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Logseq Review

In-Depth Logseq Review: Best Features, Pricing & Verdict

Logseq wants to be your base for you notes building a networked thought library interconnected between ideas, daily notes and ramblings across a day.

Logseq, with book notes, title, author and status, notes app

What is Logseq?

Logseq is a note-taking and knowledge management application that helps users organize their ideas and information using a block-based structure. Logseq is a privacy focused note-taking application that is open-source and wants to make sure your notes are secure and locked away from prying eyes, a more common goal for many notes apps online.

With Logseq, you can create blocks of information, which can be nested and linked to other blocks, making it easy to create a web of interconnected thoughts and ideas. One of the things that makes Logseq more appealing is that you can create tags that act as objects with the notes library that help to build better connection between notes. Think "book", "author" and "my notes on book by author" as a concept.

Logseq Pros: Best Features

There's very many elements of Logseq that are growing in features and understanding which is why Logseq is one of the best places to build friendships in their Discord community that has over 1,900 people:

1. Object Relationships

Backlinks in Logseq

The backlinks abilities in Logseq really open up an exciting world. Opening a note means you can connect to another note, this can be helpful in so many ways when building ideas, concept mapping your notes & even in meeting notes.

Meeting notes is a great example of how creating backlinks and relationships between notes can be so powerful. For example, you can create a meeting note core note and begin connecting people around that note that you commonly interact with. All future meeting notes or even project-based work could be backlinked to those people's profiles.

This makes Logseq much more flexible and a way to build beyond just your personal notes.

2. Daily Notes

Daily Notes in Logseq

Logseq operates as a to-do list too, as well as a notes app allowing you to create checklists and where better to bring that all into one location, a daily notes area. This daily notes is created automatically so that each day has an associated set of focus items.

The benefits to this is you can backlink, time-stamp, add to-do items and complete things off in a linear fashion meaning you can backdate and plan ahead of time inside of the Logseq daily notes feature. Something a lot of people like in these type of PKM tools.

3. Privacy-Focused

Privacy Focused Notes App, Logseq

Open-sourced, Logseq wants to secure your notes from day one. This allows you to store your notes on device. On device means you own all access to your notes and it can be accessed offline and anytime without the need for an internet connection.

Even if you wanted to use Logseq Sync beta, which is their assumingly paid feature planned, that will allow you to store you notes, those notes are encrypted and stored securely meaning you don't have to worry either way.

Logseq Cons: Unknowns

There's not too many cons to Logseq that we can currently pick out, but for many people who are using it, it is likely a series of "I wish it had this feature" which is common amongst all productivity applications.

1. No Pricing Right Now

Logseq Beta Sync

One of our things we worry about with software is how they monetise. Right now, Logseq has no monetisation system - which is always something to be on your radar. Companies cannot run off nothing, so making sure there's a pricing tier or at least lifetime access payment is something to be aware of.

The same is similar with tools like Obsidian - but they have added a series of pricing tiers and have a much larger community base than Logseq.

Logseq Pricing

Here's an insight into the pricing of Logseq.

How much does Logseq cost?

Logseq currently has no pricing. You can download it for free and get started.

Pricing will likely be similar to Logseq alternatives where the charge for the "Sync" feature that allows you to secure your notes online, encrypted is paid for at around $8-10 per user, per month - and only for those who do this.

Logseq Verdict

Logseq is similar to Obsidian, offering an advanced set of features for the more advanced note-takers out there with a few bolt-on experiences like flashcards, whiteboards (similar to Obsidian canvas) and "real-time" add-ons coming soon.

Logseq itself presents itself as a software that adds features and listens to their community with a range of devices available and a great alternative as a PKM tool out there.

Best Logseq Alternatives

There are many suitable alternatives to Logseq like Obsidian, Reflect Notes & Roam.


This allows you to create mind maps, flowcharts, and other diagrammatic representations that help you understand complex ideas

Logseq Themes

The community created themes for users to customise their look and feel of Logseq


Logseq seem keen to keep your data secure and private as one of their leading elements.

Extensive List of Logseq Features

Logseq presents similar features to tools like Obsidian and Roam Research, but comes as an underdog in the PKM note-taking market. Here are some of the core features:

  • Block-based structure: Logseq organizes notes into blocks, which can be nested and linked to other blocks. This makes it easy to create a web of interconnected ideas and information.
  • Backlinks: Every block in Logseq has a backlink section that shows all the other blocks that link to it. This makes it easy to see how different ideas are related and to trace the connections between them.
  • Graph view: Logseq has a graph view that shows the relationships between blocks in a visual way. This can help users to see patterns and connections that might not be immediately apparent in a text-based view.
  • Markdown support: Logseq supports Markdown syntax, making it easy to format text and create headings, lists, and other elements.
  • Integrations: Logseq integrates with a range of other tools and platforms, including GitHub, Obsidian, and Roam Research.
  • Offline support: Logseq can be used offline, allowing users to access and edit their notes even when they don't have an internet connection.
  • Customization: Logseq is highly customizable, with a range of themes, plugins, and settings that can be adjusted to suit individual preferences and workflows.

Community Chat with Logseq

Logseq have a great online presence, here's a chat with their team Ramses:

How to Use Logseq

A fantastic, in-depth guide to Logseq so you got everything you need:

Understanding Logseq

Answers on Logseq

Obsidian or Logseq?

Logseq presents some solid features similar to Obsidian, but slightly behind when it comes to development. They both offer good networked thought abilities, graph and notes in general - Logseq does go a step further by offering a flashcards feature and more privacy focus around daily usage.

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