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Reflect is a powerful note taking application that wants to be your secure, more focused way to take notes. Like Obsidian it offers a more markdown note approach with clean design and an easier way to get accustomed to linking notes & managing them.

What is Reflect Notes?

Reflect is a note-taking application with second-brain features. It uses AI to enhance your notes, and backlinks to connect your thoughts, ideas and more.

An application like this helps to keep ideas, thoughts and things connected, it helps you make sense of your own brain, hence the ‘second brain’.

Reflect has all your usual note-taking features and some more. You can take snippets from the web, share your writing, integrate your calendar, and it even uses end-end encryption so your notes are always yours. This is a fan favourite for many, including Thomas McGee.

Reflect Notes Features

These are features of Reflect Notes to look out for:

  • Networked Notes - Use backlinks to connect notes, thoughts and ideas.
  • Frictionless search - Easily recall past notes by searching for keywords.
  • Instant Capture - Save things you like from the internet or from Kindle to your Reflect.
  • End-End Encryption - Your notes are safe and secure with you, and only you.
  • Sync - Reflect will seamlessly sync across your devices.
  • Build Your Network - Save information of anyone you have spoken to, taken notes about and much more.

Is Reflect Notes For Me?

Reflect comes in fairly pricey, but offers one of super designs of the PKM space.

Due to the AI abilities, backlinks, shortcuts and all that confusing stuff, this application is best for someone who already has the knowledge behind second-brain applications or someone who is willing to give it a go and learn how to use these features.


One of the best designs of the note-taking PKM tools out there.


This is a very user-friendly approach to adding tags to notes allowing you to create a object-based note-taking system.


Visualise all your ideas on a graph-like structure, perfect for exploring connections.

Questions on Reflect Notes

Understanding how Reflect Notes works

Can I Backlink in Reflect?

Yes. This is the bread-and-butter of the experience, you can connect notes and make relationships in which you can use the "map" feature to see those connections.

Is Logseq Better than Reflect Notes?

It depends. Logseq does offer more hardcore features, as of early 2023, but Reflect presents some good solid design, a simple nature and approach to a complex system like PKM and building a second brain. We'd recommend Logseq for those wanting to go further.

How much investment has Reflect Notes raised?

According to Crunchbase, they scored total funding of $1.2M. A large amount of this from a $700,000+ injection from WeFunder by community members.

What is the app Reflect Notes?

Reflect Notes is a note-taking app with a focus on capturing notes and connecting them together allowing you to build a second brain-like layout for your work and life.

Is Reflect Notes good for Second Brain Note-Taking?

Yes. Reflect Notes adheres as a good notes app for Second Brain use. Second Brain is a concept developed by Tiago Forte promoting capture and resurface of notes for later development and learning.

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