8 Best Reminder Apps & Tools for 2024

Best Reminder Apps and Tools

Ah, reminder applications, are something so simple and easy to use, but we still don’t all use them. The human brain just cannot remember everything we need, in fact, 50% of the information you receive is forgotten within an hour (according to a study). 50%!

Yes, you can write down things to remember on paper but how often do you lose this piece of paper? Or forget where it is, so then you need to write on another piece of paper to remind yourself where your reminders are and to remind yourself to remember your reminders?

With a simple reminder app for your phone or desktop, you eliminate half the problem. No more forgetting what you needed to do, and no more forgetting when you needed to do it.

Within this list, you'll find a reminder app that's perfect for you and you'll never forget anything important ever again.

What is a Reminder App?

Reminder apps come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can use a super simple task reminder app on your mobile, or you can create a more in-depth workspace for organising lists and to-dos with desktop reminders that sync to your mobile.

All reminder apps do the same thing, they want to remind you of the things you need to get done each day. This helps add structure and stability to your day, therefore increasing productivity and helping you feel a sense of achievement when you tick things off your list.

Some reminder apps might integrate with your calendar to automatically add events, you may also want to collaborate with task apps and send reminders to teams and set up repeating notifications throughout the day to further remind you to complete a task.

Overall, a reminder app gives you a space to dump everything you need to complete in the upcoming weeks or months so you don't forget anything.

What Features Does A Reminder App Need?

When looking for the best reminder app for you, take into account the following factors to make sure you're downloading the most useful and productive reminders app to suit your needs.

  • Quickly Add Tasks - The ability to quickly input tasks both saves time and makes the experience of using the reminder app a lot smoother.
  • Excellent Notifications - The whole point of using a reminder app is to receive notifications that work. You can find some apps with location-based reminders, time-based reminders and more.
  • Additional Task Management - You can pick a simple daily reminder app or a more in-depth calendar reminder app, mobile reminder app and more. If you need to organise and manage tasks in a more detailed way.
  • Minimal and Intuitive Interface - You want an app that is easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. Having an intuitive interface also makes the experience smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Sync to Devices - If you're a busy person on the go, you'll want your reminders to sync between your desktop reminders, mobile phone reminders and maybe even your Apple Watch reminders.

8 Best Reminder Apps for 2024

Here’s our list of the best reminder apps for…

  • 1. Due - Simple reminder application for easy use
  • 2. Any.DO - Calendar based task list for reminders
  • 3. Things 3 - Pack together tasks and personal projects
  • 4. Microsoft To-Do - A simple to-do list app with reminders
  • 5. Todoist (Premium Locked) - Organisational to-do list and reminders
  • 6. TickTick - Tasks and calendar app with reminders
  • 7. Google Keep - Digital Post-it notes for your device
  • 8. Google Tasks - Quickly capture and manage tasks

The following best reminder apps are in no particular order, we think they're all great in their particular way.

1. Due

Simple reminder app with persistent reminders.

Due reminder tool for Mac and iPhone for persistent reminders to get things done.
  • Pricing - $7.99 - Available in SetApp
  • Platforms - iOS, MacOS.
  • Best Features - Lightening fast, quick add, persistent reminders, timers for repeat errands.

Why is Due The Best Reminders App?

Due is a really great reminders app for both mobile, desktop and syncing with Apple Watch. You can also use Due if you have a SetApp subscription. The thing about Due is its ease of use and persistent reminders. You can quickly add tasks and time frames to Due then set reminders to keep coming until you have done the task.

Overall Due presents a nice minimal and intuitive interface that helps you manage all your daily tasks in one place, the use of continuous reminders means you are less likely to forget and more likely to complete the task, even if it's to just stop the reminders coming in.

Due also allows you to run multiple timers at once for your daily routine. For example, you could create an entire morning routine with exact timers to go through, both optimising your time and getting everything done.

Another great feature of the Due reminder app is the ability to sync between your Mac, iPhone and Apple Watch to stay on top of tasks all day. You can use iCloud or Dropbox to sync to different devices.

2. Any.DO

Turns your to-do list into reminders for completing tasks

Any.DO for managing projects
  • Pricing - $3-$5 per month.
  • Platforms - Apple, Android, Desktop, Windows.
  • Best Features - Kanban Boards, Project management, Collaboration, Daily planning.

Why is Any.DO The Best Reminders App?

Any.DO is more than a reminders app, it's a whole project management app you can use by yourself or within a team. From here, you can then set reminders for tasks and team tasks to make sure you stay on top of your daily plan.

Any.DO has additional spaces and features such as project management, chat for team collaboration and daily planning for integrating all of your tasks and creating a personal plan for the day.

You can create your customised workflow to help break down larger tasks and work through them to complete a project or achieve something new. You can also integrate tasks from other applications such as Asana and Trello. The interface for project management does look and feel a lot like Trello itself, making this another super easy app to use.

Any.DO also has tons of templates to help you quickly get started with a range of different project types. Great for working with clients, sales funnels, marketing teams and more. Just set reminders to pop up and you'll never forget a task with Any.Do.

3. Things 3

iOS-only task management app for personal and group projects

Things 3 App, MacOS and IPhone Version, Showing Task List and Today Area
  • Pricing - $49.99 Mac, $9.99 iPhone, $19.99 iPad
  • Platforms - iOS and MacOS.
  • Best Features - GTD App, calendar integration, organise tasks, add notes, location.

Why is Things 3 The Best Reminder App?

Things 3 is a very well-loved productivity app for following the GTD method, remembering tasks and organising time efficiently. With Things 3 you can plan your entire day and set helpful reminders to push you along your tasks, you can also manage larger projects.

