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Logseq Review (2024)

Pros, Cons, Features & Verdict

Logseq is one of the biggest competitors to Obsidian and serves as a PKM (personal knowledge management) tool for those bringing ideas, connecting notes, and resurfacing them for later commonly seen in systems like Second Brain.

Daily Notes in Logseq, Showing Today, Yesterday, and Last Week Notes

What is Logseq?

Logseq is a networked thought note-taking application with the ability to create notes, create daily notes, connect notes and visualize in a graph view, use a whiteboard to bring ideas together, and even turn notes into flashcards.

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How does Logseq work?

Logseq is a unique way to take notes.

It works offline and allows you to create notes that connect using a graph that allows you to see the relationship between notes created. Notes can have deeper block references and connect between spaces allowing you to create a tree of knowledge.

Graph View in Logseq

Logseq is more commonly used by advanced note-takers who follow principles like PKM (personal knowledge management) that have become popular these last few years and that Logseq has ridden the trend with.

Logseq Features

Let's look at the features of Logseq to see if they meet your criteria:


Helpful for

Advanced Note-Taking

Powerful note-taking abilities mean that Logseq is great for advanced note-taking. More suitable for research, idea generation, and developing projects with plenty of notes.

Graph View

Connecting notes is one of the core elements of Logseq and PKM apps allowing you to build bridges and relationships that better allow you to bring them up later on. Whether that be daily notes or what Logseq calls Journals, for future reference or projects and ideas.


Much like apps like RemNote, this allows you to create notes that can be turned into flashcards. These are perfect for students looking to better revise for exams or those looking to resurface notes.


Connect ideas using a canvas. Much like Obsidian, Logseq has a way to express ideas visually making it a popular visual note-taking application despite its powerful abilities.

Logseq Plugins

Logseq Pros

Here are our favorite things about Logseq as part of the review:



Whiteboard powers

Having whiteboards in Logseq is a nice bonus. They work very well and allow you to connect pages and bring ideas together that can be intertwined with block referencing, perfect for bringing together research or ideas with imagery and files.

Free access & offline nature

The brilliance of Logseq is the offline and privacy nature. This does make for an exciting tool that can be used without the need for internet access.

Extensive plugins library

The community that Logseq has behind them is extensive allowing for one of the best plugin libraries developed by the community out there. Allowing you to better service your Logseq account.

Logseq tags

Logseq Cons

Here are some of the reasons why Logseq missed the mark:



Unpolished flashcards

One of the things that Logseq has which is a bonus is flashcards. These are easy to make, you just add "#card" to any of your notes and you can create a flashcard for recall in this area. One of the negatives is that the recall abilities aren't brilliant like you see in apps like RemNote, but are functional for use. Look at student note-taking apps if you're hunting for more tools like this.

Lack of premium pricing

There's not much focus on premium pricing which might be scary for some. Being able to see how the company makes money is always helpful to see where their future lies for notes.

Logseq Settings Page

How much does Logseq cost?

Logseq is free to use.

There are no costs that are available to see.

Verdict: Is Logseq Worth It?

Logseq is a powerful, free note-taking application.

If you're hunting for a note-taking app that oozes PKM abilities which means you can make better notes for research or more in-depth notes for idea generation or projects, and you love markdown and offline apps, then Logseq is a super option to choose.

Between this and Obsidian, there's not much between them, both of them will do a solid job for those looking for more serious note-taking.

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.


This allows you to create mind maps, flowcharts, and other diagrammatic representations that help you understand complex ideas

Logseq Themes

The community created themes for users to customise their look and feel of Logseq


Logseq seem keen to keep your data secure and private as one of their leading elements.

Understanding Logseq

Answers on Logseq

Obsidian or Logseq?

Logseq presents some solid features similar to Obsidian, but slightly behind when it comes to development. They both offer good networked thought abilities, graph and notes in general - Logseq does go a step further by offering a flashcards feature and more privacy focus around daily usage.

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