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Calendar applications come in many shapes and sizes, some helping you organize time better, others allowing you to book time in with others. Calendar apps can help you better manage your time, time block your schedule and co-ordinate a mutual time with others. Find your perfect calendar app with our growing library of calendar tools below.

An AI time blocking tool to help organise and manage workload for tasks and events.

Reclaim AI is perfect for smart calendar app for teams to optimise schedules.

A calendar app to manage and organise all events and to-dos.

Daybridge is a calendar app for planning and organising events, tasks and focus time.

Gain control over your calendar with a privacy first calendar application.

Get all your family's calendar with to-do lists to schedule on the same page.

Designed to help you and your team better focus with flexi-time, FocusGuard & more.

BusyCal is a customisable calendar application popular with business users.

Use Outlook Calendar to stay organised and plan your time efficiently.

Schedule your time faster and effectively with the new star of calendar apps.

Organize all your events in one place, including a way to create routines too.

Capture meeting notes with this calendar extension and export them to Notion & more.

Protect your week schedule with a new, different AI-driven calendar technology.

Handle team email, calendar and documents with a focus on secure handling of data.

The all-in-one meetings, documents, whiteboard, mail and calendar hub.

A personal calendar app with a focus on family and social event management.

Co-ordinate meetings, events and appointments in Google's free, go-to calendar app.

The most stunning design for a calendar experience, with helpful daily notifications.

A rising star calendar application for organising events, scheduling and planning.

A beautifully designed calendar app with events, tasks, integrations and much more.

Manage your calendar events, tasks and schedule meetings internally and externally.

Cron is a basic but beautiful calendar app acquired and owned by Notion.

A general all-around note-taking app, including light tasks and calendar abilities.