that offers a really customisable place for creating your own task management application depending on what you want or need.

Amazing Marvin uses behavioural science to create strategies and workflows that help boost productivity to create an easy-to-manage workspace. This is especially helpful for those with ADHD because you can trial different layouts, methods and workflows until you find one that works best for you.

The whole app is completely customisable and comes along with a fun, gaming aspect. You can add in different strategies and import existing workflows that have all been specially designed.

Customisable To-Do App, Amazing Marvin

Key Features of Amazing Marvin

Here are some great key features of Amazing Marvin for helping create a daily plan.

  • Lots of flexibility to create a customised workflow for managing tasks, events and daily planning.
  • Store all items in the master list and drag them into your daily plan, this helps if you need to jot lots of things down and plan them later.
  • Use the default workspace or download a customised one created with certain methodologies like the GTD method.
  • You can also download the workflows of other favourite apps and then customise them further.
  • Integrate other applications and your calendar to have all tasks in one place, reducing the risk of overwhelm and not getting something important done.
  • Has a gamified feel to it, making it a fun app that you basically build yourself.

So, Which ADHD Planner Application Should I Use?

Every individual manages their needs and their time in different ways, so think about what areas of life you struggle with, what aspects of tasks and daily planning you find difficult and go from there.

For example, you might find procrastination a big one, or spending too much time on one type of task and not enough time on a more important task. An app like Llama Life can help manage time frames and completion rates.

Or maybe you are quite good at completing tasks, but you need better work-life management to fit everything in without getting burnt out such as Sunsama.

Also, decide if you want an application you need to adjust and customise to suit your needs such as Amazing Marvin, or if you want one you can download and use it straight away like Structured.

Or, maybe all of these apps are not visual enough for you, and you'd like a free open space to jot down all your ideas that pop into your mind and then go from there with arrangements and adding tasks to your calendar, if this is the case, Milanote might be a good shout.

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