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RemNote Review

A comprehensive review of RemNote: Features, Pricing & Alternatives

RemNote is a perfect note taking tool for capturing notes, creating flashcards and developing healthy study habits and spaced repetition to memorize important notes.

RemNote - For Student Notes

What is RemNote?

RemNote describes itself as all-in-one tool for thinking and learning, but in essence RemNote is a note-taking application perfect for students, researchers and those looking to use flashcards to remember important things, notes or for exam preparation.

RemNote has grown an audience of over 750,000 students using it for managing their notes into notebooks, creating quality notes and then using those notes to convert into flashcards that they can implement spaced repetition methodology, a system designed to optimise better long-term learning recommended by folks like Ali Abdaal.

RemNote for Students, Managing Your Notes & Flashcards

RemNote allows you to take notes, daily notes, flashcards, documents and organize them folders within the workspace. You can save PDFs and web articles using RemNote and it allows you to expand your library of notes for saving the important ideas and thoughts.

RemNote is quite feature heavy making it a good balance between a notes app and the more modern approach to note-taking, personal knowledge management software.

Is RemNote good for students?

Yes, RemNote is designed really for students to better manage their notes and optimising for better notes in classes, for research and using for recalling most important note for later. Meaning it probably comes in comparison with OneNote and Evernote for students.

Best RemNote Features for Students

There's a fair few features in RemNote making it a powerhouse of lots of great features for students and even the more advanced note-taking app users alike, here's our best bits:

How to use Flashcard, Recall, RemNote

1. RemNote Flashcards

Flashcards in RemNote are the real gem of RemNote allowing students to turn notes into flashcards. But how does flashcards work in RemNote? Let's explore. Apparently it takes less then 0.5 of a second to create a flashcard in RemNote, all you need to do is with a piece of content or inside a note - hit ">>" and then the answer will be converted into a flashcard.

Now, there's no limit to how many flashcards you can add to your notes, but image flashcards come under the RemNote Pro account, something to note. This feature is superb for students wanting easy flashcard creation. This is a great alternative to applications like Anki that are more old-fashioned in their approach to flashcards.

Flashcards really don't take that long to learn and RemNote offer a way to onboard that saves you time learning it in a safe place (as not to mess up your class notes).

How to download RemNote?

2. All Devices and Offline Access

This is one of the special elements of RemNote making it rival the likes of Notion - that doesn't have a fully formed offline function as of this review. You can download RemNote on all devices like macOS and Windows including Linux, iOS and Android for better on the go note-taking. Using the service offline is perfect for those lecture theatres that are lacking in quality Wi-Fi or even the on the go capture of notes. RemNote even has a "Web Clipper" that allows you to bring together notes by clipping them on Google Chrome.

The fact that RemNote has Linux makes it one of the few applications that focuses on building Linux applications - this is one of the specialist platforms.

PDF abilities in RemNote

3. PDF Connection & Annotation

PDF access is a perfect way to house Word, PDFs and Powerpoint files into notes. You can then go into these and annotate them, leaving highlights for quick access. Now the pain is that there's a limit to how many you can actually connect up in the free RemNote plan, but the Pro for RemNote unlocks this all.

This annotation looks great and works awesomely to give that layer for student productivity - for when a lecturer or staff member gives you some documentation, you can keep them housed very closely with your notes for the optimal, most organized setup. You might look like a champion and nerd, but hey!

Personally at university, I used to love doing this with Evernote - connecting PDFs and PowerPoints to notes and then sharing those notes with class members who weren't able to attend (or had better plans like sleeping) - this helped keep everything in one place.

4. Unlimited Notes in Free Plan

Free plan in RemNote is ideal for getting started building out your note library inside of RemNote. Whilst there's some limits to the abilities you have, the fact that you can add more and more notes (or rems) is a brilliant feature for students saving time and effort. Rems help you to better recall and this is perfect for exporting for later or importing from other applications too.

Creating a Daily Note in RemNote

5. Daily notes is part of RemNote

Daily notes which allow you to take notes each day. Popular in tools like Craft and Reflect Notes, this feature can help you to better organize your day ahead and you could use it for tasks, notes for notes, or even journal writing.

This is an ideal experience for hosting RemNote as your everything note-taking application which many people end up continuing to use it past university or college.

What We Didn't Like About RemNote

Some elements of RemNote might not be right for you.

1. Learning Curve

Whilst RemNote is an investment of your time. Learning it actually is something that does take some time. Much like apps like Obsidian and Logseq, the concept of bi-directional links and connecting notes up isn't basic, it might take some time to learn and quite frankly a lot of students want simplicity when using productivity tools.

This is probably on par with the learning of Notion (the education needed to optimise) but with Notion there's so many more tutorials and students using it which makes it much more approachable in comparison with learning it alongside studies in college or university.

