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Structured wants to be your daily planning app for the day ahead, but what does it do? And does it live up to the hype as one of the top iOS and Android apps?

Structured - All Devices, iOS, MacOS and More

What is Structured?

Structured is a daily planner app for organizing the day ahead on iOS, macOS & Android.

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What does Structured do?

Structured is an application available on iOS, Mac, and Android that allows you to organize your day in a very simple and structured manner, hence the name. The experience is easy to use and comes with a sense of really aesthetically pleasing nature, thanks to the pinks and use of iconography that spans across the application.

However, this application isn't a fully-fledged to-do list application, so it won't organize your lists or manage your projects. What it will do is structure the day ahead for you, giving you some alignment to what you're working on and maybe even how you're planning your routine.

I would probably say that Structured is more of a habit, routine, and to-do application that enhances beyond something like iOS reminders and gives you a sense of control, instructions, and there are some really awesome, AI features added, which actually blow a lot of my opinions out of the water about what I thought it would be and how I thought it would function. This is a really interesting application and one that has one of the best scores on iOS and Android ratings that I've seen in the market.

Best Features in Structured

Let's explore what it does and what are some of the best features that make Structured a great application on the market.

1. Adding Tasks

Let's start with how you add and manage tasks in Structured. Firstly, it's very different from other applications on the market, like Todoist and Things 3.

Structured, Adding a Task

While those applications allow you to add a task and associate it with a project, Structured operates differently. There aren't really projects; there's an inbox for adding tasks, which we'll come to a bit later. Essentially, I was just able to add a task into my timeline, and everything is organized through a timeline. So, you can organize your day from the start to the end.

Adding tasks in Structured is really easy, and it allows you to add an icon each time you add a task. They can be copied, but recurring tasks are locked under the premium version. The ability to do this might take a bit of time, but if you're using some of the recurring task functions, it probably will save you a vast amount of time repopulating your day. Largely, the icons know what you're trying to type in, and with a few taps, it allows you to do it very easily.

Used by over 10,000 highly productive people. Try with 7-day free trial

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2. AI Assistant

From my review of Structured, I was most impressed with the AI assistant. Now, a lot of the time when you see an AI assistant inside of an application like a to-do list experience, what it does will probably start to create a bunch of tasks it thinks you want to do. However, with this function, what you do is type in what your routine wants to be for the day, whether it's a day you're setting or a future day.

AI Assistant in Structured App

Essentially, what it will do is align those tasks up for you without you having to add icons, task names, times, and aligning them across the timeline of your day. This is a huge time saver, and I was really impressed with this feature primarily because it's structuring your day ahead for you, and the function actually worked very well. Minus the fact that it thought my six-month-old was a dog, not a baby. Maybe we need to change his name.

Structured AI Assistant

3. Inbox Abilities

While using Structured, you are not able to add any list-based items, which means that you can't organize things into projects. However, you can add things to an inbox, which is great for dragging into the day ahead with ease. Now, this is a really nice feature if you have premium because you can import tasks from iOS reminders, which means you can utilize them more often.

Although, I do believe there are some shortcuts within Structured that you can use. However, if you're someone who is working with someone else on a list in Siri reminders or iOS reminders, then you can import them with ease, and this allows you to organize it in your inbox without it automatically organizing for the day ahead, which is a nice feature. So, the inbox abilities, whilst light, are very easy to get on with.

How much does Structured cost?

Structured is free with $2.99 per month or $29.99 lifetime options.

Structured App Pricing

Used by over 10,000 highly productive people. Try with 7-day free trial

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Verdict: Is Structured Worth It?

Structured is one of the most impressive daily planning applications on the market. While it won't replace a full to-do list experience, it's perfect for someone looking to create a routine and save time on getting started. The lifetime pricing, which is priced at $29.99, is the most impressive of the options that I've seen on the market.

Editing Tasks in Structured App

Once you have access to this, you have the ability to utilize all of the premium features, including the AI abilities, which is going to save you a vast amount of time organizing your day ahead and structuring it. The combination of organizing your day ahead with AI, and the recurring abilities where you can copy your day, is perfect for those who just want to organize their day in a linear fashion and create tasks with ease.

For someone who might want to improve their daily routine with habits and calendar items, in which you can pull in the Apple calendar using the premium, it's a real bonus and a really nice experience that is cheap, friendly, and approachable.


Inside Structured, users can choose from a variety of templates for daily, weekly, and monthly schedules, or create their own custom templates.


Your daily plans inside the Structured daily planner app will be automatically synced across all devices.


Structured allows users to prioritise tasks, track progress, and set goals, providing a weekly planner framework for effective time management and improved productivity.

Structured: Mobile Daily Planner App

Understanding Structured further

Where is Structured popular?

On the iOS App Store, Structured is regarded as one of the best to-do list apps. It is popular with students, young people and those who want a more simple way to get their daily plans in a format that suits them.

What is the best daily planner app for task management?

Depending on the nature of your tasks, most daily planner apps can fulfil the need for managing small to larger tasks. Daily planner apps like Sunsama and Routine could be good choices.

How does a weekly planner app improve time management?

By planning your week ahead you already know the tasks, events or projects you will be faced with. You can prepare yourself, and be ready for what needs to get done. You can use different features like time blocking, and reminders to further help with time management.

What are the main benefits of using a weekly planner app?

Using a weekly planner and daily planner app will help with; organisation and time management. Use digital reminders inside the app to remind you of upcoming tasks and events.

Can you set recurring tasks with Structured daily planner app?

Yes, Structured allows you to set recurring tasks for specific days and times. This saves time inputting the same information and ensures you manage your time effectively.

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