Manage your tasks with one of the best all-round as a task management app and ideal for budget, everyday task management for solo users.

What's good about TickTick

What's good

  • Calendar
  • Habit-Tracking
  • Ease of Use
What's not good about TickTick

What's not good

  • Too Much

TickTick Key Features

TickTick Key feature #1


Managing a calendar (premium) alongside your task list is great for planning ahead and organising tasks alongside

TickTick Key feature #2


One of the pros is that it comes with habit-tracking too, another bonus, this can be a little bit of a pain with too much optionality.

TickTick Key feature #3

Ease of Use

Comes with a level of no learning to it, you can dive into features and learn them almost instantly with their helpful guides

What is TickTick: The Task Management App?

TickTick is a great all-round to-do and task management app because it offers a wide range of features to help you manage your tasks and stay organized.

TickTick has a user-friendly interface, allowing you to quickly and easily create tasks, assign due dates, and set reminders. Within that, you can also add notes and attachments to each task and set up recurring tasks.

One of TickTick's best features is the calendar for glancing at events and tasks in a variety of views, this is a premium feature but at a sub-$30 price point per year, many people call this the budget task management app with powerful features.

TickTick integrates with many popular services, such as Google Calendar, Evernote, and Gmail, so you can quickly access the information you need. All these features make TickTick an ideal task management app for staying organized and on top of your tasks

Alternatives to TickTick include the likes of Todoist — they are very close in nature, with TickTick offering more flexibility with the overall tool. Other alternatives to TickTick include Things 3 and Microsoft To-Do too.

Key Features of TickTick for Tasks

These are some of the most important elements of the task management app TickTick:

  • Task reminders, recurring tasks, and task prioritization help users stay organized.
  • Custom lists and subtasks, as well as the ability to collaborate on shared tasks and projects.
  • Built-in calendar function and integration with external calendars.
  • "Pomodoro timer" feature and "Smart List" feature for improved productivity and task organization.
  • Cross-device syncing and availability on multiple platforms.
  • The basic version is free, with the option to upgrade to a premium version for additional features.

How To Use TickTick as a Task Management App

Managing a task in TickTick is a straightforward process that helps users stay organized and productive. This might give you a good starting point to using the task management app for better productivity.

Here's a breakdown of the steps involved in managing a task inside TickTick:

  • Click on the "Add Task" button or use the quick task input bar. Enter a descriptive title for your task.
  • Provide additional details for your task. You can set due dates, assign the task to a specific project or list, and add relevant tags for easy categorization and filtering.
  • If needed, you can assign a priority level to your task. TickTick offers priority options such as "High," "Medium," or "Low."
  • You can create subtasks within a task, set due dates for each subtask, and mark them as completed individually.
  • You can choose to receive reminders at a specific time or location, ensuring you stay on top of important deadlines.
  • TickTick allows you to collaborate on tasks with others. You can share tasks with team members, assign tasks to specific individuals, and track progress collaboratively.
  • Mark tasks as completed, view completed tasks and visualize overall progress within projects or lists.
  • TickTick offers various views, such as list view, calendar view, or Kanban board view, to suit different preferences and work styles.
  • TickTick integrates with other popular apps and platforms, allowing you to sync your tasks with your calendar, access files from cloud storage services, and connect with other productivity tools.
  • TickTick provides the flexibility to make changes, add comments or notes, and adjust due dates as needed.

Who is TickTick Best Suited For?

TickTick is a really underrated productivity app. Alongside Todoist is offers a generalist approach as a task management app.

TickTick presents task management well by offering an array of features, while Todoist seems to get a lot of attention - TickTick is very much the silent, well-priced alternative task management app to Todoist.

Choosing between these two to-do list applications is hard, but TickTick offers additional features like timers, habits, and more with Kanban in premium which presents an interesting option for those who want to manage their tasks daily.

Using TickTick for Tasks

TickTick: The Task Management App Explained

No. TickTick is a productivity task management app, they are a US-based company.

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