Freedom blocks websites and apps to allow you to be productive. This is one of the popular focus tools for entering a state of deep work, a theory by Cal Newport.

What's good about Freedom

What's good

  • Focus
  • Productivity
  • Balance
What's not good about Freedom

What's not good

  • Needs Internet Connection

Freedom Key Features

Freedom Key feature #1


Freedom creates a space for you to fully focus on your work by blocking distractions from websites and applications.

Freedom Key feature #2


Get more done and boost productivity by successfully completing focus sessions with Freedom.

Freedom Key feature #3


Freedom promotes a healthy work/life balance, you can review your focus progress and see how you can improve the time you spend working vs relaxing.

What is Freedom?

Freedom is a blocking app or web extension used to help users focus better and boost productivity.

You can use Freedom to block websites, apps and even the whole internet. Freedom helps users break bad habits, eliminate distractions, be more productive and in due time, and build better habits!

So much time is wasted due to distraction whether that's in the form of emails, social media, notifications and so much more. With Freedom, you can truly focus, and remove anything that's stopping you.

Key Features of Freedom

These are some key features of Freedom:

  • Block an unlimited about of websites.
  • Block an unlimited amount of applications.
  • Block the entire internet!
  • Sync across devices.
  • Use preset block lists to help get you started.
  • Schedule Freedom sessions to enter the same focus time weekly or daily.
  • Locked mode prevents you from ending a Freedom session!
  • Noise for focus time.

Additional Information:


Users can create custom blocklists of websites and apps they find distracting, or they can choose from pre-made blocklists in categories like social media, news sites, or gaming.


Users can schedule recurring blocks for specific times of day, such as during work hours or before bedtime.

Locked Mode

Users can enter "Locked Mode" to block all access to the internet or selected websites and apps for a set amount of time, without the ability to override the blocks.

Best Suited For

Freedom is best suited for those who need that extra push to get things done. If you are someone who finds themselves distracted easily, Freedom can help eliminate distracting websites and apps to allow you to enter deeper focus for an extended period of time.

Understanding Freedom

Questions, answered!

Yes, Freedom allows you to lock yourself out in a focused work session to help you focus on what's at hand - choosing what apps you want to be locked out of too.

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