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Task management application with AI, calendar management and a meeting scheduler all-in-one. Motion will give you a range of tools to help you better plan your week.

What is Motion?

Motion is an advanced to-do list app with calendar abilities and a meeting scheduling function. Many people credit Motion above the ordinary due to the AI technologies it possesses within the tasks and calendar function to auto-schedule around disruption.

Project Management in Motion Project View

Motion is more of a daily planner application as it presents both calendar and task abilities under one roof. Many people find Motion to be on the more expensive side of to-do list applications within the productivity software market.

Motion resembles to-do apps like Sunsama, Routine & Akiflow in the market, but differs by introducing a new team project management experience for more than two users.

Motion Features

Managing Tasks with Daily Planner, Motion

Exploring the advanced AI to-do list application that is Motion.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface for easy task management
  • Ability to create and organize tasks into projects and categories
  • Option to add notes, due dates, and reminders to tasks
  • Collaboration features for sharing tasks with team members (Motion for Teams)
  • Option to track time spent on tasks and generate reports
  • Customizable tags and filters for easy sorting and searching of tasks

Our verdict on Motion

Booking Motion Meeting Scheduling Link

Motion is best suited for larger teams looking for something to take over their complete task and project management. Since you only need one application to do the job, time is saved, productivity us boosted, and Motion even claims to add an extra month to your year.

Motion is a more expensive option when it comes to the task management realm - but it does combine the intelligent calendar which can be managed with tools like Calendly & SoCal - it also presents more of a executive manager for your tasks too. So

Motion Alternatives

Let's explore Motion alternatives and what they offer as a difference from Motion:

  • Akiflow - allows you to bring in tasks from other tools like Gmail, Todoist & more.
  • Sunsama - presents a more mindful approach to task management with day planning.
  • Routine - this presents a hub for organizing tasks, calendar and even light notes too.

Motion AI

Motion uses AI to automatically plan your day based on your events, meetings, tasks and more. This bleeds into the calendar in Motion too.

Task Management

You only need this one app to manage everything you need from projects, to-dos, notes and teams.

Motion Calendar

Motion is a great way to manage your calendar and events, AI also rearranges your events to work best for you.

Looking for a mammoth Motion breakdown?

We've just finished one in video form so you can get all angles of Motion and whether it is the daily planner or project management software for you.

How Motion works

Understand Motion further

Is Motion like Notion?

No. Notion despite sharing a similar name to Motion is different. Motion offers a task management system with structure, whilst Notion is more sandbox offering lots of no-code abilities to create a workspace that suits you.

Why is Motion so expensive?

Motion is used by many VCs, time-poor and professionals that need a system that combines calendar and AI to save them time, hence there expensive price tag.

Is Motion Suitable for Personal Use

Yes, and no. It will work for personal use, but it is more suitable for advanced use at work, because if offers a higher price and more intense features suited for high paced environments, you're more than happy to use it in your personal practice if you need it.

How much funding does Motion have?

Accordingly to latest reports, $13.2M in funding is currently supporting Motion.

Is Motion good for teams too?

They do have a Motion for Teams which focuses more on the project management aspect of the management of your tasks, this is recently release and evolving as they launch.

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