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Project management focused popular with sales & marketing teams. project management app task overview board.

What is is a project management and client work operations tool. It basically helps teams manage any client project they are faced with, all in one place and within budget.

With you can deliver projects on time, track progress, and streamline any client operation. Teams enjoy using this tool to make project management easier.

Overall, is an in-depth workspace for managing clients, making sure the budget is correct, utilising profits and scaling up businesses accordingly. lists

Key Features of Teamwork App

Here's some key features of, the project management tool for client work.

  • Time tracking shows you how and where the team are using their hours.
  • Create a whole client onboarding system that's streamlined and professional.
  • Use a range of templates to run your projects, and track project progress.
  • Set goals and checkpoints within projects to manage progress and teamwork.
  • Use a range of different views like Kanban and board view for different projects.

Teamwork App Pricing

Here's what teamwork costs for teams:

What does cost?

Free for up to 5 users. comes $8.99 per user, per month, with 3 users minimum. Pricing ranges upwards for more features to $25.99 per month, 5 users minimum. tables

Who is Best Suited For? is of course best for teams to use, specifically teams who handle client work and need to deliver projects to clients within a budget and to make a profit.

Teamwork has prices for smaller teams but you can get a personalised enterprise price. For up to five users its around £25 per month, which does seem like quite a lot.

In terms of ease of use, like most project management apps you will have a learning curve to face in order to create a workflow that works best for your team with

Delivering Projects helps teams deliver client projects by always helping you find a solution.

Time Management has the ability to manage team members' time by seeing who has more capacity and who is being overworked.

Profit Management works to make sure the business is utilising their budget well, this helps manage profits and scale businesses.

All About Project Management

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Is suitable for teams of all sizes?

Yes, you can use for teams of any size.

Can you integrate other tools with

Yes, you can integrate other productivity tools such as Slack and Office 365.

Can I use to visualise progress?

Yes, offers many different views to manage and track progress such as charts, board view and milestone tracking.

Can you add tasks and subtasks in

Yes, you can create tasks and subtasks in and then assign the right person to the job. You can track the time and add this task to the calendar.

Can I use to organise my documents?

Yes, you can keep and store documents inside, helpful when onboarding new clients and sharing information.

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