A new "object based note-taking" for building notes, workspaces and pages. This is an up-and-coming note-taking application with a similar nature to Notion.

What's good about Capacities

What's good

  • Objects
  • Pages
  • Development
What's not good about Capacities

What's not good

  • Pricey

Capacities Key Features

Capacities Key feature #1


Capacities is for object-based note-taking. Build objects and you can create more replicates in the future - an interesting concept.

Capacities Key feature #2


Capacities have very customisable pages that are built from objects and are open to crafting a workspace that is helpful not only for notes but more.

Capacities Key feature #3


Capacities is built by a small team but a fast set of releases and updates presents a great combination for the future of this note-taking application.

What is Capacities?

Capacities is an object-based note-taking experience, also known as a “studio for your mind.”

It’s a place for storing all thoughts and ideas to create a personal knowledge management system (PKM). Capacities can also be a great Notion alternative if you're looking for something to get started with right away.

Create a visual representation of all thoughts, ideas, and knowledge and link them all together inside this object-based note-taking system. Instead of files and clutter, create objects instead, connect these objects to create a network of thoughts to reflect on whenever you wish.

Structure your information in a way that visually makes sense to you, allowing you to understand complex topics and sparking inspiration. Overall, Capacities has been created to give you a calm distraction-free place to get things done using object-based note-taking. It uses no plugins, no coding, no syntax… Nothing confusing.

The Capacities team offer currently a fast-paced approach to developing new features.

Learning Capacities? This is a full course to explore how to learn Capacities from beginner to advanced.

The Key Features of Capacities

Here are some of the growing features of Capacities, the new note-taking tool:

  • Graphs - No more folders and tables. Use graphs to create a visual network of thoughts. Much like tools like Obsidian and Logseq.
  • Objects - Object-based note-taking allows you to create books, profiles, meeting notes and more instead of meaningless pages and words.
  • Block-Based Editing - Create blocks and stack them like lego!
  • Daily Notes - Write your daily thoughts and ideas in the daily notes page.
  • Contextual Backlinks - Add backlinks to your text to assist with linking knowledge.
  • Full-Text Search - Search for anything within the app.
  • Messenger integration - Use WhatsApp, email and others to add capacities to your work like images, shared links etc.

Here's a great getting started guide by their team:

Is Capacities a Good Notion Alternative?

Notion and Capacities app share some similarities in terms of their functionalities and capabilities.

Here's why Capacities could be a good Notion Alternative:

  • Both Notion and Capacities app provide robust note-taking and documentation features.
  • They both provide features for task prioritization, reminders, and collaboration.
  • Both platforms excel in organizing information using databases.
  • Users can collaborate on shared documents, databases, and tasks, enhancing teamwork and communication.
  • Notion and Capacities app provide a high level of customization and flexibility.

Is Capacities Best Suited For Me?

Capacities is great for personal use. You can create your own knowledge-based system here to help learn complex topics, make sense of your thoughts, and get things done.

The benefit of using an application like this is to connect your thoughts and create useful documents, learn something new and share your ideas and work with others.

Remember, Capacities is early days in the journey, to discover more about their roadmap and plans - they recently appeared on the Monocle podcast to chat about it.

Object Based Note-Taking: Capacities

Exploring Capacities further

No, but there could be. Capacities offers no limit to the free account - allowing you unlimited blocks and collections. Experiences like integrated task management is locked in the Pro account.

What other note-taking apps are there?

Alternatives to Capacities

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