What is Daybridge?

Daybridge is a new calendar application that provides a structured, open space for planning and organising a mix of your notes, tasks and events. There's no need to switch between tons of apps because you can plan from your notes here.

You can also utilise the focus feature by time-blocking specific times during the day or week to set aside focus time. This is great for studying and getting things done.

Daybridge also holds some quick features like suggestions, when you add in a new event the app will suggest a title, an icon and a category to help you quickly manage your time.

Daybridge is only available on the web, iOS and Android at the moment.

Key Features of Daybridge

Here are a few key features of Daybridge the Calendar app.

  • Create and share event pages with family, friends or your team.
  • Pulls in information from other calendars to help you organise in one place.
  • Colour coordinate events and plans for better visuals of your week.
  • Uses time blocking to plan out your day, so you know what's available.
  • Add travel details and be notified via mobile.

Is Daybridge a Good Choice for Me?

Daybridge is a good choice of calendar application if you are looking for something quick and easy to use, with a simple interface.

There aren't too many advanced features here so you can get started right away. Alternatives to Daybridge include Morgen Calendar, upcoming Rise & Amie.

Calendar Planning

Daybridge provides a place for planning events, tasks and even notes all in one place.


Colour coordinate your events and tasks for easier management and better visibility across the screen.


Daybridge has a familiar feel so its super user-friendly and easy to get started with.

Exploring Daybridge Further

About Daybridge Calendar App

Is Daybridge Available on Desktop?

There isn't currently a desktop application for Daybridge, however, you can access your Daybridge calendar via the web.

Is Daybridge User-Friendly?

Daybridge has a really sleek, simple and familiar interface. You don't have to worry about learning any new skills when it comes to Daybridge.

How Does Daybridge Prioritise Focus?

Daybridge has its own Focus section, here you can plan when you want your focus time to happen, this can be during the day, or specific times in the week. When you enter focus mode you will only see today's plan.

How does Daybridge compare to other calendar apps?

Some newer calendar applications take a different stance on calendar planning. Daybridge has kept the traditional layout of calendar management most people are already familiar with.

How much does Daybridge cost?

Daybridge is currently free, subject to change in the future.

Alternatives to Daybridge

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