Scrintal Overview

Scrintal is a visual note taking application designed to help you better plan and visualise ideas. You can connect ideas together and help string them into a mindmap.

What is Scrintal?

Scrintal is a web-based application for note-taking, brainstorming and mind mapping. It gives you a more open, visual and creative space to write down thoughts and ideas.

Think of it as a blend between Obsidian and Miro. You can connect your notes together, linking ideas and so on, all within an open space like Miro provides, for endless planning.

With Scrintal you can write notes alongside watching videos, images and more. This is a fun, visual experience for note-takers wanting a more open-mind mapping type space.

Scrintal Features

Here are some key features of Scrintal, the Milanote alternative to connected note-taking.

  • Build a visual knowledge base of thoughts by connecting notes and ideas inside Scrintal to help study, plan projects and expand creativity.
  • Use bi-directional connections and tags to organise thoughts and create a personal web of knowledge.
  • An infinite canvas to zoom in and out of to create an endless connection of notes, you can zoom into and focus on a certain section too.
  • Share and export notes into other apps and standard formats to present ideas, or share plans with teams, friends and family.
  • Zero learning curve so users can dive straight in and begin taking notes on this Milanote alternative.

Scrintal Verdict

Scrintal is a great note-taking app for personal use as it provides a creative and visual experience for users to write down whatever they want. That being said you can share notes and ideas if you want to work together on something.

Scrintal is around $5 per month, this does allow access to unlimited features like unlimited boards and cards. Scrintal is also said to have no learning curve, so it's super easy to get started with.

Scrintal Alternatives

Scrintal Alternatives include the likes of Milanote and even Walling.

Networked Notes

Since Scrintal is a mix of Obsidian and Miro, you have the ability to network and connect your notes to create a visual, organised experience.

Mind Mapping

Scrintal provides a place for mind-mapping thoughts to help with visual project and task plans, or to make sense of thoughts and ideas.


Scrintal is a visual note experience perfect for organising notes in a visually creative way.

More About Scrintal

Learn more about Scrintal, the Milanote Alternative.

Is Scrintal a good Milanote alternative?

Scrintal and Milanote are very similar in the sense of their canvas space for unlimited notes, cards and boards to craft a space of connected notes.

What should I choose? Milanote or Scrintal?

Scrintal is a great personal use application for visual note-taking and mind-mapping ideas, Milanote is too, however, as a more established app right now, Milanote carries collaborative features which may be better suited for teams.

What are bi-directional connections inside Scrintal?

Bi-directional links just means you can connect notes in both ways, forwards and backwards, making a networked connected pile of notes you can find using keywords and tags.

Is it better to use a visual note app or standard note app?

This is all your personal preference. If you find you learn better, and take in more information in a visual way, then apps like Scrintal, Milanote and Miro are good choices.

Can I collaborate with my Team on Scrintal?

You will be able to work in real-time on cards and board with your team depending on which plan you gain access too.

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