FLOWN wants to help you focus with sessions in small groups to boost accountability.

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Flown is a new concept for many, a virtual community to keep you focused at work. Here's our first look into it and how it works.

Flown Meetings, For Focus Management

What is FLOWN?

FLOWN is a focus session done via video call with a small group allowing you to focus together and use techniques like body doubling popular for those with ADHD.

How does FLOWN work?

FLOWN sessions are part of a membership.

Once you're in the membership, you can take part in sessions that allow you to join a group call. Each group call is designed around setting an intention, and helps a person stay focused in the two-hour time slot with others to focus on that said intention.

Focus Session Example, 2 hour focus session

FLOWN Pricing

Here's a look at the pricing per month:

FLOWN Pricing, How Much Does Flown Cost?

How much does Flown cost?

The cost is £20 per month, paid monthly, or £15 per month paid annually.

Is FLOWN Right For Me?

If you're at home struggling to focus and you think you need more accountability Flown is becoming popular for these very types of situations.

They help by allowing you to set an intent in the time blocked session and get the job done in that time. You are joined by people who are also looking to get things done and the facilitator can help support and give advice on how to stay focused.

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