Cozi Family Planner

Cozi Family Planner

Cozi Family Planner Review

Detailed Review of Cozi Family Planner: Best Features, Pricing & More

Cozi is a digital family planner for entire families to stay on top of appointments and events and plan together in one space.

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What is Cozi Family Planner?

Cozi is a popular digital tool that simplifies family organisation and management. The app's main features include a shared family calendar, to-do lists, shopping lists, and a recipe box. With Cozi, family members can collaborate and share information in real time, making it easier to coordinate schedules, plan events, and stay organised.

The app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.While the app's basic version is free, the premium version, Cozi Gold, offers additional features such as ad-free usage, calendar change notifications, and more.

Best Features of Cozi Family Planner

These are some key features of the Cozi app:

  • Allows family members to view and edit a shared calendar in real-time
  • Helps families stay organised by creating and sharing to-do lists for tasks and errands
  • Enables family members to collaborate on shopping lists, ensuring that everyone has a say in what is needed at the grocery store
  • Allows families to save and share recipes, making meal planning and grocery shopping more efficient
  • Sends reminders for upcoming appointments, events, and tasks, helping families stay on top of their busy schedules
  • The premium version of the app provides additional features such as ad-free usage, calendar change notifications, and more
  • Cozi integrates with popular digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • The app allows families to customise their settings and preferences, including colour themes, notifications, and reminders
  • Cozi Family Planner app is built with strong security features to ensure that users' information is kept private and secure.

Final Thoughts: Cozi Planner

Cozi is a great app for any family, no matter what the size. Busier and larger families will of course benefit from using a planning application like this, just to keep every family member involved in scheduling and organising events, trips, holidays and more.

Cozi isn't an award winner for design, but it will get your family together in base.


Cozi Family Planner app is designed to help families stay organized and connected, making it easier to manage busy schedules and keep everyone on the same page.

Easy to Use

The app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and intuitive, making it accessible for all family members, including children and older adults.


With its many features such as calendars, to-do lists, and shopping lists, Cozi Family Planner helps families save time and avoid using various apps or paper lists.

What is in Cozi Planner Premium?

Cozi Gold is the premium version of the Cozi Family Planner app, which offers additional features beyond the basic free version.

  • Ad-free usage: The premium version of the app is ad-free, providing a more streamlined and uninterrupted experience for users.
  • Calendar change notifications: Cozi Gold sends notifications to users when changes are made to the family calendar, ensuring that everyone is up-to-date and aware of any schedule changes.
  • Birthday tracker: Cozi Gold allows users to track and organise birthdays, making it easier to remember and celebrate special occasions.
  • Multiple reminders: With Cozi Gold, users can set multiple reminders for appointments, events, and tasks, helping to ensure that nothing is forgotten or missed.
  • Contacts management: Cozi Gold includes a feature for managing family and emergency contacts, making it easier to access important information when needed.
  • Premium support: Cozi Gold users have access to premium support from the Cozi team, providing personalised assistance and troubleshooting if needed.

Understanding Cozi

Questions, answered!

What is Cozi Calendar?

A specialised calendar app for family members - to help manage to-do, schedule and calendar events in one base.

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