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Notesnook wants to be your simple, lightweight note taking application and a place you can store and manage your notes securely, without stress of prying eyes. They do this with E2E encryption and features that help you better manage your notes.

Notesnook Text Formatting - Managing Notes

What is Notesnook and who's it for?

Have you ever been worried about your notes being secure? Well Notesnook wants to help take that pressure away. In the last few years people have been stressed about note security and this is something Notesnook wants to address.

Notesnook is a secure note-taking app that allows users to create end-to-end notes, this means notes are encrypted from inside the app to wherever you send or put them. Notesnook doesn't have any huge features like Evernote's home, or even Obsidian's backlinks but it does have a solid, easy to make notes setup.

There's a feature called Monographs that helps you to share notes publicly, if you wanted, with some security in mind. When you send notes to someone else they will need a password to access the information, you can also further password-protect important notes inside Notesnook.

The key selling point is using E2E encryption of notes so they are encrypted on device.

Notesnook Features

Secure Options for Notesnook

What makes this secure note taking application one of the more tempting options:

  • Access notes from anywhere with password protection, multiple devices and the web.
  • No ads across the experience, even on free subscription
  • Share notes publicly with Monographs
  • Uses a free and open-sourced web clipper.
  • Now open-sourced to all Notesnook users on GitHub.
  • Lots of editing abilities including markdown support.
  • Reminders in beta allows you to add little daily or one-off reminders
  • Pro feature allows you to manage files and PDFs and documents in one securely.

Notesnook Pricing

Notesnook Pro Pricing

The folks at Notesnook offering you 20% off Notesnook plans if you decided to buy Notesnook using Tool Finder, so check that out above. Plans will largely cost you $59.99 if you go annual and around $5.99 per month, if you go with the monthly option.

Inside the Notesnook Pro you'll get:

  • Unlimited attachments
  • Unlimited storage
  • Private vault
  • Export notes in PDF, HTML & Markdown
  • Recurring reminders
  • Unlimited notebooks & tags

Notesnook Verdict

Reminders in Notesnook

Hmmm. As a PKM note taking application this doesn't win any awards and you'll be hard beating Standard Notes these days, but it does offer one of the best in-class security for your notes and does rival the likes of Standard Notes with their free and premium offers.

Note taking within it was simple, easy to use and worked well - and with a range of device availability it makes that even more accessible. Notesnook is best suited for anyone who is often writing notes that include sensitive or important information. A nice product.

Features like focus modes, reminders in beta and text-formatting were good solid additions. So great for those in the hunt for a light, secure note taking app.

Secure Note Taking

Advanced encryption and authentication measures keep your notes safe and private even when sharing and web clipping.

E2E Notes

Notesnook uses end-to-end encryption for your notes, meaning only you can access your confidential information throughout the entire note-taking process.

Sleek Interface

Many users of Notesnook enjoy its sleek interface and great user experience.

Learn More About Notesnook

Answering Question on Notesnook to secure note taking app

What happens if I accidentally delete a note?

Notesnook has a comprehensive backup and version history feature, so you can easily recover accidentally deleted notes or revert to previous versions.

Is Notesnook available offline?

Notesnook offers offline access to your notes. You can continue creating, editing, and viewing your notes even when you're not connected to the internet. Any changes made offline will sync once you're back online.

Can I collaborate with others on Notesnook?

Notesnook supports collaborative note-taking, allowing you to share notes with colleagues or friends and work on them together in real-time.

Is Notesnook completely open source now?

Notesnook has been fully open-sourced on GitHub. You can access the source code, contribute to the project, or even deploy your own instance of Notesnook.

Standard Notes vs Notesnook?

Both Standard Notes & Notesnook are super focused on security and similar in nature.

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