What is RemNote?

RemNote describes itself as all-in-one tool for thinking and learning, but in essence RemNote is a note-taking application perfect for students, researchers and those looking to use flashcards to remember important things, notes or for exam preparation.

RemNote allows you to take notes, daily notes, flashcards, documents and organize them folders within the workspace. You can save PDFs and web articles using RemNote and it allows you to expand your library of notes for saving the important ideas and thoughts.

The Best Features of RemNote

Let's explore all the features inside of RemNote that make it special and make it one of the better student note-taking application designed for remembering and recalling notes.

  • Create and take notes on the go
  • Connect notes together with "rems"
  • Smart Flashcards for effective recall and remembering
  • Capture PDFs and web articles for later
  • Offline note-taking with RemNote
  • Command bar for finding notes and more
  • Import notes into RemNote from other note-taking apps
  • Unlimited free plan for note-taking

Students will find this note-taking one of the best on the market for taking notes, capturing important PDFs and documents and recalling them with flashcards.

RemNote: Anki Alternative for Flashcards

For RemNote, you can use flashcards (as of July 2023) unlimited times within the free plan along with unlimited note-taking too, perfect for students taking plenty of class notes.

Let's unpack the flashcards ability designed for those conquering study goals or recalling the notes that matter most for you. This is an important part of RemNote but not vital so an optional experience as per using for note-taking purposes.

Each Rem you take in RemNote allows you to turn it into a flashcard and use space repetition to help remember them using prompts like "forgetten", "recall partially" and more. This is ideal for students taking exams for resurfacing notes you can't quiet conquer whilst still retaining a note-taking process and system that is tucked in RemNote.

There's also an enhanced dashboard which allows you to calculate flashcard success.

Who is RemNote Best Suited For?

RemNote is best suited for students, or anyone looking to create a knowledge-based system to help with learning a new topic or subject. RemNote uses spaced repetition to support learning and remembering information so it will be popular with anyone resurfacing notes they want to help remember for a dedicated purpose (exam, test, recall).

You can also create flashcards, endless notes, and anything else a student may need to fulfil their note-taking needs.

RemNote alternatives include Evernote, Obsidian and Logseq with Logseq being the closest in nature with the ability to take flashcards in Logseq.

Spaced Repetition

Create a network of notes inside RemNote, from here you can use the spaced repetition method to better understand a topic and learn something new.


Students love to use RemNote to create flashcards to help with studying. You can use space repetition to help master them.


RemNote is available on all devices and can be accessed whenever you need it. Perfect for taking notes everywhere.

How RemNote Works

Understanding RemNote further

Is RemNote exclusively for students?

No. It has so many great features like pages, graph view and a smashing design that can be used by more advanced PKM note-taking folks out there.

Is Cajun Koi Academy affiliated with RemNote?

Michael Kenny and Matt both are one of the four founders of RemNote but now focus their time on Cajun Koi Academy on YouTube.

Where was RemNote founded?

With four founders, the origins of RemNote begin at MIT.

Does RemNote have a web clipper?

Yes on Chrome, you can download the RemNote Web Clipper for clipping into your account via the Chrome Web Store.

Can you buy forever plan with RemNote?

Yes, $300 to become a lifelong learner. This is a one-off payment giving you lifetime pro access, with 5 years of cloud storage.

Alternatives to RemNote

Comparisons in the productivity realm

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Built for networked thought for connecting ideas, taking notes and thoughts.

Easy-to-use, well-designed networked thought tool growing in popularity.

A general all-around note-taking app, including light tasks and calendar abilities.

Locally stored tool for managing notes, ideas and thoughts - a fan favourite.

Logseq is a networked thought notes app with graph, backlinks & more.

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