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Wrike is a project management software that helps teams to better manage their workspace and projects. To be honest, Wrike is more traditional in looks but packs a lot of functionality and features within the experience to better serve all team types.

What is Wrike and who's it for?

Wrike is a project management application that comes on a range of devices it houses a better way for your team to manage projects with views like table, board, gantt and a fair few features like resource management, AI assistance with tasks & blueprints for template.

Managing Your Table in Wrike, Planning Tasks, Projects

Wrike is more traditional in looks but offers an array of features that seems popular with teams in sales and marketing thanks to the nature of the proofing function of up to 30 different file types and granular detail on each image and file too. A favourite amongst marketing teams whilst the time log, resource allocation is popular with management staff but also with sales teams looking to get the most from their team and client chasing.

Wrike is an interesting offering for project management, here's our pros & cons.

Wrike Pros

Here's a few of the best bits of Wrike and what it offers:

Wrike Gantt Chart Feature Example
  • Views - Despite the more classic and traditional look, Wrike brings a good amount of views from table, gantt, dashboards, reports, resource management, boards plus more.
  • Integrations Offering - There's a selection of integrations that work two-way and one-way too allowing you to bring the power of other tools like Miro, Microsoft Teams and Slack - and more - into Wrike or use Wrike in those tools a more synced nature.
  • Gantt Chart Classic View - Surprisingly the gantt view is super old school in the sense that the gantt chart works like the traditional setups, perfect for those looking to follow the former system of planning tasks in a timeline.
  • Personal Workspace - Most project management software are adding this but there's a place to create a space for your own workload. Something people might want to allocate their own personal task management in their team too to reduce tool switching.

Wrike Cons

Here's some of the elements we didn't like in Wrike:

  • Learning & Setup - It did take some time to get used to where everything is inside of Wrike, the power it offers is good, but the vast amount of features from recurring tasks, to templates, to time log took time to get used to.

Wrike Verdict

Wrike presents a well-built, project management tool designed for a wide use case.

Managing Dashboards within Wrike, Widget Dashboards in Project Management

Marketing agencies and sales teams will really like the features within Wrike as it offers a not-so-complex set-up and design, perfect for those sorts of teams who need a reliable project management tool versus the most advanced set-ups you see in ClickUp and monday.com. There's so much in Wrike but the design almost hides a lot of features and overcomplicates a lot of it compared to other tools listed above.

Wrike has been around for a long-time and co-owns other tools too.

Wrike Alternatives

Okay, Wrike might or might not be for you, here's a few Wrike alternatives:

  • ClickUp - similar to Wrike in offering an array of features but with better templates.
  • monday.com - less education needed and packs up the product into department use.
  • Hive - similar with less features and more focus on chat and team communication.

We have plenty of project management software on Tool Finder, so we'll help you find one.

Dashboard Widgets

If you and your team are looking for dashboards that can be customised. Wrike Business Plan gives you widgets to build a dashboard view to your liking.

Resource Management

Overloading your team? Wrike has resource management features that help you and the team to see how much is on each other's plates, perfect for managers.

Image & File Proofing

A neat image and video proofing process - perfect for marketing agencies to review assets uploaded to Wrike - with granular detail.

Inside Wrike

Let's take a look into Wrike and the experiences it offers within:

Expaneded: Wrike Features

Here is an overview of the most important features of Wrike:

  • Tasks: Create, assign, and prioritize tasks with due dates and custom statuses.
  • Timelines: Visualize project progress and adjust deadlines using Gantt charts.
  • Collaboration: Communicate, share files, and discuss project details with team.
  • Dashboards: Monitor project progress and KPIs using customizable dashboards.
  • Time Tracking: Log and analyze work hours with built-in time tracking.
  • Integrations: Integrate seamlessly with apps like Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce...
  • Resources: Allocate resources and track team workload for optimal productivity.
  • Mobile App: Access projects and tasks on the go with mobile apps.
  • Compliance: Ensure robust security with role-based access control & compliance.

How Wrike Works

Understanding Wrike further

Who owns Wrike?

The owners of project management tool Wrike are Citrix systems - a US-based cloud-computing service. They bought Wrike for over $2B in 2021 - exact amount: $2.3B in cash.

Wrike or ClickUp?

Wrike a better, focused experience for marketing and sales project management whereas ClickUp is called the all-rounder solution for building your own set-up. Some people do find Wrike more understandable from day one, whereas ClickUp offers lots of features and more of confusing first start to using the tool thanks to the amount to offer.

What Wrike features are good for marketing?

You can comment on pictures, manage campaigns, track resources as a marketing manager and track marketing spend and analytics all in one view. This is one of the most specialised, all-round project management apps for marketing and sales teams.

Is Wrike expensive?

Wrike is priced around the same as many of the other project management tools, tailored for marketing agencies and sales departments for their project needs, Wrike has pricing scaling from free to $25 per person, typical of other project management tools.

How does proofing work in Wrike?

Proofing in Wrike is a hit with marketing and sales teams because it allows them to leave comments on images and assets across their Wrike storage, ideal for approval on images for social to videos for launches. A hit with marketing teams alike.

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