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Things we like

Stunning overall design & feel

Comes with a calendar & meeting importer

Powerful audio notes & transcription

Tags for organizing notes into objects

Graph view to help see notes connected

Things we don't like

There is no free plan for Reflect Notes just a free trial and a premium pricing

Less of a learning curve needed to use than Obsidian but still a learning and education in the app needed

What we think about the Design of Reflect Notes?

Reflect Notes is one of the sleekest designs on the market. Minimal in look and nature, Reflect is easy to use and comes with a sense of "approachableness" that you don't get with some apps like Obsidian and Logseq. The bridge between a PKM app and a traditional notes app is much more so that it makes an appealing option for those who are looking for a bit of both.

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Reflect Notes Review (2024)

Pros, Cons, Features & Verdict

Reflect is a powerful note-taking application that wants to be your secure, more focused way to take notes. It resembles a PKM note-taking app with a more friendly approach.

Reflect Notes app, homepage, for taking notes

What is Reflect Notes?

Reflect Notes is a note-taking application with networked thought abilities and AI. Reflect is available on macOS, web and iOS.

How does Reflect work?

With a second-brain approach to notes, Reflect Notes is growing in popularity with many people who want a clean-looking notes app without too much noise. It uses AI to enhance your notes and backlinks to connect your thoughts, ideas, and more.

An application like this helps to keep ideas, thoughts, and things connected, it helps you make sense of your brain, hence the ‘second brain’.

Reflect has all your usual note-taking features and some more. You can take snippets from the web, share your writing, integrate your calendar, and it even uses end-end encryption so your notes are always yours.

Reflect Notes Best Features

Here are some of the best Reflect features that we liked in our review:

1. Daily Notes & Linking

Managing your notes in a journal like view first is nice in Reflect.

Daily Notes feature in Reflect Notes

This feature connects with Google Calendar as a way to better connect meetings with the notes you take during those meetings. Everything is very easy to connect up between backlinks and doesn't feel like it comes with a huge amount of education to learn.

This is a perfect set-up for journalling and managing meetings alike.

Tags in Reflect Notes

The other aspect we loved about Reflect was the way they focus on building new items in the notes database, this means you can create templates and elements from scratch allowing you to create a library of content like "book" or "company, perfect for constant references and inside of Settings you can modify this.

Templates within Reflect Notes Settings

2. Light Graph View

Graph views can sometimes be too complex, Reflect isn't.

Graph View inside Reflect Notes, Updated February 2024

This graph view allows you to span through notes, peek into them and open them, but not too over-complex that people will find it daunting to open and manage their graph view, which is common in apps like Obsidian that have a lot of focus on this.

Reason we bring this up, many people don't like graphs in PKM, but this is a nice in-between element that makes it more approachable.

3. Audio & Tasks

Managing just notes is good in Reflect, adding backlinks and building daily notes, all doable. There's also a way to enhance them using AI too, that is growing out, but...

Audio Recording in Reflect Notes

We really liked the audio recording abilities in Reflect. This was really nice as a way to start recording and get your note transcribed, it didn't work as well as Otter Notes, but to be honest, it felt 80% strong as a feature we'd use to take and manage notes for later.

Tasks inside Reflect Notes

The other experimental element is tasks for managing checkbox-based tasks in notes, perfect for converting note items into a plannable list of tasks. It worked well, you can tell this is early days, but simple enough to use and plan and schedule note-tasks ahead.

Reflect Notes Cons

Here's things that we think you should consider with Reflect:

1. Pricier Option

Compared to Obsidian, Reflect is costly.

But for many people, if they want cloud-based sync in Obsidian, they will be charged $8 per month, whereas with Reflect, you're paying $10 per month (annual) so for those secure features for networked thought, this isn't too bad.

How much does Reflect Notes cost?

Reflect costs $10 per month, priced annually.

Reflect Notes Pricing, How much Does Reflect Notes Cost? Updated February 2024.

Is Reflect Notes free?

There is no free plan for Reflect Notes

Reflect Notes Verdict: Is it Worth it?

Reflect is a much more approachable balance between hardcore PKM like Obsidian and Capacities, and traditional note-taking apps like Evernote.

With a combination focus on security, AI, and additional side features to note-taking, this makes for a very nice note-taking experience with a premium feel. For more serious note-takers, that like audio transcribe, gen-AI abilities & a clean UI - this is a nice bet.

Reflect Notes now has a fully available iOS app.


One of the best designs of the note-taking PKM tools out there.


This is a very user-friendly approach to adding tags to notes allowing you to create a object-based note-taking system.


Visualise all your ideas on a graph-like structure, perfect for exploring connections.

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