Spark Mail

Spark Mail

An email application to refine your workflow, organise your mailbox and collaborate within teams.

What's good about Spark Mail

What's good

  • Automation
  • Collaboration
  • Security
What's not good about Spark Mail

What's not good

  • Limited Customisation

Spark Mail Key Features

Spark Mail Key feature #1


Automatically mark emails as important, or not using the Smart Inbox.

Spark Mail Key feature #2


Share inboxes, and templates, assign tasks and more to collaborate effectively with your team.

Spark Mail Key feature #3


Use the Gatekeeper feature to block incoming mail to stop future unwanted emails from landing in your mailbox.

What is Spark Mail?

Spark Mail claims to help you refine your workflow using tools to cut out the noise, collaborate with your team, and organise your inbox.

With Spark Mail, you can build new email habits to make your emailing experience stress free, fun and easy. You have full control over what goes on!

There are many useful features within this email application, all of which you are sure to use.

Mark emails as done, set aside important emails, assign tasks and chat with your team.

Spark Mail also focuses on your security and privacy, using Google Cloud for data encryption.

Key Features of Spark Mail

These are some of the key features and values of Spark Mail

  • Smart Inbox - Automatically mark emails as important, or not.
  • Gatekeeper - Choose to block an incoming email.
  • Group by Sender - Create bundles from important or preferred senders, everything is in one place and easily accessible.
  • Pin - Pin important emails in any location, for example at the top of your ‘work’ folder.
  • Done Marker - Mark emails as done, like a task.
  • Command Center - This shows you actions to use and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Collaborate - Share inboxes, and templates, assign tasks and more.

Inbox Feature:

Spark Mail's inbox feature allows users to take control of their inboxes. It works in the background to automatically mark emails as important, or not and allows the user to block incoming emails.

Users can also create bundles from important or preferred senders, so all emails from one sender are in one place. Pinning an email is also available, allowing you to quickly access important emails.

The inbox feature also has a 'Done Marker' that allows users to mark emails as done, like a task. This feature can help organise emails and keep track of what needs to be done.

The Command Center allows users to quickly view available actions, as well as keyboard shortcuts. This makes the inbox feature user-friendly and easy to use.

Best Suited For

Spark Mail is good for personal use, however, its collaboration and communication features make this a great app for teams.

Being able to share draft emails, chat in private threads and share email templates saves a lot of time, cuts out the need for meetings and will increase team productivity.

It’s an easy application to get started with, so beginners would love Spark Mail. The interface is clean and enjoyable too!

Questions on Spark Mail

How Spark Mail works


The team responded: "OAuth authentication is used in Spark whenever the email server makes it possible.

Spark needs to check and send emails from your email account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to read or compose emails in the app. This is how every email client works."

Comparisons to Spark Mail

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