Best Free Calendar Apps for Better Scheduling

Best Free Calendar Apps

There are tons of calendar applications popping up now that cost money, but what about all these free apps some of us already know and use? Here are more free calendar apps.

Free Calendar Apps for Better Scheduling

Here's our recommended list of the best free or low-cost calendar apps:

We have collected the best free calendar apps for organisation, management, meetings, family planning and more. You can pay for more advanced calendar apps, however, we think the calendar apps listed here are some of the best you can find for little to no money.

The calendars in this list are not ranked from best to worst, it's up to you to decide which free calendar app will work best for you and your calendar management needs.

Best Free Calendar App For All Round Use

Manage your Google Calendar Week View

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a free calendar application that most of us have probably used at some point. It is a reliable, simple calendar app, perfect for both work and personal use.

You can integrate other calendars or emails into your Google Calendar, useful if you are already within the Google ecosystem. From here you can see all calendar events in one place and organise them using colours to differentiate between work and personal.

Overall, Google Calendar is great for all-around use for managing events, organising tasks, combining your email with a calendar and more. Google Calendar is a good place to start.

Does Google Calendar Have Premium Service?

Most people use Google Calendar for free, however, you can upgrade to Google Workspace to add premium features to both Google Calendar and Google Meet.

  • Multiple meeting types.
  • Have automatic email reminders.
  • Calendar checked for any conflicting events and dates.

Free Plan Features

Google Calendar has all the features you would expect and need inside a free calendar app. Here are some extra free plan features you can use with Google Calendar.

  • Create spaces to see calendars side by side.
  • Organise tasks and events with colours.
  • Schedule meetings.
  • View your Today plan.
  • Set out-of-office times.
  • See your entire calendar for a year.

You can read more about different Google Calendar features for work and business here.

Fantastical 3 screen, week view, with weather and upcoming events

The Basics of Fantastical 3

With Fantastical you can organise events, tasks and meeting all in one space. Fantastical also offers a really simple calendar space that feels familiar to other applications.

You can use colours, drag and drop to organise, tons of different views, attach files and photos and more to help organise and plan your calendar application.

Fantastical can be used on all your devices and has extra features such as weather predictions, timezones, focus mode and other abilities to create a well-organised space.

What's Fantastical 3's Premium Like?

With Fantastical Premium you get all of the essential calendar abilities plus extra productivity features such as.

  • Calendar sets for multiple calendar viewing.
  • Travel time for blocking out how long your journey will take.
  • Collaboration features such as Zoom integration.
  • Customisation features such as themes and colours.

Free Plan Features

With the free plan of Fantastical, you get the following essential calendar app features.

  • Adding events and tasks.
  • Full-day view of day, week, month, quarter year and year.
  • Weather forecasts.
  • Location event details.
  • Task support and task app integrations.

You can learn more about Fantastical 3 pricing and additional features here on their website.

Best Free Calendar App For Mac Users

Connect Notion to Cron Calendar

About Cron

Cron Calendar is a great free calendar application for managing meetings, organising events, seeing different timezones and also optimising your own time.

Cron has a sleek interface making this app enjoyable to use and it's especially good on Mac. View your calendar in a grid format which, see all tasks and events colour coded and even block out time to make sure no meetings or events are booked during a specific time.

Overall, Cron has a very Apple Calendar feel to it, meaning new users will immediately feel familiar and able to navigate the app. It's all around and great for meetings and events too.

Does Cron Have A Premium Service?

Cron doesn't currently have a premium service, right now users can install Cron for free to test out the calendar application and see what they think.

Free Plan Features

Cron comes with the essential calendar application features you would expect.

  • Adding tasks and events.
  • Time block spaces.
  • Use Notion with Cron to add tasks and calendars together.
  • Set reminders.
  • Collaborate with others.

Notion has recently acquired Cron so you can now manage your task and projects alongside your Cron calendar. This is great for existing users of Notion to now manage their time using a calendar application too.

Best Free Calendar App For Personal Use

New calendar apps for 2023 Daybridge.

What is Daybridge?

Daybridge is a calendar application with a clean and simple interface that offers a space that combines notes, tasks and events, meaning users can stay inside one application.

With Daybridge you can also use the focus feature by time-blocking periods throughout the day for studying, working, or taking a break from work.

You can also use a feature called quick suggestions for quickly adding in tasks and events with suggested titles, icons and categories, perfect for managing your time efficiently.

Daybridge Premium Offering

Daybridge is still in public beta so there isn't a premium offering as such. Instead, you can use Daybridge to test it out and see what the app offers.

Free Plan Features

Here are some features you can use in Daybridge for organising your calendar.

  • Bring in information from existing calendars to organise inside Daybridge.
  • Use time blocking to plan your day.
  • Add in travel information for meetings and events.
  • Share events and pages with others.
  • Use different colours to plan and coordinate your tasks.

Aesthetically Pleasing Free Calendar Application

Morgen Meeting Scheduler Tool

The Basics of Morgen Calendar

With Morgen Calendar you can consolidate your calendars so you can view everything in one place, it also creates a space to manage meetings, tasks, to-dos and events all inside its beautiful calendar interface.

Morgen is like an all-rounder calendar app, having the ability to manage your to-do list and drag and drop items into your calendar, you can also block out time for meetings, share your availability links and create your own booking page with details.

Overall, Morgen is a great calendar for organising business meetings, sharing availability and managing to-dos all inside one calendar application.

Does Morgen Calendar Have A Premium Service?

