An all-in-one project management tool, ideal for small teams looking for a customisable space. This is one of the many rising stars of project management tools right now.

What's good about ClickUp

What's good

  • Collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Automation
What's not good about ClickUp

What's not good

  • Learning Curve

ClickUp Key Features

ClickUp Key feature #1


ClickUp includes features like comments, task assignments, and real-time chat that make it easy for team members to work together and stay on the same page.

ClickUp Key feature #2


ClickUp is a powerful productivity tool that helps users stay organized, focused, and efficient.

ClickUp Key feature #3


ClickUp allows you to automate recurring tasks to save time and boost team productivity.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity tool, specially created for teams to collaborate, manage their time and work effectively. Think of ClickUp as a structured place for projects, but with more customisation around making more fine tuned workflows and processes for the team.

With ClickUp you can successfully manage your team, projects, tasks and more.

It uses a hierarchy system to create a workflow that works best for you and your team. For beginners, the ClickUp hierarchy system is an new concept, but within the hierarchy, you have spaces, folders and lists. Here you can assign tasks, talk in real-time through the comment section and even share your work with people outside of ClickUp.

Understanding the Basics of ClickUp

These are some key features of ClickUp

  • ClickUp has lots of features to assist with real-time collaboration with your team. Use the whiteboard, comments, chat and more.
  • Choose from a range of ClickApps (like add-ons) to help edit or change the way you manage your tasks.
  • ClickUp has an almost endless choice of views to see your workspace, choose from the likes of Calendar, Board, Box and more!
  • Automate regular tasks to help save time and boost team productivity.
  • See an overview of your project using the dashboard. Here you can keep track of tasks, set goals and see how your team is working.
  • Use the time tracking tools to set an estimated time, and help your team better manage their time.

What are ClickApps?

ClickApps are essentially little add-ons to make your life easier.

You can install ClickApps to customise areas of need. ClickApps are a neat way to keep and remove features that matter to you.

You can download different ClickApps to suit your own business needs, there are tons to choose from. ClickApps can help with organisation, work management, reporting and collaboration. You can enable or disable them at any time and there's no code needed!

What's Coming in ClickUp 3.0?

ClickUp 3.0 presents a new look and feel to the original project management experience. The three core changes are search, speed and design. Search is becoming faster with "universal search" for scanning more than just your ClickUp account but even Google Drive, Salesforce and more.

Speed improvements are coming to 3.0 and a better, cleaner design too.

Best Suited For

ClickUp is a great application for smaller teams, especially since you can use the free version of the application with a team of 5 people. ClickUp can scale to hundreds of team members, but also works well for small sets of people.

This app is best suited for teams working on projects needing to collaborate in real-time, this can be sales teams, marketing teams HR and more. ClickUp is easy enough to understand, however, experience using multiple features, and views and working with a team is ideal. This is one that you need to fully seek out all the features before joining.

Alternatives to ClickUp include the likes of, Wrike & Asana.

How ClickUp Works

Questions on Project Management App ClickUp

ClickUp 3.0 is expected in Summer 2023 with this rolling out to features.

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