Productivity Apps (5+ Years Old)

All Long Standing Productivity Apps (Free & Paid)

Productivity apps that have been around for longer than 5 years. Here's our selection of the long standing productivity apps to explore. These originals include tools like Evernote for notes, Asana for projects and Todoist for task management with a long standing track record in productivity software.

Nozbe is a simple project management tool to manage work and life tasks.

Microsoft Excel is for spreadsheets and data to help you manage information.

A piece of paper. A white or lined piece of paper for writing notes, ideas and more.

An all-in-one type note-taking tool with notes, calendar & tasks in one base.

Use boards, timelines, calendar and more to plan and manage projects with your team.

A no-code workspace for collaboration and organisation amongst teams.

All round project management software popular with multiple departments.

Wrike is a project management software popular with marketing & sales teams.

A daily planner application with a healthy work/life balance front of mind.

Manage projects in one of the best all-round project management tools.

A beautifully designed calendar app with events, tasks, integrations and much more.

A general all-around note-taking app, including light tasks and calendar abilities.