You can upgrade to premium with Morgen, when you choose to upgrade you will have all the existing features with added extras, these include.

  • Unlimited calendar accounts, so you can truly have them all in Morgen.
  • Other task management tools can be integrated with Morgen.
  • Personal branding booking page.
  • Zapier task integrations.

Free Plan Features

With Morgen, you can use a ton of features with their free version before paying to upgrade.

  • One calendar account can be added.
  • A personal booking page, not branded.
  • Unlimited tasks and task lists.
  • Virtual meeting tools integrations like Zoom and Google Meet.

You can read more about Morgen's pricing list here and the different features you can use.

Best Free Calendar App For Mobile Use

Vimcal, Fast Calendar App, Home Desktop

What is Vimcal Calendar?

Vimcal Calendar is said to be a super fast calendar application to help speed up processes of adding tasks, managing events, organising your calendar and more.

Vimcal uses hotkeys and natural language input to speed up adding new events to your calendar. Simply begin typing and you will see suggestions you can quickly add to bulk out the detail of your event.

Vimcal also uses an AI scheduling assistant to help speed up organising your calendar. It helps with finding times for meetings and sharing availability quickly.

Does Vimcal Have a Premium Offering?

Yes, you can upgrade your Vimcal account to access premium features. You can try the app for free on a desktop but will need to then pay for Vimcal, on IOS it will be free.

Some of the premium features include.

  • Use polls for groups.
  • Add the menu bar app for Mac
  • Add the Chrome extension for quick access.
  • Get unlimited personal booking links.
  • Get rid of the "created with Vimcal" signature.

Free Plan Features

You can use Vimcal for free on iOS. Here are some of the features you can use on mobile.

  • Use the calendar to organise events and tasks.
  • Use drag and drop to move things around.
  • See multi-time zone conversions.
  • Access dark mode
  • Merge duplicated events.

You can check out Vimcal pricing here and see how it differs for different devices.

Best Free Calendar App For Security

Skiff Email, Manage Email Privately, Skiff App

The Basics of Skiff

Skiff is known for being a privacy-based calendar application, with other products you can also download like email and documents. With Skiff, you can trust end-end encryption to manage your email, calendar and documents in one place if you choose to have them all.

There are no trackers or advertisements inside Skiff, it's also open source and uses external security audits. So you can say this bundle of applications are pretty safe to use.

Skiff Calendar is one of the products you can use, the calendar allows for video conferencing, auto-syncing events, shared calendars and sharing invites.

What Are Skiff's Premium Features?

You can download all of Skiff's products to receive the ultimate premium experience of managing everything in one place including documents and email. However, if you just want to access the calendar you get nearly all the same features as you would just using the free version.

Free Plan Features

Using the Skiff calendar you will receive these free features.

  • Integrated video conferencing.
  • Auto-sync emails with events.
  • Integrate other calendars.
  • Share calendars.
  • Use recurring and repeated events.

If you are interested in Skiff and its other products, you can view all Skiff products and pricing here.

Best Free Calendar App For Meetings

Manage Zoom Calendar for your Events and Meetings

What is Zoom Calendar?

Zoom Calendar and email can be added to your existing Zoom account, making it even easier to access events, and emails and manage meetings with your team.

Zoom is a super basic and easy application to use, now able to integrate your Gmail and other calendars into it. You can access meetings straight from the Zoom calendar to avoid having to switch between accounts.

You can then use the Zoom Calendar and email client to quickly send details of your meetings to others all inside one simple and easy-to-use space most people are already familiar with.

Does Zoom Calendar Have Premium?

You can upgrade your Zoom experience and have all the add ons including the calendar and mail abilities. Some of the premium features you get when you upgrade Zoom are.

  • More cloud storage.
  • Longer meeting times.
  • Managed domains.
  • Translated captions.

Free Plan Features

With the free version of Zoom, you can access the original Zoom features of having meetings for up to 40 minutes as well as the mail and calendar client. The Email and Calendar client just helps you integrate these tools into Zoom so you can create a more all-around experience for meetings and clients.

You can read more about Zoom pricing plans and features here.

Rise Calendar, Focused Time, Calendar App

Perfect for booking meetings and getting more of your own focus time back, Rise Calendar is one of the best new calendar apps for managing meetings with external and internal.

If you wanted to share your link externally, you can book meetings like Calendly, but internally it uses AI to manage and find the most suitable suggestions for you.

Free Plan Features

Rise Calendar offers free access for up to 5 members with all features, not bad. For those who want to upgrade this will get pricier at 20EUR per user, per month.

The Best Free Calendar App Category Winners

Now we have covered the best free calendar application for calendar management and organisation, let's break down which calendars are best for different categories or uses.

Best Free Secure Calendar: Skiff

For best calendar security we have Skiff. Skiff uses end-end encryption to ensure all information and data is private and secure. This is perfect for anyone sharing sensitive information about business, money, sending attachments, requesting meetings and so on.

Best All Round Free: Google Calendar

Google Calendar will probably always be the best all-around free calendar app for general use and calendar management. It's easy to understand and get around, it also provides all the basics you will need to manage events.

Best Mobile Calendar App: Vimcal

Vimcal provides the best mobile calendar service that is also super fast and super simple to use. Vimcal has a familiar interface and allows for quick adding events to manage and organise time efficiently, all on your iOS mobile device.

Best Free Mac Calendar App: Cron

Finally, we have Cron for the best free calendar app on Mac. Cron is great for organising events and planning online meetings. It provides a free space to manage your time, to see timezones and you can now use it with Notion to have your tasks and calendar together.

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