Personal Knowledge Management Apps

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PKM tools also known as Personal Knowledge Management Apps help you collect and organize information on a much grander scale with powerful features. Go beyond basic and traditional note taking apps with PKM software for better notes.

An E2E note taking application with a clear focus of privacy and security in mind.

An all-in-one type note-taking tool with notes, calendar & tasks in one base.

A GTD users dream for managing notes, ranking your tasks and co-ordinating calendar.

A notes app with calendar functions for connecting dates with your daily notes.

A note-taking application perfect for students and creating flashcards for studying.

Easy-to-use, well-designed networked thought tool growing in popularity.

A secure note taking application with a simple markdown nature for E2E encryption.

Locally stored tool for managing notes, ideas and thoughts - a fan favourite.

A stunning document creator with a twist, including pages and multiplayer mode.

A general all-around note-taking app, including light tasks and calendar abilities.