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Detailed Review of Anytype: Best Features, Pricing & More

A modular workspace for note-taking, task management, and organisation. This is compared to Notion as an alternative place to create your own workspace and use blocks.

Anytype App

What is Anytype?

Anytype is an object-based note-taking productivity tool that offers a new approach to note-taking, project management, and information organisation.

It provides a flexible and customisable workspace where users can create, edit, and manage their notes, tasks, and projects in a single app. One of the key features of Anytype is its modular design, which allows users to create custom templates and layouts for their notes, tasks, and projects. This means users can create a unique workspace that meets their needs and preferences.

Anytype also offers a range of collaboration tools, making it easy for teams to work together on projects and tasks. Users can share their workspaces with others, collaborate in real-time, and track changes and comments.

In addition to note-taking and project management, Anytype also includes a range of tools for organising information, including a bookmark manager, file manager, and contact manager. This means that users can keep all their information in one place, making it easy to find and access when needed.

Best Features of Anytype

Here are some of the best features of Anytype for block-based note-taking.

1. Create any workspace

You can use templates to start with Anytype to begin writing notes or collaborating with your team. Or you can build up your space with blocks, databases, widgets and tables. Inside the blocks, you can have pages, create tasks, create a space for checkboxes and much more.

If you want to work with your team you can create a space kind of like you can in Notion, its all completely customisable and a good way to share docs, and wikis and collaborate together in one private, open-source space.

2. Private note taking

Anytype is huge on its privacy and private note-taking abilities. First, it makes sure to use local on-device encryption. This means only the users of this device can access the notes inside Anytype.

You can create your account offline and use Anytype offline, users control their own key to enter the app and data is locally stored so there's no worry about data being sold or used anywhere else.

Anytype also allows you to create apps and self-host backups.

3. Great for teams

Anytype has tons of features and abilities to collaborate and work with teams on documents, wikis, projects and more. Users can create workspaces and share spaces with other members of the team.

From here, users can access databases, pages, shared graphs and much more. You can also assign certain users and keep notes private. Only allow team members to use certain pages and spaces.

4. Multiple views

Users can visualise graphs and databases in different ways with Anytype, this helps with project progress, tracking, analytics and connecting notes or wikis.

You have the table view which presents tasks, projects and to-dos in a table form with tags, assigned members and due dates. Then there's the Kanban view, which allows you to drag and drop tasks from doing, today and next week. You can also see tags here. Finally, there's the Gallery view, which shows saved web pages with an image.

Anytype Pricing

Anytype is currently free to use and can use anytype for free with up to 1GB of storage. You can contact the team at Anytype if you need more storage than this.

How much does Anytype cost?

As of right now, there is no charge to use the app.

Anytype Review Verdict

Antype is a great app for anyone looking for a place to store and create notes, and wikis, manage tasks and projects and collaborate with their team at the same time. Anytype uses object-based note-taking so users can customise and create a workflow specific to their needs.

Anytype is a modular workspace and it's also open source, you may have a small learning curve to begin with. Anytype is a good Notion alternative, but for those who are more privacy-focused.

Best Anytype Alternatives

Here are a couple of Anytype note-taking alternatives based on its flexibility.

  • Notion - This is another very flexible app for creating your own spaces with databases, blocks and pages.
  • Capacities - This app also uses block-based editing to structure your own space for writing notes, managing tasks and connecting ideas.

Local First

Anytype offers a combined local-first, open-source and peer to peer structure. This is designed to be more secure and better for you to manage.


Anytype is highly customisable and an object-based note-taking app. With a wide range of customisation options, users can create a workspace that meets their specific needs and preferences.


Anytype is a versatile productivity tool that can be used for note-taking, project management, and information organisation, providing a single app for all your work.

Anytype: Notion Like Workspace

Let's Explore Anytype

Why is different?

They want to be like Notion but private, offline-first and customizable beyond what Notion can offer with blocks.

Is Anytype secure?

Yes, according to their site, they are E2E by design and mainly offline-first.

Is Anytype a good Capacities alternative?

These are the closest tools to compare to, Capacities offers a similar experience than Anytype. Anytype presents a privacy focused benefit, but both are object-first note-taking experiences trying to make block making in their apps easier to consume.

Is Anytype a good Notion Alternative?

Anytype can be considered a Notion alternative, offering a range of features and capabilities that overlap with Notion's functionalities.

What is object-based note-taking inside Anytype?

Object-based note-taking in Anytype refers to organizing information into individual objects, each representing a piece of content. These objects can be customized and structured based on your needs.

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