Heptabase is a networked thought note-taking app designed for deep thinkers.

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29th Feb 2024

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Top-Tier Visual Note-taking Tool

Heptabase stands out as one of the best visual note-taking tools available. Here's what I like about it: - The excellent user experience (UX) in creating notes and breaking down complex concepts and projects makes it highly appealing. - Notes exist in a "physical" online space, enhancing the way information is organized and interacted with, which......

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Heptabase wants to be your base for connected notes. Bringing a level of visual collaboration to a very traditional industry, let's unpack in this detailed review.

Heptabase Whiteboard, Managing Cards

What is Heptabase?

Heptabase is a visual note-taking app with whiteboards, journals, and connected notes.

A studio for your mind | A place to make sense of the world and create amazing things.

What does Heptabase do?

Think of it as a combination of mind mapping and brainstorming. Users can create visual, in-depth notes for learning. With Heptabase, you can use it for any of the three use cases: research for grabbing ideas and expanding knowledge, learning for using mindmaps and visualizing what you have learned, and crafting and managing projects using Kanban boards.

How much does Heptabase cost?

Heptabase is $11.99 per month or $8.99 per month annually. It is not free. There is a 7-day trial, but you need to start a subscription to take the trial.

A studio for your mind | A place to make sense of the world and create amazing things.

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