What is Heptabase?

Heptabase is a note-taking app for taking complex notes. Think it is as a combination of mind mapping and brainstorming, users can create visual, in-depth notes for learning.

With Heptabase you can use it for any of the three use cases; research for grabbing ideas and expanding knowledge, learning for using mindmaps and visualising what you have learnt and projects, for crafting and managing projects using Kanban boards.

In simpler terms, Heptabase is kind of like an Obsidian alternative. You can store notes, thoughts, and ideas here and turn them into visual boards such as whiteboards and maps.

Key Features of Heptabase

Here are some key features of Heptabase, the note-taking app and Obsidian alternative.

  • Use whiteboards and mindmaps to visualise ideas and notes.
  • Group notes into sections and organise them.
  • Organise your whiteboards into a hierarchy.
  • Add clippings of existing notes to new note boards.
  • Add PDFs, research, journals, images and more.
  • Use Kanban boards to manage projects.
  • Great for three use cases, research, learning and projects.

Who is Heptabase Best Suited For?

Heptabase is best suited for people who want to take in-depth notes to learn something new or to assist with managing projects. Maybe you are looking for an Obsidian alternative and need an app that's not so much second brain and more aimed towards taking more extensive notes in a whiteboard space.

Heptabase needs a little learning to get used to all the features and abilities since it is a complex learning tool for notes. In terms of pricing, you can access Heptabase for around £10 per month.

Obsidian Alternative

Heptabase can be compared to Obsidian in the sense of creating complex notes to assist with learning new things, research, and saving notes for future use.

Complex Learning

Heptabase provides a platform for complex learning by using mind mapping, brainstorming and organising boards.


You can also manage projects with Heptabase using Kanban boards to organise information.

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Heptabase Questions and Answers

How does Heptabase help with learning?

You can group your notes from classes and organise them visually so they make sense to you. You can also use mindmaps to connect ideas.

Can you use bi-directional linking with Heptabase?

Yes you can, this makes Heptabase a great Obsidian alternative. Link notes and ideas together to create a connected experience.

Can I use Heptabase like a journal?

Yes, you can jot down notes throughout the day and organise them into boards later if you wish.

Who is Heptabase for?

Visual thinkers that want their note-taking experience to be more interactive - allowing them to build connections and relationships to other notes, more visually.

Obsidian Canvas or Heptabase?

Obsidian Canvas is good as it is built into Obsidian and as a collective Heptabase is much more contructed for visual thinkers than Obsidian is. Both are super!

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