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Fantastical 3 Review

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Manage your calendar in one of the best calendar apps on the market for light use. Fantastical is a really neat calendar to help organise and visualise your schedules and routines.

Fantastical 3, iPad with Event Open in Location Mode

What is Fantastical 3?

Fantastical 3 is a powerful calendar tool designed to help users stay organised and on top of their schedules. Fantastical 3 offers a great calendar experience with its intuitive interface and powerful features.

The app is easy to navigate and provides several ways to view your calendar, including day, week, month, and year, to make scheduling and planning easier.

Fantastical 3 Best Features

Fantastical offers one of the best all-round calendar feature sets, here's the best bits:

Fantastical Natural Language Input for Calendar

1. Natural Language Events

Fantastical allows users to quickly and easily add events to the calendar using natural language. This means as you type you create an event to be readily scheduled into your calendar.

For example, if you type "doctor's appointment on Saturday morning at 9 am" the event will be added to that date and time thanks to Natural Language. This means you can quickly add in events when they pop up and not have to scroll through and manually add them into a box on your calendar.

When adding tasks and events you can also add details such as location-based reminders, standard reminders, and notes and even use task templates to help.

Fantastical Tasks

2. Multiple Views & Task View

By having multiple view options you can zoom into and out of your calendar to change your focus on events. You can see your day schedule, week, month and year.

There's also a DayTicker view to see all upcoming tasks and events in one place so you can go ahead and plan for your day.You can also view your tasks alongside your calendar, making Fantastical tick tons of boxes when it comes to time management. You can then manage your tasks inside your calendar too.

3. Customisations

Fantastical is a very beautiful calendar app with the ability to add different colours to tasks to help users visualise the difference between work tasks, personal or whatever else you decide.

You can also use light and dark themes to your preference, typically users like to use the light theme during the day and dark at night, or dark all the time to help stop eye strain.

4. Conference Calls

Many people enjoy using Fantastical because it's easier to hold meetings, arrange calls and schedule time to work within teams.

First of all, Fantastical makes scheduling meetings and calls easier since it will automatically suggest the best times to meet. This cuts out the need for back-and-forth communication and speeds up the process.

You can then instantly click to join meetings and start meetings with integrated apps such as Google Meet and Zoom. When you send invitations for meetings to others they receive all the info they need and can also click to join.

A truly credible productivity application and one of the best calendar apps out there.

Fantastical 3 Pricing

Let's take a look at the Fantastical pricing.

How Much Does Fantastical 3 Cost?

Fantastical 3 comes with a free and a premium upgrade, when you choose to upgrade you also get something called Cardhop which essentially allows you to better manage your contacts and details.

  • Free - A very basic version of Fantastical 3, you can add accounts, add tasks, use notifications, use different calendar views and only have one calendar set.
  • Premium is $5 for individuals or $5 per team member, and $8.33 for families up to five people - This unlocks everything for Fantasical 3, including the ability to customise, collaborate, see weather forecast, travel time and much much more.

Best Alternatives of Fantastical 3

There are a few Fantastical 3 alternatives to consider, we pick these two new calendar apps. Vimcal and Rise are both solid selections with similar grade features.


A small but much loved featured is seeing daily and weekly weather forecasts, one for those who like to see in tandem


Manage your tasks alongside your calendar, like Morgen Calendar, with an optional Todoist integration too - to see everything in one


One of the best designs out there for calendar, with limitations that it is Apple-centric meaning you can get only on Apple devices

Understanding Fantastical Calendar

Questions, answered!

Where is Fantastical available?

Fantastical works seamlessly across your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

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