Best Todoist Alternatives for To-Do List Management

Todoist Alternatives

Let's see what Todoist alternatives are available out there. Whilst Todoist is super, it might not be for everyone. Perhaps you want a more simple to-do app, or a more complex one.

A to-do list combined with a task management app like Todoist, is great for mixing the two together. You can manage more in-depth tasks, with sub-tasks, assignees and more. Or stick with your simple tick list of to-dos. Todoist is a solid recommendation of ours.

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We have gathered some great Todoist alternatives, let's dive in:

Best Todoist Alternatives

Here are some of the best 10 apps like Todoist for you to check out, including more in-depth task management applications, and a simpler approach to managing your to-dos and daily tasks. We've matched these to be as helpful as possible for you.

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When choosing a to-do or task app (or a combination of both), it's good to think about how much you'd like to spend, if you really need all the fancy features, and if you need something you can collaborate with or just personal use.

Todoist is actually free to use, which is great, however, you can upgrade for around $4-$6 per month depending on the upgrades you want. For example, you can upgrade to allow more collaborators, a team inbox and admin roles.

Todoist Alternative #1 - TickTick

Using TickTick

TickTick is an all-around task management app to help manage tasks, to-dos, calendars, collaboration and more.

You can sync TickTick to multiple devices and integrate other apps to optimise your workflow. Teams enjoy using this app for its sense of ease, and range of features.

With TickTick you can do things like add tasks with voice notes, turn emails into tasks, see different calendar views and even use a Pomodoro timer for focus.

The Key Differences Between TickTick & Todoist

  • TickTick has various calendar views available.
  • Track your task completion and habits.
  • Better for teams with project deadlines.
  • Has a lower price range than Todoist.

Pricing & Limitations

TickTick is an annual fee of around $24, averaging cheaper than Todoist per month. There aren't many limitations to this app when it comes to to-dos and task management as it seems to have what you need to get the job done.

You could say that Todoist is better for recurring tasks, and monitoring daily to-dos, whereas TickTick is more for larger tasks with teams.

Is TickTick a Good Todoist Alternative?

TickTick is a good alternative if you are looking for a more in-depth task application that involves deadlines, collaboration and tracking task progress.

If you're looking for more of a task management app instead of a smaller tick list kind of space, TickTick might be worth checking out.

Todoist Alternative #2 - Things 3

Using Things 3

Things 3 is one of Todoist's similar tools, it kind of has the same feel to it, with a daily list of tasks, an easy tick-list format with added features,

It's a very simple, Apple-centric application that people enjoy using for its ease, simplicity and management of daily to-dos and smaller personal tasks.

Set reminders, customise your lists with headers, drag and drop items and even open multiple windows at once.

The Key Differences Between TickTick & Todoist

  • No team collaboration.
  • Very simple and basic, with no attachments etc.
  • Only in the Apple ecosystem.
  • Not much email-to-task ability.

Pricing & Limitations

Things 3 comes with a one-off price tag and is only available on Apple devices, for the Mac it's around $50 and for iPhone $10. So, it may be a little more expensive than Todoist as a one-off, but a one-off price to use the app could be worth it.

The limitation of Things 3 is that it's only available on Apple devices, so you cannot really use it elsewhere.

Is Things 3 a Good Todoist Alternative?

Things 3 is one of our good Todoist alternatives because it is very similar, but also a little more basic.

However, if that's what you're looking for, a more basic, simple Apple application for managing smaller tasks and personal to-dos, Things 3 is a good app to check out.

Todoist Alternative #3 - Microsoft To-Do

Using Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is here as one of our Todoist alternatives because it is simply just a to-do list app for personal use, great for those already in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Microsoft To-Do allows you to plan your day with little bullet points of things to do, you just have to add in tasks from your upcoming list to craft your day. Your tasks within Microsoft To-Do also sync across devices and you can use the app offline.

The Key Differences Between Microsoft To-Do & Todoist

  • Share lists but no collaboration.
  • Only really a list of tasks, no in-depth task management.
  • Integrates with other Microsoft tools like Tasks to enhance the experience.
  • Very basic.

Pricing & Limitations

Microsoft To-Do is free, so that's great, there's no charge for using this application which shows since it is super basic, but definitely fills the need of creating a to-do list.

The limitations are of course that this application isn't as in-depth with task management and collaboration as Todoist.

Is Microsoft To-Do a Good Todoist Alternative?

If you want a free to-do list app to organise your day, then Microsoft To-Do is a good Todoist alternative for you. It's super simple and easy to use and anyone can get along with it for personal use.

If you are already within the Microsoft ecosystem you'll already enjoy the interface and feel of the app.

