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Detailed Review of Reclaim: Best Features, Pricing & More

Reclaim AI is a scheduling tool for busy teams to better organise and manage time for meetings, events, tasks and breaks.

Reclaim AI integration with apps like Slack for a better smart calendar AI experience.

What is Reclaim AI?

Reclaim AI is a smart calendar tool that's perfect for teams. It helps with planning and organising meetings and scheduling breaks to achieve a better work-life balance.

You can sign up for free to get started with Reclaim AI, it merges with your Google Calendar so your events are already there. You can then add from inside the app on the web. Overall, Reclaim AI works to optimise your time, meetings and schedules, it uses AI to figure out the best times for the entire team, therefore increasing productivity.

Best Features of Reclaim AI

Here are some key features of Reclaim AI, the smart calendar scheduling tool.

1. Consolidate Tasks

You can integrate Reclaim AI with your existing productivity tools to manage tasks inside the smart calendar app. This makes it easier for users to see everything they need to get done in the day and helps Reclaim understand where you are spending your time.

For example, you can integrate your to-do list from Todoist to populate your task list inside Reclaim AI. From here, Reclaim will start making the time for these tasks inside the calendar. You can also use time blocking to save time for specific types of work, meetings and breaks. Again, this helps create a better daily plan and helps Reclaim AI understand where you want to spend your time and where to plan tasks or meetings.

2. Meeting Scheduler

Reclaim AI is probably best known for its ability to automatically find the best times for 1:1 meetings for each team member. This saves time having to communicate via email back and forth to find the right time. Reclaim AI will also reschedule times if there is any conflict.

This works by both parties setting their preferences, their preferred times for meetings, their ideal time frames, when their working and so on. Reclaim then matches these times and automatically books in meetings.

All meetings are then converted into something called Smart 1:1s. You can confirm the times and send them to the team members to lock in the meeting. In the Smart 1:1 dashboard, you can also send Google Meet links, upload documents and more.

3. Habits and Routines

This is a really neat feature inside Reclaim AI as it gives you the opportunity to create a great daily routine with habits you want to stick to. Reclaim AI will then defend the times you set for these habitual tasks by making sure other tasks or meetings are not filled in their space.

All you have to do is tell Reclaim the things you want to get done and when. These things can be lunch breaks, going for a walk, reading, meditating, exercising and so on. The calendar you see vs the calendar your team sees will be different. Reclaim AI is agile and will move things around to make sense, but protect the time you want to keep for habits too.

Reclaim AI Pricing

Reclaim AI has a few different pricing plans that do feel very reasonable and ideal for a range of teams and individuals depending on their needs and team sizes.

You can use Reclaim AI for free as a single user in the team and up to 100 users across the domain and plan for up to three weeks in advance. You don't receive the ability to use time-blocking customisation, analytic stats, integrations and other features.

You can then upgrade to a Starter, Business or Enterprise team to unlock all features and expand the size of your team in Reclaim AI.

Reclaim AI does provide a range of discounts for students, start-ups and non-profits for a period of time to get started using the app.

How Much Does Reclaim AI Cost?

Reclaim does have a free version but if you want to upgrade you'll have to choose from the Starter, Business or Enterprise packages depending on the size of your team and your needs. The Starter is $10 per month, Business is $15 and Enterprise only runs with yearly subscriptions averaging $18 per month.

Final Thoughts on Reclaim AI

We think Reclaim AI is a great tool for saving users time and being able to create a better daily plan for their work. It's also a great way to share calendars and work with your team, being about to schedule meetings quickly is an effective way to quickly communicate without the need for messaging.

The ability to create habits you stick to and are protected in the calendar also allows users to form a better work-life balance, something that is really important in the world of productivity to make sure you getting important tasks done for work, but still making time to care for yourself after work.

Overall, it's a very clever AI tool that looks after your calendar for you, perfect for anyone who feels often overwhelmed or stressed with planning tasks and measuring their time correctly.

Best Alternatives of Reclaim AI

There's only a few alternatives Reclaim AI like Clockwise which have been in the market longer than Reclaim helping teams to upgrade their meetings with AI.


Reclaim uses AI to help you plan each day as best as possible. As a smart calendar app, Reclaim learns your patterns and what works for you.

Team Tasks

Great for teams, Reclaim AI provides a space to schedule tasks, integrate with other tools, and boost team productivity.


Reclaim AI will automatically schedule breaks and personal time to help the team achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Reclaim AI: Smart Calendar App

Let's Answer Your Reclaim Questions

What is a smart calendar?

A smart calendar is basically a calendar system that uses AI and automation to speed up processes, find the best times for meetings and events, and automates things like task completion, assigning members to tasks and so on.

Can Reclaim AI sync with my existing calendar applications?

Yes, Reclaim AI integrates and syncs with most popular calendar apps such as Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar.

Does Reclaim AI have a mobile app?

Reclaim AI doesn't have a native mobile application. However, you can access your smart calendar on the web, and add this to your home screen.

How does Reclaim smart schedule 1:1 meetings?

Set your working hours and meeting availability and then calendar AI will work out the best times for you and your team members to schedule 1:1 meetings.

Can I also manage tasks with Reclaim AI?

Yes, you can integrate other productivity tools with Reclaim, you can also use your own personal task list inside the smart calendar. This makes it easier to then organise your time and plan events and tasks.

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