Project Management Apps

All Project Management Software for Teams (Free & Paid)

Unlock team productivity with better project management tools. This is our growing library of project management software designed to help your team manage, grow, collect and comment on all your team's most important workloads. Search our selection of project management tools for teams below.

HubPlanner is a project management tool specialising in resource management.

Height is a project management tool with many views and abilities with AI assist.

Centralise information and collaborate with your team in one place with Confluence.

Nozbe is a simple project management tool to manage work and life tasks.

Smartsuite is an all in one platform for businesses to manage projects. is a clever notes and tasks app with the power of AI.

SetApp allows you to pay a monthly price and use unlimited productivity apps.

Smartsheet uses workflows, dashboards and more for team project management.

Nifty is a project management app for teams, setting goals, and tracking processes. provides an all in one hub for creatives and client work.

Superthread is an all in one space for linking tasks and documents.

Everything you need for freelance productivity in one place with Honeybook.

Zoho Projects is an all in one project management system for teams. is for tracking and managing all areas of client based projects.

Hive project management is an all-in-one workspace for teams to work together.

Track and create gantt charts using GanttPRO and expand your project management.

TeamGantt is a free gantt chart application to provides project management too.

Bring every aspect of your project together in a visual thinker's workspace.

A different approach to project management with Basecamp using an easy interface.

Managing issues, sprints and product roadmap with this stunning project manager.

Perfect for managing projects and tasks with your yourself and team members.

Collaborate with your team remotely and share internal information efficiently.

Streamline projects, create automations and optimise utilisation for business.

A project management software with invoices, time tracking, timesheets & client logs.

A knowledge management based system with collaborative features and powerful search.

A knowledge base for teams to share notes, documents and more.

A collaborative task management application for organising and managing tasks.

A traditional project management application using AI assist to build workspaces.

A multiplayer way to manage team tasks, lists and increase productivity for teams.

Use boards, timelines, calendar and more to plan and manage projects with your team.

A place for all-in-one project management, great for smaller teams.

A no-code workspace for collaboration and organisation amongst teams.

All round project management software popular with multiple departments.

Wrike is a project management software popular with marketing & sales teams.

For easy, team-grade task management with a friendly feel for project planning.

AI to-do list app designed for busy professional with calendar & meeting planner.

Manage your projects, connect integrations and team's workspaces with no-code Coda.

Manage projects in one of the best all-round project management tools.

A daily planner application combining tasks, calendar and tasks from other apps.

A free-roaming creativity-based project management app for the visual thinkers.

Create interactive pages & components to organize your team inside Microsoft Loop.

An all-in-one workspaces for notes, projects, tasks, documents & lots more.