Best Project Management Software for Marketing Teams

Best Marketing Project Management Software

Are you in a marketing team and looking for a rocking project management software that everyone just get? Here are some of the best project management software best suited to fill the needs for marketing-based projects and collaboration.

Best Project Management Software for Marketing Teams

Here's the list in no particular order of the best marketing project management software.

  • Wrike - Good approval feature for images and in-depth analytics.
  • Asana - Uses timelines and good collaboration commenting features.
  • ClickUp - An all-round, general app with flexible use.
  • - Another in-depth app with great reports and dashboards.
  • Hive - A good simple general-use marketing software for teams.
  • Teamwork - Great for client work and marketing strategies.

There are tons of project management software applications, but which are best for marketing purposes? To save time looking around we have gathered some of the best applications for collaboration, files, dashboards, general use and more.

1. Wrike: Great for Marketing/Social Media Approvals

Wrike is an all-in-one project management platform to help streamline workflows, collaborate, manage projects and improve productivity and growth within the team.

With Wrike you can create custom workflows to suit your business and team's needs, you can also use different views like Gantt and board to manage tasks and assign team members to tasks. Wrike also has a great image approval feature inside the application, so you can leave comments, edit and approve final images and designs.

Best Project Management Software, Wrike

Why Wrike is Good For Marketing Teams

Wrike is a great choice for marketing teams looking for project management software.

  • Real-time collaborative planning and communication across teams.
  • Ready-made marketing templates to help teams get started with projects.
  • Integrate with other favourite productivity tools for a better workflow.
  • Customisable request forms to create new campaigns, assign tasks and more.
  • Make the most of productivity and ROI with automation.

2. Asana: Great for Timeline Planning

Asana is another project management platform with a really nice, calm interface, but its also holds tons of features and abilities to help teams work together and manage tasks and projects in one space.

Asana allows you to collaborate across teams to work on ideas, brainstorming, tasks and much more, great for marketing teams to reach out to others. You can also use different views such as list, gantt chart and board to see who is doing what task. Overall, Asana is a great tool for teams thanks to collaboration, automation and focus on what's important.

Asana, Project Launches View, Project Management Software

Why Asana is Good For Marketing Teams

Asana is especially great for marketing teams working on projects for these reasons.

  • Align campaigns with goals to track the progress of a project.
  • View different reports and timelines within the dashboard for an overview.
  • Automatically share updates across teams and to stakeholders.
  • Share designs and feedback in one place for proofing within the team.
  • Integrate with other productivity tools for your workflow.

3. ClickUp: Great Flexible Use

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management with tons of flexible abilities when it comes to creating a workflow best suited for you and your team. You can manage tasks, teams, projects, messages and more with ClickUp.

Create separate spaces for the different teams working on the project. For example, you can have a space for the marketing team. Inside their space, they have all the tools and views they need to work on their side of the project. With ClickUp you can also write and create documents, use the whiteboard to brainstorm ideas, and create a customised dashboard to see the stats that matter to you.

ClickUp 3.0 Preview

Why is ClickUp Good For Marketing Teams?

ClickUp is a great tool for marketing teams, here are some features it has to offer.

  • Use ClickUp AI to create campaigns, content, emails and more super fast.
  • Connect roadmaps to tasks so everyone can see information in one space.
  • Collaborate in real-time in documents, whiteboards and proofing.
  • See timelines and tasks in different views for full transparency.
  • Track everything at a glance with dashboards and data analytics.
  • Use templates to get started with marketing plans.

4. Great for Dashboard Metric Visualisations allows teams to shape their own workflow and workspaces to suit their team's needs. You can use different views and dashboards to see reports, data, track progress, see where teams are working, see what needs to be done and much more. is great for marketing teams because it allows you to manage everything you need in one place whilst working alongside the rest of the team, making it easier to collaborate and communicate across the board.

Overall, helps entire teams reach goals, track progress and work together in one space with linked data and reports to stay on top of projects.

Managing Dashboards in, Project Management Tools

Why is Good For Marketing Teams? is especially great for marketing teams, here's some of its features.

  • Work internally and externally to set goals and create a strategy to achieve them.
  • Plan projects and assign team members to tasks in one place.
  • View progress, reports and data with different views and in the dashboard.
  • Make sure deliverables are ready on time with timelines and budget plans.
  • Add integrations to speed up the workflow and manage time, messages and more.

5. Hive: Great for All Round Use & Communication

Hive is a project management platform great for hybrid work and remote use. This makes it easier for out-of-office teams to collaborate and manage projects together, without actually having to be together.

Use different views such as Kanban and list to see all tasks, who is working on what and the progress of the project. You can also set goals to help visualise and track progress and use different colours to create a bird's eye view of what's going on.

Hive is also useful for marketing teams because all the tools you need are in one place. You can plan, track build calendars, collaborate and more with your team to fulfil your marketing needs.

Hive Project Management application for hybrid teams.

How Does Hive Work For Marketing Teams?

Hive is a great place for marketing teams to work together, here's why.

  • You can plan and track all marketing activities including timelines and issue alerts.
  • Automate campaigns and reminders to save time and keep the work flowing.
  • Collaborate in real-time with internal and external teams with chat.
  • Create content calendars to help organise plans and ideas.
  • Use tailored dashboards for business needs and resource management.

6. Great for Marketing Strategies

Teamwork is great for operations control and client work by providing an all-in-one space to manage projects, tasks and communication. You can find the best people for the job instantly, manage client needs and see everything at a glance to speed up processes.

Teamwork also offers ways of tracking progress and stats, making sure you are on track and haven't missed a thing. You can track time and budgets to make sure you stay in line.

Finally, Teamwork is great for marketing teams because it helps with campaigns, content creation and development, collaboration and strategies. project overview and tracking.

Why is Teamwork Great For Marketing Teams?

Teamwork is especially great for marketing teams, here's a few reasons why.

  • Teamwork allows you to automate processes and workflows to save time.
  • Break down strategy plans into achievable, smaller tasks.
  • Repeat your most used processes with task lists, and to see them all in view.
  • Give clients access to progress and collaboration features for full transparency.
  • Use data from previous projects to create steps for new projects.