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Focused Work

A Pomodoro inspired timer application to help improve focus, and get more work done.

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Focused Work is a powerful timer application for motivating long periods of focused work.

What is Focused Work App?

Focused Work is a Pomodoro-inspired timer application that helps users create focus sessions to spend more time focusing on work without distractions from devices.

You can create your own focus sessions inside this app specific for your focus needs and how long you want to focus for, set reminders to stay on track, and reflect on your focus.

Overall, Focused Work is a simple timer application for creating focus sessions, tracking focus progress and creating new healthier habits to balance work and taking breaks.

Key Features of Focused Work

Here are some key features of Focused Work, the focus timer application.

  • Focus sessions can be customised easily by dragging and dropping options to create a flow that works for you.
  • Set reminders to start a session at the beginning of your day, and reminders to stay on track.
  • Built-in journal for reflecting on focus sessions to further improve your practice.
  • Track your daily goals and progress streaks to help build new habits for focus and work.
  • Use the blockers to block any distracting websites from popping up whilst you work.
  • Use lock screen widgets to further motivate focus time and start sessions straight from Siri.

Who is Focused Work Best Suited For?

Focused work is best for personal use, it's an app where you can create sessions that work for you, track your progress and also journal about your own focus experience. The price of the app is in the middle, around $5 per month, worth it if you enjoy using focus apps and this one does include useful features.

Overall, Focused Work is easy to get started with and perfect for anyone wanting to get more done. Focused Work Timer alternatives include Session and Forest.

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Learn More About Focused Work

Explore how the Timer App works

How do Focus Sessions work in Focused Work?

When creating focus sessions, simply label the session and select how long you want to focus for, and how long you want the break to be. You can drag and drop sections to customise your work day.

How do I start a focus session with Siri?

Say "Hey Siri" "Start focused work" and Siri will bring up the Focused Work app with your session ready.

Does using the Pomodoro technique work?

The Pomodoro technique does work, however, it is all preference. It's worth a try to see if this method of focusing on tasks works for you. You can always extend the focus time for longer than around 20 minutes, and change your break periods.

How do Pomodoro Timers work

Pomodoro Timers are helpful for managing your focused work sessions. Pomodoro Timers like Focused Work are used in 25 minute stints and with 5 minute breaks. Following the Pomodoro Methodology you can become more focused in your work style.

Why use Pomodoro Timers at Work?

Many people find Pomodoro Timers like Focused Work help them to be more effective by giving their employees around them set periods of time not to be interrupted with 25 minute sessions of focused work.