Scrintal wants to be a way to brainstorm your mind and capture your ideas & thoughts.

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Things we like

Great for building networked thought

Popular with visual thinkers

Connect media with ideas in one canvas

Great for organizing notes too

Perfect for researchers & idea gen

Things we don't like

There is no free trial or plan to test Scrintal before you buy and requires a monthly subscription or large one-off lifetime fee

The visual aspect of Scrintal is very prevalent forcing you into this system and is not a secondary experience

What we think about the Design of Scrintal?

Scrintal is lightweight and feels nice to open. There's a feature called "My Desk" that allows you to see all your current workload with an easy-to-drop-in feature for quickly bringing in notes and multimedia to view and play with. Connecting items in Scrintal is easy too, the general desktop version is very well-built.

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Top Features, Pricing & User Reviews

Scrintal is a note-taking application with a visual focus. Building your ideas, research, and thoughts into a visual canvas, like paper, for planning and looking up. Let's explore whether it is a good note-taking tool for your work & ideas.

What is Scrintal?

Scrintal is a visual note-taking application with real-time collaboration. Scrintal can be used for individuals and is commonly used as a notes app for ideas and thoughts, however, it does have some team note-taking abilities too.

How does Scrintal work?

Scrintal allows users to take notes on a blank canvas. This makes Scrintal most popular with researchers, academics, and visual thinkers.

This can be used to bring ideas together or to visually represent concepts. These documents that are created can be expanded as notes or used alongside media like images, bookmarks, and other multimedia to create an idea or thought.

My Desk for Scrintal, Managing Notes

People create cards with their ideas, and Scrintal allows you to move them around, organize them, and connect them with other notes you've taken, much like a PKM tool. Another common use is brainstorming at work, and it has features for collaborating on notes, too.

Scrintal Features

Let's take a peek at the features for PKM use:


Helpful For

Basic Note-Taking

Take notes and visually see them with Scrintal.

Networked Notes

Created relationships between notes in Scrintal allowing for a smooth and easy way to see how notes are connected.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate in real-time on notes that you add allowing for more seamless idea generation.

Scrintal Pros

Here's some of the best bits of Scrintal and what it offers:

1. Interactive Cards

Card and Note Management in Scrintal

Scrintal's cards are versatile, acting like mini-documents.

Users can customize these cards extensively, changing colors, and layouts, and adding tags. They support embedding media, PDFs, and uploading files, making them a hybrid of sticky notes and comprehensive documents. The ability to create notes and link them is really easy too and something you'd find in apps like Milanote.

2. Card Linking

Scrintal App, Scrintal Tool, Visual Canvas

Linking notes in Scrintal is intuitive.

By simply dragging an arrow from one card to another, users can establish relationships between notes, creating a knowledge graph that's easy to navigate and expand. This feature streamlines the process of maintaining interconnected ideas without the complexity often associated with manual linking in other platforms.

3. Real-Time Collaboration

Scrintal also excels in collaboration, allowing users to share boards with team members for real-time cooperation. Boards and individual cards can be shared publicly with a URL, providing flexibility in how content is distributed and collaborated on.

This won't be as powerful as apps like Miro however, it will deliver a way to begin collaborating with others who are paying Scrintal users.

Scrintal Cons

Let's examine what we didn't like about Scrintal and what it offered:

Scrintal Paid Access

1. Not Suitable for Basic Note-Taking

Despite its innovative approach, Scrintal may not suit everyone.

Its canvas-based layout, while flexible, might overwhelm users who prefer the structure and simplicity of traditional note-taking apps like Evernote. The open-ended nature of its interface requires a level of creativity and visual thinking that might not appeal to all users.

2. No Free Plan

There's no way to trial Scrintal, so this is a shame when it comes to trying out the features before you explore the product.

How much does Scrintal Cost?

Scrintal costs £5.49 per month, billed annually.

Compared to tools like Heptabase, this is typically in line with other visual note-taking apps that are similar to Scrintal on the market right now.

Scrintal Pricing Plans

Verdict: Is Scrintal Worth It?

Scrintal is a note-taking tool with a difference.

For visual thinkers, you will love Scrintal. For those who are not, Scrintal might not be suitable for you. The concept of bringing ideas together in a way that allows you to link them and collaborate on them is very appealing. The combination of abilities in Scrintal allows you to go deep for research purposes.

Boards in Scrintal

Not just for visual note-taking, but also for visual project management, Scrintal presents a neat way to bring ideas together. Many people have said in the reviews that they enjoyed the way to bring ideas in and then break them down with others.

Consider your note-taking style and preferences before jumping in with Scrintal. For visual thinkers and those looking to escape the linear confines of traditional notetaking, Scrintal could be a perfect fit.

Learn Scrintal

Want to learn Scrintal this year, we'd recommend this course for optimizing Scrintal.

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