Thunk Notes

Thunk Notes

Efficient and organised note-taking with Thunk Notes - this is a competitor to tools like Obsidian and Reflect but offers a beautiful design combo.

What's good about Thunk Notes

What's good

  • Connected Thoughts
  • Organisation
  • Reflection
What's not good about Thunk Notes

What's not good

  • Pricey

Thunk Notes Key Features

Thunk Notes Key feature #1

Connected Thoughts

Thunk Notes has various features to help users connect their thoughts and ideas. For example, users can add tags to their notes, which can help them organize related notes together.

Thunk Notes Key feature #2


The app includes features that help users organize their notes, such as tags and reminders, which can help users find what they need quickly and easily.

Thunk Notes Key feature #3


Thunk encourages users to reflect on their thoughts and ideas by providing thought-provoking prompts called "thunks." This can help users gain new insights and perspectives on a given topic.

What is Thunk Notes?

Thunk Notes is a note-taking app designed to help users capture and organise their thoughts quickly and easily. The app provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to create notes, set reminders, and add tags to categorise their notes.

Thunk Notes also includes a unique feature called "thunks," which are pre-written prompts that inspire users to think more deeply about a particular topic. This feature can help users generate new ideas or gain new insights into existing ideas.

With Thunk Notes, users can create notes and categorise them based on topics, ideas, or projects. They can also use the app's search feature to quickly find specific notes or ideas. The app is designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing users to customise the app to meet their individual needs.

Key Features of Thunk Notes

These are some key features of Thunk Notes

  • Simplified note-taking process
  • Intuitive interface for quick and easy note creation
  • Reminders to prompt users to revisit their notes
  • "Thunks" feature with pre-written prompts to inspire deep thinking on a particular topic
  • Ability to add tags to notes for easy categorisation
  • Search feature to quickly find specific notes or ideas
  • Flexibility and adaptability to meet individual needs
  • Available on both iOS and Android devices
  • Ability to keep notes private and secure with password protection and data encryption.

Additional Information


"Thunks" are pre-written prompts that inspire users to think more deeply about a particular topic.

These prompts are designed to help users explore their thoughts and ideas in greater depth and gain new insights into a topic.

The app includes a variety of thunks on different topics, ranging from personal growth to creative thinking to professional development.

Users can select a thunk and use it as a starting point for a new note, or they can use thunks to revisit and reflect on existing notes.

Best Suited For

Thunk Notes is a great app for anyone to try. The use of "Thunks" can be particularly helpful for those who struggle with writer's block, or those who just feel stuck in general. The reflection features and prompts allow you to think differently and come up with new ideas.

If you want to create a place to organise and connect thoughts using tags, and create a system that works for you, Thunk Notes could be a great easy way to get started.

Thunk Notes: PKM Note-Taking App

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Yes, this is one of the features a lot of people like. Networked thought is the theory and philosophy that leads this application's thinking.

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