What is Clear?

Don't view Clear as the replacement for a fully fledged task management system like Todoist. It isn't. Clear is made to be simple and focused on light lists.

Clear has a range of users - from grocery shoppers who want a visual and fun list to wander around the supermarkets with, to those who want to create a narrowed list for their priorities and day to day focus.

Clear won't be something you jump on if you wanted more advanced features, but it does present enough for the everyday user of tasks that is more playful and fun than Apple Reminders.

Features of Clear for Tasks

Here's some of Clear's most useful features within their basic task app:

  • Create Lists - the bread and butter of Clear is pop lists that allow you to open them up and add more tasks. Once you learn how to add a task quickly, it is fun and simple to do.
  • Due Dates - you can add due dates and reminder times to each of your tasks too.
  • Themes and Colours - one of the USPs of Clear is the way you can change the lists to different colours making it truly your own.

As you can see Clear offers a simple set of features, nothing too in-depth.

If you're looking for more advanced to-do list apps, we'd recommend looking at our full guides on tools like TickTick, Todoist and Things 3 - these are great medium to high level task applications.

Who's Clear Best For?

As we mentioned above, Clear is designed for the lightweight task user.

Someone who wants an easy to use to-do list with a bit of colour and fun thrown in, with the gestures on iOS in particular being brilliant. Clear has a wide range of use and some people even use it alongside their main task apps, or project management apps too.

Well-designed and easy to use, Clear offers a feature set to get going with.


Standing the test of time, Clear has always been a gesture-based to-do list app that people love to pop open and use full range of motion in the app.


Developed with Apple in mind, the speed of Clear on iOS and macOS is decent which makes it easy to create quick lists for groceries to priorities.


Good news. The Clear team are back developing their 2nd edition of the to-do app, expect changes in the next few months in 2023.

Understanding Clear

Questions about Clear

Is Clear a good grocery to-do list app?

Yes. The simple nature of lists are fun to pop open when you're searching for groceries and for anything else checklist based. Clear is neat to-do list app for groceries.

When is Clear 2 coming?

The team are actively working on the Clear re-launch. This will be in 2023, but offers improvements on typeface, features & more.

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