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reMarkable Paper Tablet Review

Best Features, Pricing, Alternatives & Verdict

reMarkable tablet is becoming a very popular household and work item that people are using to take themselves away from the screen and do some focused planning.

reMarkable, Man Using to Make Note, Folder System

What is the reMarkable tablet?

reMarkable is a paper tablet that allows you to take notes, sketch & write.

What does the reMarkable tablet do?

reMarkable 2 is the latest version of the paper tablet range.

Imagine the reMarkable as an offline e-ink iPad that helps you come away from the screen and into a focused experience for planning, thinking & sketching. People tend to be using reMarkable units to better take them away from laptops and focus in on a distraction-free layout whilst still getting work done.

reMarkable Tablet being used for review on desk

Best Features of reMarkable

Here's some of the best things we like about the reMarkable tablets:

1. Quality feel & design

Build quality of the reMarkable 2 is very good.

The general lightness, feel and the accessories all make the product feel as premium as an iPad does, without compromising on going to metal. The e-ink display works well and the build around it fits in the product well to make it feel easy to hold and portable too.

Other accessories we've used were also of good quality and made it feel premium.

2. Good Software

There's a few tools on the market that offer similar paper tablet experiences and from the ones we've tested, the best is reMarkable so far. We outline this well in our Kindle Scribe vs reMarkable 2 review that outlines how they both compare.

The combination of features like templates, storage with Google Drive and Dropbox, hand-writing summarization, read on reMarkable and more all offered a seamless experience.

3. reMarkable Apps & Sync

This is one of the bigger issues behind reMarkable.

reMarkable on Mac, Apps

The additional cloud storage that unlocks sync, back-up and more are locked under the premium subscription starting at $2.99 per month. For some people this is a drop in the ocean once they pay the upfront cost, but for other people might not like this once the have invested in such a product.

The device is usable, but the majority of feature are unlocked once you go to the monthly subscription.

How much does reMarkable cost?

reMarkable 2 starts at $299 per unit without pen, accessories or keyboard.

They do offer a range of refurbished units from the reMarkable 1 & 2 range.

reMarkable Verdict: Is it worth it?

reMarkable presents a unique system for many looking here.

Maybe apps have failed you and you're looking at an upgrade from paper that is a bit more focused. This is a truly independent device, as it cannot be massively compared to an iPad (we did it anyway - see below) and very much helps to re-align your focus on work.

You won't get on with this if you don't do offline work and don't see a fit for this in your line-up, but you will find benefit if you want a more offline way to do it.r

reMarkable is expensive, but hits another productivity issue that many people might want to address and that's focus, distraction & planning.

Less Screens

Takes you away from the constant day-to-day use of computer and work screens for productive focus offline.

Designer Feel

Quality brand and product line-up is one of the best offline productivity paper tablets.

Integrates with 365

You can use reMarkable tablets (with their premium) with Microsoft 365 allowing you to edit and notate Microsoft Word etc.

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