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RemNote Review (2024)

Pros, Cons, Features & Verdict

RemNote is popular with students for their note-taking abilities and ability to create flashcards for deeper learning, but is it your next note-taking application? Let's see.

RemNote, New Note for Students

What is RemNote?

RemNote is a note-taking application popular with students looking to revise and study for exams. Features include flashcards, PDF annotation, and bi-directional linking seen as common in PKM apps.

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.

How does RemNote work?

RemNote works by allowing you to create notes, also known as "Rems", to build up revision notes, ideas, and research into one place.

RemNote - New Note, Introduction to Biology

As a note-taking application, you can use RemNote to connect notes, create tables, create flashcards, and build your notes with linked notes for better and smarter revision. RemNote is typically used by students for this very reason. Notes aren't the only thing you can add to your RemNote, you can add PDFs and files and then later (in premium) use these to highlight, add notes, and mark up allowing you a side-by-side study companion.

Think of RemNote as the most advanced note-taking app for students. This is probably the best way to describe how RemNote works.

RemNote Features

Here are the best features of RemNote for students and note-takers:


Helpful for

Advanced Note-Taking

RemNote presents itself as a powerful note-taking app that doesn't have to solely be used by students. Connecting notes (or rems) will allow you to order them and reference them within the text to build stronger relationships between notes. This works for those using PKM and students for bridging gaps between notes.

Daily Notes

Perfect not only for task lists for the day but a place to journal as you go across your week. Connect up notes and bring in note references to make these daily notes stronger. Daily notes in RemNote remind us a lot of Craft that allows you to create them in a similar style.

PDF Annotation

This ability to annotate PDFs is fantastic. Allowing you to leave notes inside of the PDF itself and connect anything related in your RemNote too. Perfect for highlighting and on desktop easy to use and has side-by-side as you study.

File Uploads

Connect files to your notes meaning better and more in-depth rems can be made in your account. Easily access them at the top of each of your notes making it great for saving PPTs, slides, or email threads saved in an exportable format.

RemNote - Backlink References

RemNote Pros

The best bits of using RemNote have to be focused on the students:



Flashcards analytics

The ability to create flashcards is easy to do inside of RemNote, but there are more powers as part of flashcards in the form of analytics (see image below). You can get a breakdown of success with the flashcards you're practicing and taking. The amount of data you get is incredible.

Unlimited notes & flashcards

Accessing notes is unlimited which means you'll have no issues creating and adding them which is sometimes a worry, some apps like Supernotes block access after 100 cards so having this helps. The real magic is the access to unlimited flashcards which gives you the ability to create and manage all of them in your account with no limits.

Offline access

Using RemNote offline is something a lot of people praise. Although it can be a bit laggy sometimes on open, this application does have an advance to apps like Notion which lack full offline access.

RemNote Flashcards Analytics

RemNote Cons

Here are some of the elements we didn't like about RemNote:



Sometimes laggy

We noticed loading up a few times and from some forums that with larger databases or even smaller-sized knowledge bases, RemNote did take between 2-3 seconds to load up.

Hidden features & abilities

Without taking the tutorials, sometimes a lot of the features in RemNote are hidden away and sometimes missed. Like the ability to reference flashcards inside of notes (rems) in the account which is a very nice feature to have.

The graph view is locked

For those looking to see relationships between notes as a PKM user, the graph view unlike Logseq and Obsidian is locked from freemium.

Pro Feature Access Only for Graph View in RemNote

How much does RemNote cost?

RemNote starts from $10 per month. Discounts are available to annual users.

For more advanced users or those happy with RemNote, there is a life-long access to RemNote meaning you can get hold of it for $395 forever.

RemNote Pricing

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.

Verdict: Is RemNote worth it?

If you're looking for an advanced note-taking app for student use, RemNote is that.

PDF Annotation in RemNote

RemNote is a combination of Evernote and Obsidian with a student focus. With unlimited notes, unlimited flashcards, and some more powerful PDF abilities for those more intense researchers or students, this is one of, the best, student note-taking apps on the market.

Inside of RemNote, there are some smaller hiccups. Like the load speed, which we found to be a tad slower than other tools, and the lack of PKM abilities like graph mode unlocked at the freemium level, all these things weren't too much of a worry as a whole.

RemNote - For Student Notes

If you're studying for an exam and need flashcards, with no limits, RemNote is a perfect tool for that. If you want to host notes for free in a friendly tool, same again. For non-students, RemNote is still good, but probably more suitable for those who use PDFs a lot or commonly use flashcards and want something more minimal.

Is RemNote any good?

Yes, RemNote is reliable and fast. Comes with great features and for the free plan a decent offering that any student should consider when bringing those notes in one place.

If you are a student, have some budget, and are open to learning new tools - I'd say this is probably, if not, one of the best note-taking applications out there for students to adopt and learn right now. If you're trying to shy away from the Notion hype too.

Is RemNote good for students?

Yes, RemNote is designed really for students to better manage their notes and optimize for better notes in classes, for research, and for recalling the most important note for later. Meaning it probably comes in comparison with OneNote and Evernote for students.

Spaced Repetition

Create a network of notes inside RemNote, from here you can use the spaced repetition method to better understand a topic and learn something new.


Students love to use RemNote to create flashcards to help with studying. You can use space repetition to help master them.


RemNote is available on all devices and can be accessed whenever you need it. Perfect for taking notes everywhere.

How to Make FlashCards in RemNote?

Flashcards are the best bit of RemNote for students, it helps them get organized and prepared for all important exams. So the best bits of Flashcards is you can get a breakdown of how many you've done and set goals too.

Study Goals in RemNote

How do you create RemNote flashcards?

Inside of RemNote, you go to a note. Open the note and type the question. Maybe something like "Who founded Tool Finder?" and then type ">>" and the back of the card will pop up, this is where you have to add the answer "Karl and Francesco".

Creating a Flashcard in RemNote

Perfect. You can now create a one way flashcard in RemNote, here's a fantastic tutorial to see how you can build more of these flashcards in RemNote.

When is RemNote coming to iOS?

RemNote is already on iOS and Android - making it great for mobile devices.

RemNote: Anki Alternative for Flashcards

For RemNote, you can use flashcards (as of July 2023) unlimited times within the free plan along with unlimited note-taking too, perfect for students taking plenty of class notes.

Let's unpack the flashcards ability designed for those conquering study goals or recalling the notes that matter most for you. This is an important part of RemNote but not vital so an optional experience as per using for note-taking purposes. There's also an enhanced dashboard which allows you to calculate flashcard score.

How to use RemNote

Here's one of the best tutorial on the web for exploring RemNote and organize yourself more effectively with RemNote:

Understand RemNote Further

Questions & Answers on RemNote

Can I use RemNote without being a student?

Yes, RemNote is available for everyone. It offers some great abilities for students and non-students. Flashcards and other tools help students study better, but there are daily notes, graph view (premium), and PDF annotation for non-students.

Is Cajun Koi Academy affiliated with RemNote?

Michael Kenny and Matt both are one of the four founders of RemNote but now focus their time on Cajun Koi Academy on YouTube.

Where was RemNote founded?

With four founders, the origins of RemNote begin at MIT.

Does RemNote have a web clipper?

Yes on Chrome, you can download the RemNote Web Clipper for clipping into your account via the Chrome Web Store.

Can you buy forever plan with RemNote?

Yes, $300 to become a lifelong learner. This is a one-off payment giving you lifetime pro access, with 5 years of cloud storage.

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