Todoist Alternative #4 - Sorted 3

Using Sorted 3

Sorted 3 is on our list of apps like Todoist thanks to its combination of tools and features. With Sorted 3 you can combine your tasks, calendar and notes to manage your day, week and projects.

Everything you need is inside the unified timeline and a very pleasing interface. You can auto-schedule your tasks to optimise your time and drag and drop tasks to reorganise.

The Key Differences Between Sorted 3 & Todoist

  • Only available on iOS devices.
  • Auto-schedule your day from tasks and time frames.
  • No collaboration feature.
  • Estimated duration times.

Pricing & Limitations

Sorted 3 is another app that offers the entire app for a one-off price, so although it may seem like more than Todoist, you're really only paying a one-time only fee of around $15 for iPhone or $25 for Mac.

The limitation of this application is that it's only available on iOS, whereas you can download Todoist on other devices too. Sorted 3 is also more suited towards personal use, instead of collaborating with a team.

Is Sorted 3 a Good Todoist Alternative?

If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use personal to-do application, Sorted 3 is great as it also comes with a one-time-only fee. The interface for Sorted 3 is also very familiar to a lot of users already using Apple devices.

Using Trello

Trello is a very well-known task board application. It provides a simple yet effective method of using boards and cards to manage tasks, and to-dos and collaborate with your team.

You can invite members to use boards and workspaces to work together on projects, you can also integrate with calendars to combine with task management, schedule tasks, use automation and much more.

The Key Differences Between Trello & Todoist

  • Uses multiple views like a timeline and calendar.
  • Better for larger ongoing projects.
  • Uses boards and cards to organise tasks.

Pricing & Limitations

Trello and Todoist have a similar pricing range, Trello being around $5 to $10 per month for users to upgrade from the free version.

The limitation of Trello is that it's not for everyone. Not everyone enjoys using a board-like layout, others like the use of lists like Todoist offers. That being said, it's more of a preference thing.

Is Trello a Good Todoist Alternative?

Trello is much better for working on ongoing tasks and projects with others, however, it doesn't provide a great communication experience for collaboration, so if you do want that, another task management tool may be a better choice in that area.

In terms of managing to-dos, Trello is good for personal use when it comes to this. You can create workspaces, boards and cards to suit your task needs.

Todoist Alternative #6 - Akiflow

Using Akiflow

Akiflow is more of a consolidation tool. It has made it on here as one of our Todoist similar tools due to its task and to-do abilities which may suit someone looking for a more advanced workspace with multiple tools they'd like to combine.

Akiflow allows you to integrate other tools to help create an all-in-one workspace for managing your tasks and to-dos. Simply add your tasks to your today section, then drag and drop things into your calendar.

The Key Differences Between Akiflow & Todoist

  • A consolidation tool for integrating other tools.
  • Use a calendar alongside tasks.
  • Uses time blocking for tasks.
  • Share availability for meetings.

Pricing & Limitations

Akiflow is more expensive, however, it does come with more capabilities than Todoist. For around $24 per month or cheaper, if you choose to pay annually, you can consolidate all tools, and manage your calendar, to-dos, tasks and notes inside one app.

Is Akiflow a Good Todoist Alternative?

Akiflow is a good alternative for those who need a more in-depth workspace. Akiflow gives the ability to time block tasks and send availability to quickly create meetings. You cannot do this with Todoist, but you might not need to if you're just wanting a simple to-do app.

Todoist Alternative #7 - Sunsama

Using Sunsama

Sunsama promotes a work-life balance with its calming interface. Allows users to combine tasks, todos and calendars to create a seamless workday, including taking breaks and time-blocking schedules.

Sunsama uses guided daily planning and a unified daily view consolidated from other applications so you always know what's going on. Sunsama works a little like Akiflow in this way.

The Key Differences Between Sunsama & Todoist

  • Another consolidation tool for pulling in tasks from other tools.
  • Creates a perfect daily plan.
  • Time blocking.
  • Guided planning to use time efficiently.

Pricing & Limitations

Sunsama is more expensive than Todoist at around $20 per month, or less if you choose to pay annually. Again, much like Akiflow, this is due to its more in-depth consolidation features and daily time planning.

Apps like Sunsama may be a little too confusing for individuals who just want a personal to-do application and aren't so bothered about collaboration, or combining their calendars.

Is Sunsama a Good Todoist Alternative?

Sunsama is a good Todoist alternative, however, it's not really one of our apps like Todoist. In fact, it's quite different in terms of its simplicity and features.

However, it's here because you may be looking for something to take daily planning and to-do lists a step further, which Sunsama can definitely help with.

