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TimeTree App Review

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TimeTree wants to be a simple calendar app for the masses. It's a colour-coded calendar app that helps you share calendars with friends, family and team members to easily organise events.

TimeTreet Calendar Mobile App

What is TimeTree App?

TimeTree is a mobile calendar app for sharing your calendar with others.

What does TimeTree do?

and scheduling app designed to help individuals, families, and groups organize their time and collaborate seamlessly. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, TimeTree makes it effortless to manage schedules, coordinate events, and stay connected with loved ones or colleagues.

At the core of TimeTree is its shared calendar functionality, allowing multiple users to create and share events, tasks, and appointments. A great calendar app for friends to use.

Whether you need to coordinate family activities, plan work projects, or schedule social gatherings, TimeTree provides a centralized platform where everyone can access and contribute to the calendar effortlessly. TimeTree offers a range of features to enhance productivity and organization. Users can create colour-coded events, set reminders, and sync their calendars with other popular calendar apps for easy integration.

TimeTree Best Features

These are some of TimeTree, the social calendar app features for organising time.

1. Sharing Events

TimeTree is perfect for sharing events with friends, teams and family members. Instead of having the whiteboard calendar in your kitchen, you can use an app to organise what's going on to manage things like appointments, childcare, meetings and so on.

TimeTree social calendar with shared events.

By sharing events you avoid any miscommunication, overlapping events and forgotten important appointments. You can see your own calendar and others combined in one space to glance over and see what's happening each day.

2. Colour-Coding

Colour-coding calendars, events, appointments and other tasks inside the calendar makes it easy for everyone to see what's going on. For example, a family can have a colour for each member and a single colour for joint events or tasks.

Teams can use different colours for each team, for meetings, events and tasks too. You probably get where this is going. So, when you open up the TimeTree calendar, you will see all the colours in one space, making it easy to see who is where and doing what.

3. Sync and Share Calendars

The main feature of TimeTree social calendar is the ability to sync existing calendars so everything is in one place and share your calendar with others.

By syncing your existing calendars you can manage other events and tasks in one space, for example, you may have a work calendar for meetings and events, and you can sync with TimeTree to manage everything in one app.

This speeds up processes and makes sure you dont overlap or forget anything important.

4. Notifications

You don't have to worry about miscommunication or forgotten events and tasks. TimeTree notifies anyone in the calendar of any changes, updates or events. Meaning you dont have to worry about sending everyone a message or email.

TimeTree sends notifications to all members when changes are made to the calendars.

Whenever someone changes their own personal event or a group event, a notification is automatically sent to other devices so members of the TimeTree calendar stay up to date.

How much does TimeTree cost?

TimeTree is free with a $4.49 per month or $44.99 per year premium.

The premium upgrade for TimeTree will give you added features such as file attachments, which could be handy for adding letters for appointments, priority settings for making sure the most important tasks are done first and a vertical view for seeing the calendar in different layouts.

TimeTree Verdict

TimeTreet Calendar Mobile App

TimeTree is a really clever tool for creating a shared social calendar between friends, families and teams. It saves a lot of hassle and time organising and remembering tasks, events, appointments and much more.

It's also just a great way to see what everyone is doing and where any free time is in order to plan days out, trips, holidays, meetings or whatever else, maybe just a break.

Best TimeTree Alternatives

Hunting for TimeTree alternatives? We'd recommend the following apps:

  • Cozi Family Planner is a great app for families
  • Rise Calendar wants to be a more focused place to work for general use
  • Google Calendar is a good mobile alternative to TimeTree


This is a neat feature of TimeTree to live next to your calendar by helping you capture pinned memo items like to-dos and objectives.


TimeTree is known for sharing abilities. As a calendar app for friends, TimTree presents one of the better ways to collaborate with family members' schedules.


As a social calendar, TimeTree allows you to chat with your family members to coordinate events and meetings.

Are TimeTree calendars private?

TimeTree have a clear privacy policy and you can read that here as this changes.

What are the benefits of the TimeTree app?

The benefits of TimeTree is having your social calendar weave into your own calendar. For many people like small families and friendship circles this matters so much.

Does TimeTree sync with Google Calendar?

TimeTree syncs with Google Calendar meaning you can see events added there. This might require and import, but is possible with TimeTree.

TimeTree: Social Calendar App

Top Questions about TimeTree Calendar

Where is TimeTree based?

They are based in Tokyo, Japan.

Can I share my TimeTree Calendar?

This is one of TimeTree's defining features for collaborating with others on a set event or what's on the agenda, your family will need to have TimeTree to see the calendar in a sharable mode?

Can you add memos to TimeTree?

Yes, you can pin memos to the top of your calendar which is great for seeing important notes and objectives that you might want to achieve that will help define your calendar app for friends.

Does TimeTree have a premium pricing?

Yes. You can upgrade TimeTree to premium on iOS for £34.99.

Who is TimeTree for?

TimeTree is a collaborative calendar app for those who want a better way to organise events, plan meetings, or share calendars with family and friends so everyone knows what each other is doing.

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