Create separate places for types of tasks, such as work, family and personal. Inside here you can have notes and a list of tasks. You can add things such as location, priorities and dates to further organise. Set reminders to pop up when you need to complete a task or to remind you of anything coming up.

You can also add tasks that pop into your head straight into the inbox space to sort out later, making Things 3 a really quick way to jot down information and not forget a thing. Just drag and drop tasks around to rearrange and craft your daily plan.

Overall, Thinsg 3 is a very popular GTD app for those who need a streamlined place to organise all the things they need to get done.

4. Microsoft To-Do

Simple to-do list app with reminders to stay on top of tasks

Microsoft To-Do, Formerly Wunderlist, My Day View
  • Pricing - Free.
  • Platforms - Android, Windows, iOS.
  • Best Features - Daily Planner, Simple interface, Microsoft Ecosystem, share with others.

Why is Microsoft To-Do The Best Reminder App?

Microsoft To-Do is one the best reminder apps because it is just so simple and easy to use. If you are looking for a reminder app for desktop or mobile to just get through daily tasks, Microsoft To-Do is a great option. It's also a no-brainer if you're already within the Microsoft Ecosystem.

Use the My Day feature to have personalised and intelligent tasks come up for you, you can then choose which tasks you want to have in your daily plan and set reminders to alert you to complete certain tasks.

The Microsoft To-Do app can be accessed online so you can use and see your list anywhere, on desktop and mobile. Share lists with family and friends to organise events or even send lists to team members to remind them of daily tasks.

Overall, Microsoft To-Do is perfect for someone who wants a simple list of to-dos, organised well into separate folders and spaces, with added reminders to get things done.

5. Todoist

Great for teams to collaborate and set to-do lists

Todoist Projects and Task Management Application
  • Pricing - Free, $4-$6 per month.
  • Platforms - Mac, Widows, Linus, iOS, Android.
  • Best Features - Quick add tasks, priority levels, collaboration, reminders (pro plan only)

Why is Todoist The Best Reminders App?

Todoist is a great task reminder app for both personal use and use with teams. You can set priority levels, add tags and organise tasks by project, with labels and set favourites. Keep in mind though, that you can only set reminders if you have upgraded to the PRO plan of Todoist.

With the PRO plan you can unlock the use of reminders, a really helpful tool for increasing productivity a little bit further and ensuring you get things done. You can receive reminders on other apps without having to upgrade, but the PRO plan of Todoist also unlocks the ability to use AI assistant, automatic backups and create up to 300 personal projects.

Overall, Todoist is probably a more advanced to-do list app that is great for using with teams or if you have multiple projects on the go, as we said, you will have to upgrade to unlock the ability to set reminders and notifications for tasks.

6. TickTick

A place for organising tasks, calendar events and habits.

TickTick on All Devices, TickTick Best To-Do App
  • Pricing - Free, $3.99 per month.
  • Platforms - Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android.
  • Best Features - Calendar and tasks in one, habit tracking, priority lists, natural language.

Why is TickTick The Best Reminders App?

TickTick is another great app for following the GTD method, it has tons of features and abilities to help organise your life and your time through task management. You can integrate your calendar with TickTick to combine tasks and events already existing elsewhere.

TickTick also has a feature for habit tracking, a Pomodoro timer and priority lists. Anyway, this is all great as part of the app but what about being a daily task reminder app? With TickTick you can quickly add tasks with natural language to automatically add dates and times to tasks, this then prompts reminders to show up on your device to alert you of upcoming events or something you need to do.

When using TickTick on iOS or Android you can even receive location-based reminders, this works by popping up once you arrive or leave specific destinations linked to your tasks. The benefit of this is to further remind you of what needs to be done, and where you now need to go.

Overall, TickTick is a more in-depth app with added reminders for getting things done and organising your life.

7. Google Keep

A fun way to digitalise to-do lists and not lose them

Google Keep on Mobile App, iOS and Android
  • Pricing - Free.
  • Platforms - Everywhere.
  • Best Features - Digital sticky notes, audio notes, location and time reminders.

Why is Google Keep The Best Reminders App?

Google Keep is a good option for managing tasks and to-dos in a very simple setting. The app is fun and quirky with sticky notes for tasks, audio notes, images and more. You can see all your notes in one place and set reminders for each of them.

With Google Keep your reminders can be time-based to help you complete a task within a certain period, and location-based to alert you of things you need to get done when in a certain location.

Users enjoy Google Keep because it still gives you the feeling of writing down notes on sticky notes, but with Google Keep, notes are digitised and you won't lose them, or forget what you need to get done.

Overall, Google Keep is a handy little tool for setting reminders and remembering the tasks that pop into your mind throughout the day. You can then organise your tasks to complete each day.

8. Google Tasks

A great simple app for reminders within the Google Ecosystem.

Google Tasks on Android for task management and to-do lists.
  • Pricing - Free.
  • Platforms - Everywhere.
  • Best Features - Quick Capture, Minimal interface, tasks from emails, part of Google Workspace.

Why is Google Tasks The Best Reminder App?

Google Tasks is an ideal task reminder app because it's so simple and easy to use. Also great for anyone already within the Google Workspace as you can link with emails, tasks and calendars and utilise Google AI assistance.

Organise tasks with priorities and due dates and set reminders to pop up when you need to complete a task or you have an upcoming event. Create tasks directly from emails to speed up time and set due dates right away.

With Google Tasks you can also break down larger tasks into smaller more manageable tasks, a great GTD method for working towards achieving goals and making sure things get done properly within a certain time frame. Set due dates and reminders for each of these tasks too.

Overall, Google Tasks is great if you are already within the Google Workspace, it's also a nice and easy app to begin using to set reminders and get things done.

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