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Tweek Calendar Review

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Tweek Calendar App, Planning Calendar and Tasks

Tweek wants to help you manage your tasks and calendar in one base. A simple system that many people enjoy using for week planning.

What is Tweek?

Tweek is a simple calendar app with task management abilities.

What does Tweek do?

Tweek is a calendar, weekly planner, and task management app designed to help you plan things in a very traditional fashion.

It sort of resembles a paper effect, allowing you to see your week ahead, including weekends, as well as an area at the bottom for Someday. Tweek is very simple in nature and allows you to add tasks with highlights to ensure you don't miss any.

Tweek Calendar - Add new Task

It offers additional features such as reminders, Google Calendar sync, recurring tasks, and an upgraded color palette to make your account look a bit clearer. Inside tasks, you can add more details, and in the premium account, you can also add subtasks.

It's very basic in nature, but it does allow you to collaborate with other people if you set up your calendars too.

Best Features in Tweek

Tweek has a few features that set it apart.

1. Week View

It is very much focused on weekly planning, which allows you to coordinate your tasks in a very visual fashion, similar to another application on the market called TeuxDeux, which enables you to see all your tasks and what you need to do at a glance, which is really nice.

2. Printable Planner

Printable Planner, Tweek Calendar

Many people like Tweek because it can be printed as well, which means you could spend a little bit of time preparing for the week ahead and then print it off to see it in an individual format at your desk.

For some, this takes them away from the desk and allows them to focus on the task at hand. Now, this application does have a few features under the premium function.

Someday inside Tweek Calendar

3. Free Access

However, you can pretty much get started with a Tweek free account and highlight your tasks that are important. There is also an area that allows you to see what you want to drag into your system as well, and you can plan ahead too, which is helpful. Tweek is very basic in nature, but one that could be quite helpful.

How much does Tweek Calendar cost?

Tweek Calendar is $4 per month.

Tweek Calendar Pricing: Explained

Here's an outline of the Tweek Calendar pricing.

Pricing Plan for Tweek calendar app

Tweek Calendar: Verdict

Tweek calendar is a good choice if you're looking for a simple calendar application to get you started. To be honest, it's got no frills and spills, and while the premium version definitely has a few bonuses, largely, this application is going to impress you if you want something simple without the complexities of apps like Todoist.

It allows you to plan tasks and highlight them for the week ahead.

Easy to Use

Tweek is very easy to use because it combines tasks and calendar in one but with a simple app that makes it perfect for all ages, and fields.

Task Calendar Combo

Seeing upcoming tasks means you can plan ahead using dates in mind.

Solo Users

Teams and families can use this, but Tweek is most popular with solo users.

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