Todoist Alternatives #8 - Motion

Using Motion

Motion is an AI-powered productivity tool. It's on here as one of our apps like Todoist purely because of its daily scheduling and list-like views.

However, Motion is way more in-depth, especially with its use of AI, and claims to save you so much time when it comes to planning and prioritizing work. Motion will build a schedule for you, that works best with your timings, it also gives you time for focus so you can get work done.

The Key Differences Between Motion & Todoist

  • Uses AI to generate daily plans.
  • Automatically prioritises tasks.
  • Feature for setting focus time.
  • Auto reschedules unfinished tasks.

Pricing & Limitations

Motion is a super expensive application but that's thanks to the power of AI integration and automated features. Motion is said to be the only app you need for to-dos and task management, so maybe that's why it's priced at around $34 per month.

Of course, the limitation here is that it's not just a simple to-do list app, it's rather expensive, and not everyone needs or wants this much task management if they're coming from a place like Todoist.

Is Motion a Good Todoist Alternative?

Motion is a good alternative if you are looking for a more all-in-one tool with the use of AI to help save you time increase productivity, and allow for more free time. Motion has got an easy-to-use interface, and it crafts a plan based on your schedule, therefore saving more time managing your daily tasks.

Todoist Alternative #9 - MeisterTask

Using MeisterTask

MeisterTask uses Kanban boards to help with managing tasks to completion. You can sign in with your Google Account to get started or download the app to begin.

MeisterTask also prides itself on being a very secure and compliant application perfect for teams and collaboration. Making nothing important slips the net. Overall it's a very lightweight task management app that's kind of a level up from Todoist.

The Key Differences Between MeisterTask & Todoist

  • Extra secure application.
  • Project documents.
  • Personal agenda board.
  • Time tracking for tasks.

Pricing & Limitations

MeisterTasks pricing doesn't differ too much from Todoist, depending on how you want to upgrade. The app is free to use or upgrade to the Pro plan for around $10 per month.

Of course, the difference here is that this app is more for working with others, it has more collaboration abilities than Todoist.

Is MeisterTask a Good Todoist Alternative?

MeisterTask has a nice interface and is easy to get along with, it prides itself on privacy and security so if you are working with a larger team looking for a more secure platform for managing projects, this might be a good choice.

More for smaller teams that are growing for sure, as it resembles tools like Trello.

Todoist Alternative #10 - Any.Do

Any.Do is a popular to-do list application known for the ease of use for tasks and schedule.

Using Any.Do

Any.Do seems a little like Trello on the forefront, using boards to manage tasks and todos. It's also an app like Todoist for its simplicity of managing tasks inside an easy-to-manage application.

With Any.Do you can manage your team, collaborate on tasks, create an effective workflow and integrate with other tools. Great for a range of use cases, Any.Do provides an all-in-one space for managing projects, teams, customers and more.

The Key Differences Between Any.DO & Todoist

  • Built more for teams, customer service teams etc.
  • Chat in real-time with teammates.
  • Onboard an entire team into the space.
  • Integrate with a range of apps to use in one space.

Pricing & Limitations

Any.Do is cheaper than Todoist at around $3 per month and $5 per month depending on the upgrade you need. This app seems to be the most like Todoist and the best for its money in terms of added abilities and features, so there aren't any limitations, maybe just less focused on single to-do lists and more focused on team projects.

Is Any.Do a Good Todoist Alternative?

Any.Do is a good Todoist alternative if you're looking to expand to an app that supports everything in one place such as notes, to-dos, tasks and calendars. This app has a super simple interface too, making it easy to get started with, and probably less overwhelming than other all-in-one task apps.

Okay, let's hit pause. Which one is the best for each scenario:

Saving Money? Best Budget Todoist Alternative

So what's the best budget alternative for Todoist? We have chosen TickTick for this. TickTick is great for monitoring tasks and to-dos and it's cheaper than Todoist when you add it all together.

TickTick allows you to manage your tasks a little better with more features catered towards this, it's also super simple to use and get started with. A great Todoist alternative that doesn't branch out too far.

No Money Spent? Best Free Todoist Alternative

Everyone loves a free application, so what's the best free Todoist alternative? We have Microsoft To-Do down for this one.

It's a great easy-to-do list app that does the job, and it's free. Great for adding to your daily tasks and ticking them off as you go along.

Upgrade Time? Best Upgraded Todoist Alternative

We have covered some more in-depth task management apps and consolidation tools in this list of apps like Todoist. But the best one is Akiflow.

Akiflow is like a huge level up from just managing to-dos in an app like Todoist. With Akiflow you can add in all productivity tools you use, consolidate tasks, set automation and work effectively with your team on projects. You can check out our beginner guide to Akiflow here.

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