3 Best Tools for Staying Focused: For Deep Focus Productivity

Cal Newport's Deep Work has sent shock waves in the productivity realm helping people enter states of "deep work" or focus. Unlock this power with these distraction-mastering tools.

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The author of this post is Francesco D'Alessio
Francesco D'Alessio

Tuesday 9th May, 2023



The Value of Focus

Every day, we lose countless hours to wasted time or distracted time. Even meetings pull us away from what Cal Newport describes as “Deep Work” — there are numerous tools that help us get more done, but what tools can help us get things done, better.

Here's how the basic concept of Deep Work operates:

Focus can be an unlocked to improved task performance and making sure you work to a marathon level of thinking versus a sprint - potentially leading to burnout.

Sound & Productivity

Endel is one of the tools we recommend for matching your sound to your own focus.

Endel is unique by using technology to adapt to your environment and health — this can be a game-changer when it comes to presenting your best self. You can use tools like Endel for not just focused, deep work states - but also sleep and relaxation. This is a fairly new medium in productivity, but one that will become more relevant.

When entering those deep work states, you can switch on Endel and potentially keep that focus with a timer, without having to worry about context-switching and even a music distracting you. Tools like this and Brain FM are becoming much more popular.

Journaling & Productivity

Constantly under-rated productivity hack is using a journal to reflect and review your work.

If you’re at work and want to understand how to better - have a conversation with yourself about how you felt, how each task impacted your day and where you can see yourself improving. The amount of times we see people not take advantage of this is huge and the results over a longer period of time can be huge for producing better quality work.

Techniques like Bullet Journals have become more popular in the last few years as an alternative to bullet journal that give you a more structured format, versus methods like morning pages which to some might feel more expressive.

Think of this as a re-charge for your brain on what happened today. A lot of value can be taken from speaking with yourself about how you are focusing on your work.

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