Zoom Review

Detailed Review of Zoom: Best Features, Pricing & More

Zoom is an online meeting tool for teams to communicate together.

Zoom, Call between 5 people, Managing Work


Zoom is well-known as the place for meetings, many people refer to calls online as "zooms" even if the tool isn't Zoom.


These are meetings that Zoom offers that allow attendees in - managed more effectively for workshop creators to build a business around.


You can now collaborate whilst on a call with Zoom's own whiteboard feature - many of these features are expanding in Zoom to calendar, mail and more.

How Zoom Works

Understanding Zoom further

What does Zoom offer now?

Zoom presents the following tools; meetings, team chat, VoIP phone calls, whiteboards, email and calendar - with more rolling out.

Is Zoom still popular?

Yes and no. The pandemic made it the household name it is, but Zoom competitors like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Whereby all began building out their experience leaving Zoom on a back foot.

How long is the Zoom 1:1 meeting limit?

You can do a 1:1 call with someone for 40 minutes for free.

How long can I run a Zoom meeting?

In Zoom's Pro and Business plans, you can run a meeting for up to 30hrs long.

Can I use Zoom Email with my Gmail email?

Yes. You can use Zoom Email and Calendar by signing into any Google or Google Workspace Gmail accounts.

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