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Asana App Review

Detailed Review of Asana: Best Features, Pricing & More

Asana is one of the most loved project management applications makes it a hit with product, designers and marketing teams alike thanks to its simple nature.

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What is Asana?

Asana is a powerful and intuitive all-around project management platform designed to help teams of all sizes stay organized and on track. With its user-friendly interface and robust set of features, Asana makes it easy to manage projects, collaborate with team members, and track progress towards goals.

One of the standout features of Asana is its ability to create and manage projects. The range of views and all-round practicality of Asana makes it easy for almost anyone, we typically recommend this alongside say Trello - as a superb all-round project manager that almost everyone gets on with.

Asana integrations allow for a streamlined process, and an easy way to move an entire team over to a new platform, all whilst still using your favourite apps and tools. Collaboration inside Asana makes it easy to keep track of who is responsible for what and ensures that everyone stays on the same page.

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Best Features of Asana

Here are some of the features of Asana, the project management tool:

1. Tasks and Assignments

You can create detailed tasks with Asana, just add a new task and format that task with bullet points, tables, notes and lists, this helps the team members working on the task understand it better.

You can also attach files and or embed links into the task, also to assist the team when completing the task. Set due dates or a date range to give an idea of when it needs to be done and of course, assign tasks to members of the team.

You can then create subtasks from larger tasks to break them down further. A cool feature is to then identify which tasks need other tasks to be completed first and which tasks have priority. Add milestone tasks and streamline the approval process by letting rejections and changes come through easily.

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2. Project Views and Templates

You can use a huge range of project views with Asana to help you visualise tasks and workflows better to create a more dynamic way of managing tasks and team members.

Use views such as Kanban Board, Timeline, Calendar, Gantt and List to organise tasks. You can then click on tasks to see more information or click and drag them around the view to move around and re-organise.

You can also get started quickly with Asana by using templates to kickstart project planning or even meeting notes and reviews.

3. Team Collaboration

Asana allows you to collaborate smoothly with your team, including messaging, assigning tasks and giving the whole team updates when things change.

You can collaborate on boards and lists by seeing who is in charge of what task, you can also communicate inside task views to ask questions, receive updates and send files to each other.

Overall, Asana is a good place to keep everyone in the loop with tasks, and what is going on and even share team goals and track progress together.

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4. Progress Tracking

Moving into progress tracking, Asana has tons of ways to track progress and make sure the project is moving smoothly.

You can track company-wide goals and see which tasks and projects are linked to them and who is working on them. You can also see the progress of each goal by percentage to see how far or how close you are to reaching it.

Use tools like reporting dashboards to see where your team is at in real time regarding projects and tasks, you can view this as a chart and see useful insights.

Best Place to Learn Asana

There are a few different courses. One we'd recommend exploring is by Paul Minors - an Asana Solutions Partner - using TOOLFINDER to get 10% off his course. Alternatively, there's Up Level by the wonderful Louise Henry.

Asana Pricing

Let's take a look at how much Asana costs to use and upgrade.

How Much Does Asana Cost?

Asana has three pricing options, Personal, Starter and Advanced. Let's take a deeper look into what you get with each one.

  • Personal = Free - Best for small teams and individuals to manage projects and tasks. You can collaborate with up to 10 teammates, and have tons of unlimited abilities such as unlimited file storage, tasks, projects, messages and more. Overall, you get quite a lot with the free version of Asana.
  • Starter = $11.59 - Have everything you get in personal along with extras such as the ability to collaborate with up to 500 teammates, and a range of views unlocked such as timeline and Gantt view. You also unlock the ability to use forms and automation.
  • Advanced = $25.69 - Now with advanced you get everything in the other two packages along with goals, time tracking, proofing, approvals, forms branching and customisation and a whole lot more.

Overall, the pricing for Asana may seem like a lot per month however there are lots of features unlocked and abilities then available. That being said, the Personal plan may be good enough for individual use and to get started with the app.

Final Verdict of Asana

Asana is a great all-around tool.

We typically recommend it, like Trello, for all general situations when teams are looking for a solid all-round project management experience but want something fairly easy to get going, with a friendly nature and plenty of integrations.

Asana Timeline View for Campaign Launch, Dependencies.

Asana is one of the OG productivity tools too, so it has a good record of success with teams. Asana integrations also make it a great choice for teams wanting to combine tools and applications to streamline their experience.

Who is Asana For?

Asana is best for teams of people who want a better and more structured way to manage their tasks and projects in one space. Asana also has pretty much everything a team would need to manage team members, projects, tasks and workflows.

You may want to already have some knowledge of navigating a space like Asana otherwise it may seem quite overwhelming. It will take a little while to get the hang of all the features and abilities available inside the app.

Overall, Asana is great for teams of any size to manage entire projects and team members with features to support goal tracking, workflow management and automation.

Best Alternatives to Asana

Asana alternatives include the likes of Trello, Wrike & ClickUp.


Managing your upcoming campaigns on a gantt like view helps to see a project from start to finish more easily.


With their long-standing nature, Asana integrations offer an outstanding track history of working with quality-built integrations.


A great all-round project management experience for managing your projects - tasks, comments and views are all fantastic in Asana.

Asana: Project Management App

Understanding Asana further

Should I Choose Trello or Asana?

Ford or Hyundai? Trello and Asana are fairly similar with different functions. We'd typically recommend Asana for more general, marketing, sales and non-technical teams - whilst Trello presents a handful of good features for those teams and technical teams too.

What does Asana have to do with Facebook?

Good question. Asana was founded by Dustin Moskovitz - he left Facebook in 2008 to create Asana with a co-founder. Small world!

What have Asana released recently?

What's new with Asana is a classic YouTube channel and playlist here. It's brilliant for keeping updated with what Asana add.

How long has Asana been around?

Launched in 2008, that makes this all round project management tool; Asana coming up to 20 years old in 2028.

Does Asana have any AI/automation features?

AI features are currently in early preview at Asana, yet to be fully released. The main automation features inside of Asana live in integrations and also in Asana's feature "Workflow" allowing you to automate processes per board you create.

Perfect for saving and automating pre-defined workflows.

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