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Motion Review (2024)

Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Verdict

Motion is a well-known daily planner app designed to help keep you focused on tasks with an assistant-like approach to your tasks using the powers of AI, here's our in-depth review.

Motion App, Showing Tasks, Calendar & Meetings on Home

What is Motion app?

Motion is an AI-powered daily planner app that helps you organize your tasks, calendar events, and meetings all in one location.

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How does Motion app work?

Motion is a combination of tasks, events, projects & meetings bundled into one app and infused with AI technologies to organize better how you plan and coordinate tasks.

It allows you to add tasks, pipe in your calendar events, share scheduling links, and allow AI to choose the most suitable priorities to plan your time better. Instead of a traditional virtual assistant, it uses an AI algorithm that judges the importance of tasks and better aligns them in your week.

Motion works with Google Calendar (personal and work), Outlook Calendar & iCloud Calendar for connecting calendar management.

Motion: Features

What is Motion offering in terms of features for the average user and what they are good for in terms of day-to-day use cases for you:


Good for

Task Management

Motion offers task management for adding tasks and detailed priority, deadlines, and more. This comes with auto-scheduling which operates the plan for your week ahead.

Calendar Management

Connect up Google, Outlook & iCloud calendars for managing your incoming events. This helps to plan your tasks and calendar events next to each other.

Project Management

Motion comes with lightweight project management abilities, not only for you, but for sharing too meaning you can assign tasks and organize them into Kanban boards, list view, and with a tonne of filters, sorting, and settings.

AI Task Allocation

Auto-scheduling of tasks comes as part of Motion and allows you to schedule automatically any task added. The more detail you add to the task like priority, deadline, importance, and value - will better teach the AI assistant for planning tasks in the future.

Meeting Scheduling

A comprehensive meeting scheduling system in Motion makes it easy to send a booking link or maintain one that just is active all the time. There's a decent settings area that will allow you to customize this further based on factors around your other calendar & tasks.

Adding Task in Motion

Motion: Pros & Cons

There are lots of things to like and dislike about Motion app, let's unpack them as you think about it for your next planner experience whether that be for a project or an upcoming deadline you might have pinned in your diary:



Auto Scheduling

One of the best things about the AI inside of Motion is the focus on managing what's ahead. Auto-scheduling is a switch that you can turn on, per task, that will allow you to connect your task with the AI assistant to move it about dynamically. Over time, this will learn from you and better allocate the tasks and events in smarter placement.

Booking Meetings

One thing that Motion hasn't left behind is the ability to manage meetings. Of course, you see this in apps like Calendly, but the benefit is that it lives next to your events and task management all in one. It is also infused by the AI assistant allowing you to get smarter, more accurate planned meetings that best suit your plans.

Collaboration for Projects

Lightweight project management is something that Motion app users will enjoy if they work in a small team or collaborate on tasks with others. This is a great tool even for solo project planning meaning you can flip a task list into a Kanban view like you'd see in Trello and then into a calendar view for planning.

Used by over 10,000 highly productive people. Try with 7-day free trial

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Taking a look at some of the elements in our review of Motion app that we didn't quite like, will help you to better firm up your decision-making when establishing whether this is a tool for you or not. Here's our honest takes:




For many people, using AI is becoming a normality meaning that they can better use their brains for creative and problem-solving, versus just admin. But out of all of the task management solutions, Motion is one of the most aggressive in the use of AI, so this is something to be noted for those who aren't keen on using AI too much.

Pricier Plans

Compared to to-do list apps, Motion comes in as a tool 3-4x more expensive per month than those tools. Tools like Todoist will price themselves at $4 per month, billed annually, versus Motion app which bills more like $19 per month, annually. Something to note.

Why use Motion?

This daily planner app is a relatively new concept that allows you to organize much more than task management software like Todoist or TickTick. Coming with a calendar experience, many people are looking at these types of tools to bring together their calendars, tasks, and meeting planning in one location.

How much does Motion app cost?

Motion charges $19 per month (annual), or $34 per month (billed monthly).

Motion App Pricing, Cost High Price, February 2024, How much does Motion cost?

Is Motion free?

Motion has a 7-day free trial, but no free pricing plan.

Does Motion offer discounts?

There are a range of discounts for Motion including 7-day free trial.

Is Motion Worth It?

Motion is one of the more interesting task management options on the market.

Coming with a combination of task management that you'd get in apps like Todoist and then weaving it in with AI, calendar management, and some project management makes Motion interesting as an option for those seeking something in the middle ground of planning ahead. We'd recommend Motion for those who want something that plans for them, gives them a zoomed-out look at their planning, and has a bigger budget.

Motion reminds us of apps that help prioritize like Reclaim with AI but packs more punch than apps like Todoist and Things 3 for task management.

Motion, Project Management, List View

Should I get Motion?

Motion is much more designed for the busy professional. If that's you, Motion could be a healthy option for smarter task management, handling your calendar alongside, having your booking scheduling links housed in one, and sorting light projects.

For some, that makes the cost worth it as sometimes bringing those 4 apps in one place for an individual can cost between $10-$30 collectively, per month, in itself. If you're seeking some Motion alternatives, we have you covered.

Used by over 10,000 highly productive people. Try with 7-day free trial

Try Akiflow now for a 10x productivity boost

Is Motion good for project management?

Yes and no. Motion can be used with a small team of people. We'd recommend no more than 25 people, thanks to the nature of the application being a task management software, versus a project management software.

But Motion works well for smaller teams managing and assigning tasks, there's a feature for seeing what people are working on in your team so as not to intrude their schedules.

Motion AI

Motion uses AI to automatically plan your day based on your events, meetings, tasks and more. This bleeds into the calendar in Motion too.

Task Auto-Scheduling

You only need this one app to manage everything you need from projects, to-dos, notes, and teams. You can use auto-scheduling to re-organize your tasks.

Motion Calendar

Motion is a great way to manage your calendar and events, AI also rearranges your events to work best for you.

Motion App: Questions

Understanding Motion App: AI & Task Management

Does Motion work with Outlook Calendar?

Yes, you can connect Outlook Calendar.

Does Motion app make me more productive?

Motion works well to balance auto-scheduling and handling your tasks using that perspective, then Motion app is a good solution for your productivity.

Is Motion Suitable for Personal Use

Yes. It will work for personal use, but it is more suitable for advanced use at work because if offers a higher price and more intense features suited for high-paced environments, you're more than happy to use it in your personal practice if you need it.

How much funding does Motion have?

Accordingly to latest reports, $13.2M in funding is currently supporting Motion.

Is Motion good for teams?

Motion works well for individuals and very small teams of up to 20 we'd say. The tool is not designed for large teams, but it can help small teams handle tasks and projects using Kanban and lists work well for those who have lots of meetings too. Reclaim AI has similar functionality for team calendar management.

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