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Unlock your calendar with Calendars by Readdle - a better way to manage calendar on iOS and macOS with friendly look and functional features for better planning & routines.

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What is Calendars?

Calendars by Readdle is a mobile calendar app for iOS, designed to help users stay on top of their schedules, plan events and manage their appointments efficiently. This mobile calendar app provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to create, view, and edit events with ease.

Calendars by Readdle's natural language input feature lets users create events using simple language, which can save time and effort.

Calendars by Readdle Features

These are the key features of Calendars 5.

  • User-friendly interface for creating, viewing, and editing events.
  • Natural language input for creating events quickly and easily.
  • Integration with popular calendars such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Reminders feature that sends notifications for upcoming events and appointments.
  • Customisation options, including different colours, icons, and themes.
  • Location-based alerts and time zone support.
  • Task lists for managing to-dos and deadlines.

Best Suited For

Calendars is a great mobile calendar app and now macOS experience. It's a powerful scheduling app that can benefit anyone who needs to manage their time effectively and plan events. Routines help better plan too and get into a flow of habits.

Its range of features and user-friendly interface make it an attractive option for professionals, students, freelancers, and anyone who wants to stay on top of their schedule.

User Friendly

Calendars 5 has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, plan events and understand, even for new users.

Natural Language

Calendars 5 allows users to create and plan events using natural language input, meaning they can create events using simple language such as "Meet Sam for coffee tomorrow at 2 pm."


Integrate with calendars such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook, making it easy for users to keep all of their events and appointments in one place.

Calendars: Readdle's Calendar

Understanding Calendars

What is the difference between Calendars & Calendars 5?

Both developed by Readdle, Calendars is the newer name for Calendars 5.

How many people use Readdle Calendars?

20M people use Calendars worldwide, according to Readdle.

What mobile calendar apps compare to Calendars by Readdle?

Other mobile calendar applications like Calendars 5 are; Google Calendar, Fantastical, Amie and

Can I use Calendars 5 on other devices?

Calendars 5 can be synced across all Apple devices, so you can plan events on the go and stay on top of your schedule.

Can I sync other calendars with Calendars by Readdle?

Yes, follow these steps to sync other calendars to your mobile calendar app.

1. Head into settings inside the app.

2. Find 'Connected Accounts' and tap 'Add Account'.

3. Select the account you want to add and input the details.

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