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Sorted 3 manages your tasks and time efficiently using a timeline like to-do list.

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Efficiently manage your tasks and time with Sorted 3 - the ultimate task management app for re-scheduling tasks and planning your day with no projects.

Sorted 3 on all devices, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch to show on device task management.

What is Sorted 3?

Sorted 3 is a task management app designed to help users manage their tasks and time more efficiently. The Sorted app can also be considered a Things 3 alternative due to its similar features and abilities.

The Sorted app has a clean and intuitive interface that allows users to easily create tasks and sub-tasks, set due dates and reminders, and assign them to different categories. Users can also use tags with Sorted 3 to help categorise and filter their tasks and use the app's built-in calendar to see their schedule for the day or week.

One of the key features of Sorted 3 is its time-blocking technique, where users can drag and drop tasks into specific time slots throughout the day. This helps users plan out their day and allocate their time more effectively, so they can focus on completing their most important tasks. The app's unique algorithm helps users prioritise their tasks based on urgency and importance, further increasing their productivity.

Best Features of Sorted 3

These are some of the key features of Sorted 3 for task management.

1. Task Organisation

Sorted 3's biggest ability is its tasks and ability to organise and manage your to-do's. You can create and organise tasks and add sub-tasks to break down large tasks. Set due dates and reminders to make sure you complete tasks, assign them to different categories and add tags to further organise.

Another great feature of tasks in Sorted 3 is its algorithm. This will prioritise tasks based on their urgency and importance. This helps you focus on creating a daily plan to complete the most important tasks first.

You can also move tasks around by dragging and dropping them into specific time slots to help you plan your day better and make quick changes if your day takes a different turn.

Sorted 3 app task list schedule

2. Progress Tracking

Sorted 3 includes features that allow users to track their productivity and progress, helping them stay motivated and on track toward meeting their goals.

You can see how productive you have been on certain days of the week, from here you can begin to think about the factors that hinder your productivity or how you can switch up your routine.

The benefit of progress tracking is to not make you worry about lower productivity days but to learn when you are most productive. On these days you can plan bigger tasks or more important tasks.

3. Daily or Weekly Plan

You can view your schedule for the day or week inside Sorted 3's built-in calendar. This helps you plan time more effectively and saves time having to create and update task lists each morning.

You can then view your daily plan using the unified timeline to see exactly where time is being spent and how much time you have to spend on each task. A cool feature of this is if you link Sorted 3 with your Apple Watch you can easily tick through your tasks one at a time.

Sorted 3 Pricing

Let's dive into Sorted 3 pricing and how much it is to use the app.

How Much Does Sorted 3 Cost?

Sorted 3 is free to use for the core features, this might be enough for daily planning and task management.

However, if you want to access the PRO features such as adding attachments, merging and auto-scheduling you will have to upgrade. Sorted 3 is also only available on iOS, so your mobile and watch, or MacOS.

  • For iOS is $14.99 - This gives you access to all features on the iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • For MacOS is $24.99 - to use all PRO features on your desktop.

Our Final Verdict on Sorted 3

Sorted 3 is a great app for anyone who needs to get more done. It's of course also great as a Things 3 alternative.

Sorted 3 Mobile

With this app, you can see what most important tasks you have and need to complete. It is also super easy to use and get used to, anyone can use this application to boost their productivity. Sorted 3 also has a nice interface and feel to it. It feels very natural to plan and move tasks around inside the app on both iOS and Mac.

Sorted 3 Alternatives

Here are some of Sorted 3's best alternatives besides from being a cheaper alternative to Things 3.

  • Google Tasks - Another really easy-to-use task management tool.
  • Todoist - Provides deeper organisation and collaboration abilities.
  • Microsoft To-Do - A great task management system inside the Microsoft Ecosystem.

Who is Sorted 3 Best For?

Sorted 3 is for those who really want to tackle their tasks, events and calendars in one space in order to get more done and to create a better more productive daily routine.

Users can hyperschedule their entire day by giving each task a time and a timer to complete the task. By syncing with other devices users can optimise productivity by always having their tasks and to-dos at hand.

So, overall, Sorted 3 is great for those who need to work on tasks, work within a time frame and get things done using an app to help guide them through the day.

Task Prioritisation in Sorted

Sorted 3 task prioritisation system is one of its key features.

The app uses an algorithm to automatically prioritise tasks based on their urgency and importance, helping users focus on completing their most critical tasks first.

Users can also manually adjust the priority of their tasks by dragging and dropping them into the desired order.

This allows users to prioritise tasks based on their individual needs and preferences.

Sorted 3's task prioritisation system can help users stay focused, reduce stress, and increase productivity by ensuring that they are working on the most important tasks first.

Why Sorted 3 is a Things 3 Alternative

Sorted 3 is often considered an alternative to Things 3, a popular task management application. Here's why:

  • User interfaces are similar, both intuitive and easy to get started with.
  • Uses natural language input.
  • Task organisation abilities.
  • Sorted 3 offers seamless integration with other apps and tools.
  • Customise and tailor task management.
  • Sorted 3 provides intelligent features and smart suggestions.
  • Sorted 3 is now also recognised as more reliable than Things 3.

Ultimately, your decision depends on your personal preferences and needs. It is recommended to try out both applications or review their feature sets in more detail to determine which one aligns better with your workflow and task management requirements.

Is Sorted 3 Worth it?

Sorted 3 provides a good space for managing tasks and daily schedules with the free version, however, when you upgrade to PRO that's when you really make full use of the app. For a one-off price, it's most definitely worth it to plan and organise your daily or weekly schedule.

Applications like Sorted 3 are a great way for people to create a better productivity routine and to master getting things done. So it will always be worth it to try task management tools to create a better system for yourself, especially if you struggle to manage daily tasks.

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Sorted 3: Light Task Management

Understanding Sorted 3 further

Is Sorted 3 better than Things 3?

Sorted 3 presents a lighter-weight option than Things 3.

Things 3 is a fully-fledged task management application with even projects. Whilst Sorted 3 offers up a good solid light experience for managing tasks, and planning ahead without projects. Sorted 3 is a great Things 3 alternative, much better for those not wanting an in-depth task manager.

What is Sorted 3's best feature?

The auto-scheduling function in Sorted 3 premium is really neat. You can use it in combination with gestures and time planning to re-schedule your entire list in Sorted.

Can I create projects and categories in Sorted 3?

Yes, you can create projects and categories in the Sorted app to help organize your tasks and projects efficiently.

Is there a free version of Sorted 3?

Sorted 3 offers both a free version and a premium version with additional features. The premium version may require a subscription or a one-time purchase, depending on the platform.

Does Sorted 3 provide customer support?

Yes, the Sorted app provides customer support to assist users with any queries or issues they may encounter while using the app. You can reach out to their support team for assistance.