Advanced task management, calendar scheduling & AI assistant - combining lightweight project management and solid tasks to help time-poor professionals save time.

What's good about Motion

What's good

  • AI Abilities
  • Complete Task Management
  • Calendars
What's not good about Motion

What's not good

  • Lack of integration

Motion Key Features

Motion Key feature #1

AI Assistance

Motion uses AI to automatically plan your day based on your events, meetings, tasks and more.

Motion Key feature #2

Task Management

You only need this one app to manage everything you need from projects, to-dos, notes and teams.

Motion Key feature #3


Motion is a great way to manage your calendar and events, AI also rearranges your events to work best for you.

What is Motion?

Motion is a more advanced task management system claiming abilities for tasks, calendars and “AI Assistants”. Motion has been gaining traction with those struggling to plan their day.

Much like Sunsama, Motion offers abilities to plan tasks but goes further by organizing the day for you, using your presets and smart AI abilities to learn about you each time.

Highly-priced, many people call this the tool for CEOs and executives, Motion comes in at $23 per month and changes per annual and monthly rates. But much like Sunsama offers daily planner-like abilities.

More recently, they have offered Motion for Teams - a more advanced tool for team calendars and task lists.

Key Features of Motion

These are some key features of Motion:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface for easy task management
  • Ability to create and organize tasks into projects and categories
  • Option to add notes, due dates, and reminders to tasks
  • Collaboration features for sharing tasks with team members and assigning tasks to individuals
  • Option to track time spent on tasks and generate reports
  • Customizable tags and filters for easy sorting and searching of tasks
  • Data backup and sync across devices using iCloud
  • Dark mode for improved visibility and reduced eye strain

Motion's Smarter Calendar

There are a few features in Motion that present good add-ons to your task management experience. This will be great for those who want to book meetings without leaving the task list and have them re-schedule or time block

  • Intelligent Calendar - Motion helps to re-arrange your calendar based on the busyness of your day, with meetings, presets you may have and your own tasks using time blocking to do this. They pride themselves on claiming AI does this, to help remove effort.
  • Intelligent Tasks - Same goes with tasks, Motion offers an ability to add tasks quickly, including their mobile app. Offering a set of inputs, that help them use presets to help prepare the to-do list for you. For example, add ASAP and it’ll rank it higher inside the list but takes your calendar into context too.

Is Motion Right for Me?

Motion is best suited for larger teams looking for something to take over their complete task and project management. Since you only need one application to do the job, time is saved, productivity us boosted, and Motion even claims to add an extra month to your year.

Motion is a more expensive option when it comes to the task management realm - but it does combine the intelligent calendar which can be managed with tools like Calendly & SoCal - it also presents more of a executive manager for your tasks too.

Alternatives to Motion are the likes of Akiflow, Sunsama and Todoist.

How Motion works

Understand Motion further

No. Notion despite sharing a similar name to Motion is different. Motion offers a task management system with structure, whilst Notion is more sandbox offering lots of no-code abilities to create a workspace that suits you.

Comparisons to Motion below

Alternatives to Motion

Asana featured image

Manage projects in one of the best all-round project management tools.

Todoist featured image

Manage all your tasks, build kanban boards and projects with this all-round task app.

Timestripe featured image

Manage your life mission with day tasks, week goals and even 5-year objectives.

Evernote featured image

A general all-around note-taking app, including light tasks and calendar abilities.

MeisterTask featured image

For easy, team-grade task management with a friendly feel for project planning.

Things 3 featured image

Manage tasks and projects with a beautiful, minimal to-do app that works with GTD.

Actions by Moleskine featured image

An easy to use, Moleskine Suite built task management app, with lists and search.

Notion featured image

An all-in-one workspaces for notes, projects, tasks, documents & lots more.

Akiflow featured image

Task manager designed to bring all tasks into one place, with a calendar alongside.

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