2. Obsidian is super free

Obsidian is a real competitive tool in this area. You can get Obsidian for free and use the majority of the features minus flashcards in this application. Again, Obsidian will take a lot of your time to learn maybe a little more than RemNote but as a student many look to save some money and this could be a better time investment.

This doesn't take away from the experience RemNote have made and they have really tailored the community and experience to the students trying to take notes and capture the important bits. There's no taking away from that.

RemNote Pricing

Okay, so how much does RemNote actually cost? Let's explore.

How much does RemNote cost?

RemNote pricing isn't too bad for students. RemNote charges $10 per month (billed annually) that gives you access to most features. RemNote Pro unlocks the more PDF, image, tables and grander features like graph view. The free RemNote pricing offers a decent set of features which less limits than we thought initially.

How much does RemNote cost? RemNote Pricing

This is perfect if you're looking to start invest in your studies and want a one stop base for everything (PhD and Master students). RemNote pricing offers three core plans: free, Pro and Life-Long Learner. Pro is the best for ongoing use and Life-long learn will give you the best bang for your buck if you're committing to it for managing your notes.

RemNote: Final Thoughts

RemNote is best suited for students, or anyone looking to create a knowledge-based system to help with learning a new topic or subject.

Flashcard Home in RemNote

RemNote uses spaced repetition to support learning and remembering information so it will be popular with anyone resurfacing notes they want to help remember for a dedicated purpose (exam, test, recall). You can also create flashcards, endless notes, and anything else a student may need to fulfil their note-taking needs.

Is RemNote any good?

Yes, RemNote is reliable and fast. Comes with great features and for the free plan a decent offering that any student should consider when bringing those notes in one place.

If you are a student, have some budget, and open to learning new tools - I'd say this is probably, if not, one of the best note-taking applications out there for students to adopt and learn right now. If you're trying to shy away from the Notion hype too.

Best RemNote Alternatives

There's not many student focused note taking applications, RemNote does offer a decent array of tools for students and with flashcards it does rival the likes of Anki.

  • Evernote - another more traditional tool with ability to add tasks and calendar
  • Obsidian - you could build a strong note layout inside of Obsidian like RemNote
  • Logseq - similar to Obsidian with great features for note linking and with flashcards

What's the best RemNote alternative then?

Obsidian is the best RemNote alternative but not specialist to students to you'd have to build your own experience to get here.

Spaced Repetition

Create a network of notes inside RemNote, from here you can use the spaced repetition method to better understand a topic and learn something new.


Students love to use RemNote to create flashcards to help with studying. You can use space repetition to help master them.


RemNote is available on all devices and can be accessed whenever you need it. Perfect for taking notes everywhere.

How to Make FlashCards in RemNote?

Flashcards are the best bit of RemNote for students, it helps them get organized and prepared for all important exams. So the best bits of Flashcards is you can get a breakdown of how many you've done and set goals too.

Study Goals in RemNote

How do you create RemNote flashcards?

Inside of RemNote, you go to a note. Open the note and type the question. Maybe something like "Who founded Tool Finder?" and then type ">>" and the back of the card will pop up, this is where you have to add the answer "Karl and Francesco".

Creating a Flashcard in RemNote

Perfect. You can now create a one way flashcard in RemNote, here's a fantastic tutorial to see how you can build more of these flashcards in RemNote.

When is RemNote coming to iOS?

RemNote is already on iOS and Android - making it great for mobile devices.

RemNote: Anki Alternative for Flashcards

For RemNote, you can use flashcards (as of July 2023) unlimited times within the free plan along with unlimited note-taking too, perfect for students taking plenty of class notes.

Let's unpack the flashcards ability designed for those conquering study goals or recalling the notes that matter most for you. This is an important part of RemNote but not vital so an optional experience as per using for note-taking purposes. There's also an enhanced dashboard which allows you to calculate flashcard score.

How to use RemNote

Here's one of the best tutorial on the web for exploring RemNote and organize yourself more effectively with RemNote:

How RemNote Works

Understanding RemNote further

Is RemNote exclusively for students?

No. It has so many great features like pages, graph view and a smashing design that can be used by more advanced PKM note-taking folks out there.

Is Cajun Koi Academy affiliated with RemNote?

Michael Kenny and Matt both are one of the four founders of RemNote but now focus their time on Cajun Koi Academy on YouTube.

Where was RemNote founded?

With four founders, the origins of RemNote begin at MIT.

Does RemNote have a web clipper?

Yes on Chrome, you can download the RemNote Web Clipper for clipping into your account via the Chrome Web Store.

Can you buy forever plan with RemNote?

Yes, $300 to become a lifelong learner. This is a one-off payment giving you lifetime pro access, with 5 years of cloud storage.

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