The most-talked app during the pandemic Zoom now offers an array of tools for work.

What's good about Zoom

What's good

  • Meetings
  • Webinars
  • Whiteboard
What's not good about Zoom

What's not good

  • Pricey

Zoom Key Features

Zoom Key feature #1


Zoom is well-known as the place for meetings, many people refer to calls online as "zooms" even if the tool isn't Zoom.

Zoom Key feature #2


These are meetings that Zoom offers that allow attendees in - managed more effectively for workshop creators to build a business around.

Zoom Key feature #3


You can now collaborate whilst on a call with Zoom's own whiteboard feature - many of these features are expanding in Zoom to calendar, mail and more.

How Zoom Works

Understanding Zoom further

Zoom presents the following tools; meetings, team chat, VoIP phone calls, whiteboards, email and calendar - with more rolling out.

Similar Tools to Zoom

Alternatives to Zoom

Slack featured image

Now Salesforce-owned Slack offers team chat, video, audio and a growing toolkit.

Miro featured image

Collaborate with your team in all settings using a collaborative whiteboard app.

Loom  featured image

An async, remote method of communication with your team through video recordings.

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